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  1. Boy Oh Buoy

    Kirkland Lake to Cochrane

    While in Kirkland Lake on business a couple weeks back staying at Microtel, the front desk told me they were fining truck / trailer combos that were parked haphazardly $ 275 because they were unattended whilst the owner was in Hearst Timmins etc. Big parking lot there so I believe you are ok if check with front desk and leave license plate info.
  2. Boy Oh Buoy

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Ok , I have a plan. Let’s all stick to that figure of $ 1000 to tell our better halves. Haha Although those of us that the Ms sleds with us can’t get away with that
  3. Boy Oh Buoy

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Thanks for the info , that’s good to know . I do keep a close eye on fuel/ mileage/ range capabilities but have not filled it at the pump with the fuel light on
  4. Boy Oh Buoy

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    I wouldn’t try it with a vector without extra fuel. We left smooth rock absolutely topped up cruising at a steady 80 k and my fuel light came on prior to the east warm up shack and the Ms ‘14 Renegade Backcountry 800 made it the last 40 km after I borrowed her fuel. I wasn’t impressed
  5. Boy Oh Buoy

    Kirkland Lake to Cochrane

    We just got back from Cochrane 5 minutes ago. Trails are getting a little bumpy for 30 km out. Abitibi loop is still good. The best trail was A106C towards Timmins , but we just went 80 km , as far as the hwy. (itg shows red section but it’s open and groomed) Westway for sure
  6. Boy Oh Buoy

    Last ride of the season

    We drove from T Bay to Cochrane today. The groomer was east of Geraldton heading east at noon. All the way to Hearst wherever we saw the trail it looked mint. You guys will have a fast trip tomorrow.
  7. Boy Oh Buoy

    Cochrane March 30 - April 2

    Myself and Ms Buoy are going to head over to Cochrane early early tomorrow morning . Probably going to stay at the Westway although rooms are going quick. Is anyone going or contemplating going ?
  8. Boy Oh Buoy

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    And to throw another wrench into it, our mechanics at work that deal with this stuff often, inform me that if the truck is stickered you cannot tow a trailer that is not stickered; even a small light duty trailer
  9. Boy Oh Buoy

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    Yes , lots of questions still re yellow annual stickers on light duty trucks and trailers. A Hearst opp last month at a gas station told me I was “lucky “ he wasn’t giving me a ticket for no sticker , even after I pointed out his hood wasn’t latched which wouldn’t be good in a high speed situation
  10. FYI , 4 lanes southbound coming into North Bay it looks like a dozen opp are pulling over a number of truck & trailer combos ; enclosed sled trailers just like yours and mine. Probably leave a sour taste in many getting a charge on the last trip of the year.
  11. Boy Oh Buoy


    Andrey, if you had a few more Grolsch you coulda written your message in the snow from the Lookout
  12. Boy Oh Buoy

    Cochrane March 22-25

    The Mrs and I may slip over to Kap on Saturday for the weekend. Where are you thinking of riding those days; we may bump into you
  13. Boy Oh Buoy

    Cochrane March 22-25

    Sledjunk , how many is we ?? And where do you plan on riding Sat and Sun . Mrs Buoy and I are in Thunder Bay
  14. Boy Oh Buoy

    Going up North, anybody want to join?

    Hey , that’s MY line ! Haha
  15. Boy Oh Buoy

    Busted up in Cochrane

    JB weld was our first thought, but it is supposed to set for a few hours . It was already after 1:00 and we had to get back to Kirkland Lk. The trail was rough and slow on the way up so we incorrectly assumed it would be the same . It was mint tho . The last thing we needed on our last day was another breakdown so played it safe and arranged a truck