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  1. Puggz

    Pretty bummed out

    Not sure if you're just looking to vent or actually want some advice.. As its mostly men on this site I would expect the latter. Sounds like you're very dedicated to your profession and when I was younger, with a young family I had to work every hour I could get. Now I enjoy the fruits of my labor and work less, have fun more. What you're doing is all good if you have a plan to have balance in your life.. even if its a goal down the road. My recommendation is to stay your current course, make sure you're compensated appropriately, and devise a plan for the future. If its important to have time to do the fun things you love, then that becomes part of the plan. Look at getting into a different role within the company you're with. Something that may offer up some perks and/or schedule flexibility. I had a job once that was 80+ hours a week but I could get in a round of golf during the day and work from my Blackberry. There are options P.
  2. Puggz

    Oxygen Helmet

    Serious sticker shock for sure but if it lives up to the hype, I'm pulling the trigger! My current CKX Tranz doesn't fit me well (not knocking the helmet it's my noggin's geometry!) and I would prefer a larger field of view. Once you spend 8-9 hours a day trail thumpin you realize how important it is to see clearly and be comfortable.
  3. Thanks everyone! Lots of good sno left if you want to drive My plan is to join Fuse6 - my first sno trip to PQ Just awaiting final approval from Steve and its a go...
  4. My last sno weekend of the season :(. Easter Weekend has me deep into the Honey-Do list then the boat comes out in April for spring salmon and trout on lake O. Looking for ideas around the best riding this weekend. Going solo or willing to join others. Leave mid day Friday and back late Sunday. Yea yea, a lot of driving but you only live once!
  5. Looks like destinations north may still hold some decent snowmobiling conditions. I'm interested in leaving Friday early afternoon returning late Sunday. Anyone going or looking to go? I'm not into riding crazy fast so this may limit my opportunities..lol Cheers! P.
  6. Puggz

    Bergstom ski savers

    They are very popular amongst the Arctic Cat crowd on arcticchat.com. I'll be putting them on my ZR along with the Bergstrom Trail Grabbers as an alternative to Studs.
  7. Puggz

    Att. Fisherman/Fisherwoman

    Damn! In trouble with the PM again...lol
  8. BNIB (Brand New in Box) Daiwa Alphas SV 105. Perfect for the bass fisher wanting a cost effective alternative to the Aldebaran. This is JDM, not available in north america. $250. From japan tackle Daiwa Alphas SV 105, Right 5.8:1 175g/6.0oz 6+1 roller 4 60 80 0.285mm(US10lb)-80m(90yds) $291.00USD 30000JPY
  9. Puggz

    Snowmobile license numbers

    yes you are correct! I've updated my post.. thank you. I heated mine after they were installed just to ensure that the glue really took to the plastic. On my Cat, the plastic is textured which makes applying stickers even more challenging.
  10. Puggz

    Snowmobile license numbers

    You're taking a risk. My recommendation based on what I did earlier this year: Place the govt issued reg.plate/sticker on the left side of our cowling (easier to remove from plastic than aluminum). Figure out where your custom letters go and attach your validation sticker accordingly When your custom letters arrive, remove the govt issued sticker and install your custom numbers (both sides). Note - when installing stickers on plastic, take your panels in doors and do it at room temp. Also apply a bit of heat from a hair dryer/heat gun to allow the glue to really take. Just hot to the touch, don't over do it or you'll be re-ordering your stickers. PM me if you have any questions. P.
  11. Yes, Kijiji is free advertising... It was $79 single, $84 dbl occupancy last weekend. Maybe higher in the summer?? Intrinsic value? Yes, its on a big lot right on the trans Canada. Even in Sudbury, that's a valuable piece of dirt.
  12. stayed there last weekend. Great place for the sledder. On face value it seems high but I'd have to see the books. Typical market price is 3x the annual revenue which comes in around $700k/year plus expenses so based on a full house every night at $80 per, the math doesn't work. GLWS. P.
  13. Puggz

    Sudbury to Sault via Elliot Lake

    I'm planning a trip up to Sudbury that weekend as well so I'm an interested party as well. The forecast looks favorable as all the rain we're getting in the south will be snow in the north. Fingers crossed. I've only got 300kms on my sled this season so far.
  14. Puggz

    My next sled, snow optional.

    I was gonna ask.. OMG, what't the ticket on that! So the price of a current Ferrari Spyder... yikkes!!