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  1. Good point everyone, most unplanned forces would produce a forward and/or sideways motion. Once I get a look at the Superclamp, I'll know which way to run the straps on the rear.
  2. Wow, tons of great ideas :). Thank you everyone! What I've decided Super Clamp II at the front. 2 D-Rings w/backing plates at the rear just forward of my rear bumper. Ratchet strap across the rear bumper. LowPro Wide Glide Kit from Royal Coat Hooks One on each side . Fire extinguisher
  3. Yes, the weather suxs. The rain this week decimated all trails south. Lets rebel. I say we plan an armada of southerners going north this coming weekend. Look, we've spend a bunch on this sport and were not going to take it. I'd be more than happy to arrange a trip north.. Conditions are still good out of Iroquois fall or Cochran. I'm willing to head up Thursday evening... 3 days of epic snow. PM if interested. If I can get enough interest I'll start reserving rooms.
  4. Excellent idea. Thank you!
  5. 199 at royal, i'll be grabbing on one my way home tonight
  6. Picking up a 6x12 cargo trailer (enclosed with a ramp door) today and I'm looking for ideas on the best way to rig it for a snowmobile. I'm especially interested in creative tie-down ideas. So far this is what I'm thinking. 2 Plastic sliders on the ramp (ski width) and a traction mat up the middle. Rubber flooring throughout the trailer. 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick, glue down. This stuff seems pretty expensive but should last forever and keep the floor protected. 2 flush mounted D-rings (with backing plates) for tie down points (front and rear bumper) Also considering a tie down bar (across the skis) at the front but I like the idea of the D-ring for times I use the trailer to haul other types of cargo. Thoughts??
  7. Tuesday Night Ride

    Thinking about going out tomorrow after work if the conditions are still good after today. Willing to drive up to 45mins out of Bowmanville. Thoughts?

  9. Getting inspiration from the other thread titled "Standford to Wingham" I parked behind Dave's Diner (asked permission and rode a 95 miles loop. Wind was crazy so depending on your direction of travel you were either given a tank of nitrous or you got beat up. Lots of traffic as the day went on (I started at 1100hrs) and the transition points took a beating as the day went on. Saw lots of vintage sleds and a few little kids out getting a taste of the sport.
  10. Looking for a 1 day loop in SW ont.

    LOL, thanks. I work in Durham so I'll def. look for him.
  11. Looking for a 1 day loop in SW ont.

    That works, are you thinking Owen Sound for lunch? I'm all about the grub when its this cold,...lol