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  1. Size Large Like new, includes box, bag, instructions, and all included accessories. Matte Black. $150.
  2. Puggz

    Quebec Trail Map

    Thanks everyone, i'll spend some time looking through this. maybe they could learn a thing or 2 from the ontario maps...lol. With layers, they could easily show trail conditions (red/yellow/green) on the main map. IMHO. Mind you, once the season is a go, most are green anyways...lol
  3. Puggz

    Trailer decision

    The hybrids are sweet but wide and pretty much useless for anything else. I have a 7x14 (plus 3' for the v-nose) enclosed and its very versatile - amerilite aluminum from Action. For example, I have a bud with a hybrid but he can't get his side by side in it. Also, an enclosed is really nice when moving daughter.. assuming you have one..lol It pulls reallyh nice behind my 1500 sierra. Typically, the best sled trailer is a drive in/drive out. For 2 sleds you'll need a 18 footer to do it comfortably and it can be used for a ton of other things.
  4. Puggz

    Quebec Trail Map

    Its beyond me I guess, but how can you tell the trail condition from the interactive map? The legend I see represents the type of trail (trans-PQ, local, etc) not the condition. TIA! P.
  5. Puggz

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    hey folks, when you're posting feedback use the entire name.... RD..Royal Distributing. these companies often have programs that search the internet for strings of text.. its a good way to ensure that the management/owner sees what's being said about their biz. Maybe they'll do something, maybe they won't, but it ensures that they see it.
  6. just an example that you can get something for an affordable price and re-sell it and not lose much...I would expect you to do your due diligence to ensure that it was road worthy..
  7. Puggz

    Unbelievable actually believable

    Yep, totally believable. And a father no less...
  8. Quite welcome! Here is something you could buy and then sell most likely w/o losing much other than the tax... example Kijij ad - muskoka area.
  9. Puggz

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    This... and returns are free, even on clearance items. the box comes with a postage paid sticker if you want to return it. For example, you want to buy boots but not sure if you fit a size 8 or 9. buy both, keep the ones that fit, and return the others. shipping paid!
  10. a couple of things to consider - a 129/137 trail sled will fit in a short box - you'll need a ramp to load/unload from the truck bed. the tailgate will have to remain in the lowered position to support the track carbides wont do much harm if you have a quality box liner. you may not be able to tow a trailer with the tailgate lowered. I cannot with my trailer, the hitch is too short and the tailgate contacts the tongue jack even when its straight. renting from uhaul is a good idea but i'm not sure if their trailers have tie downs. you need to secure your sled, its the law and the right thing to do. check with a dealer that has pre-owned inventory, they may be willing to let you use/rent if you're a potential customer open trailers are readily available and reasonable priced and a good solution if you only use is a few times a year. of course, you'll want to cover the sleds. if you decide to invest in a trailer, make sure you get one that fits all your needs. snowcaps are nice and light but useless for anything else. if youre interested in a sidebyside in the future, consider that when choosing a trailer etc. etc. .
  11. Puggz

    Older Arctic Cat help ('07 FX5)

    Thanks! I've passed this along...
  12. Puggz

    Pembroke trail to Quebec??

    I can confirm the crossing at Rolphton.
  13. Mine went on yesterday and I put the wife's on this morning... Time will tell...l,ol
  14. Almost looks like Barrie's snowfall earlier this week... Now I'm off to the shop to put the snow tires on the mrs's SUV... More to come once I get outta the house...
  15. As I know absolutely nothing about the older cats I was wondering if someone here has experience with them. The sled in question is a '07 F5 that a friend is looking at (see my other post). Is there anything particular they should look for on this particular year/model? All sleds seem to develop their own "niggles" as they age, just wondering what they need to be aware of. TIA> P>