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  1. Puggz

    Trail Map Issues

    In this case, I was on the 601 going south from the E trail, east of Haliburton. We were making our way down to the E108 where we parked. There is a tight hair-pin turn on 601 at the start of 603 which is a dead end trail where the map shows the intersection. This was incorrect. We back tracked about a km and found an intersection that wasn't on my map and viola, it was the new trail. Not that I mind a little adventure, but after you've been riding for many hours you may not have the time or fuel to backtrack and find your way I think they should be more diligent on keeping the maps up to date. Especially the trails that get groomed! And as I mentioned before, I've come across this several times this season. Ive seen it around Sudbury and on a trail just north of Baysville also come to mind.
  2. Puggz

    Trail Map Issues

    It seems like each and every trip I go on if find inaccuracies with the trail map on my GPS. The latest was on the 601 this weekend. At first I thought that my Trakmaps wasn't up to date but I've updated it 2x in the last month. Next I checked the online map and in this case, I found the same issue. Is it just me or is this a common problem? You figure with electronic maps (opposed to printed), they should be up to date.
  3. Puggz

    HWY 407 Ticket

    I'll have to try that... My monthly bill is around $300 and a lot of it during the summer, I have a boat in tow..
  4. Puggz

    Parry Sound area trail advice

    Thanks everyone, this is perfect. I'll park in Point au Baril and travel east from there.
  5. The Mrs and I are heading to Sudbury this weekend and I like the idea of leaving early Monday morning and experiencing some of the trails north of parry sound on our way back to civilization :).. Looking for an area with spectacular scenery (french river?); about a 4 hour trip with access off hwy 69. Thoughts? P.
  6. Puggz

    Snowmobile insurance

    $440/yr 2 Mil liability, 500 deductible on collision and comprehensive.
  7. Puggz

    Snowmobile insurance

    Just looking for advice on who you use and why. Understanding that price is important but so is customer service at the unfortunate time you need it.. Also, what are the typical requirements? Is it $2M liability? TIA. P.
  8. picking up a '18 Lynx 2000 es for the Mrs this weekend. Anyone here have any experience with this model that they'd like to share? I rented one from Wild Bill last yr and didn't mind it at all... I need mirror and tunnel bag recommendations TIA, P.
  9. I ended up using a home-made aluminum drift punch to loosen the locking ring and the supplied spanner (with mechanics gloves on). Easy peasy.
  10. I'm reluctant to use the AC supplied spanners as they are very short and I'll likly slip and either hurt myself or damage something (or both!). Any recommendations?
  11. Well the mrs is sick as a dog so there won't be any training going on. I'm coming out of Bowmanville so if there's anyone interesed joining me or me joining them pls let me know. I'm not fussy on where as long as the trails are good and the drop point is within a 2 hr dirve.
  12. Puggz

    Training Ground ideas

    Good point, thank you! She has lots of handbrake experience, she is an avid mountain biker. Could have raced if she had the desire. With that being said, a sled behaves like a sled and she has to learn how it feels and to start developing that muscle memory. If she likes it, i'll probably get her into an Indy EVO for Christmas next year. She's 5'1, 115lbs so that should be perfect.
  13. Puggz

    Training Ground ideas

    Ok, 90 mins. Much better. TY. We should do another trip this year eh?
  14. Puggz

    Training Ground ideas

    My wife is interested in getting into the sport so I'm planning to take her out this weekend so she can spend some time on my sled. She's never driven anything other than a car so I was hoping to find a lake crossing for her to practice on because there's nothing to really run into and they are typically pretty smooth. With that said, the nearest green lake crossing is at least a 2hr drive from me (out of Bowmanville) so I'm looking for other ideas such as a wide rail trail, etc etc. Thoughts?? TIA~! P.
  15. Puggz

    QC puts the hammer down.

    What is the difference between a Harley and a Vacuum Cleaner?? The location of the dirt bag...