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  1. A Trail north of Matheson

    Thanks for the updates.Ttalked to the district and heard that they are hoping to be 'Open' later this week.
  2. A Trail north of Matheson

    The ITG shows the A trail closed from Matheson north to A111C. Does this mean that one cannot get from Kirkland Lake to Cochrane? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would like to stage out of KL tonight and head to the Northern Corridor Tuesday.
  3. Saddle Bag Tour

    Soup, L155 and the A are okay, but don't miss 159, 163 or whatever the numbers are on the northern loops between Mattice and Hearst. Found them on Denis' recommendation originally and now won't miss them.
  4. Thanks to all for the info regarding Hornepayne, and especially to Matt for the effort and the lost sleep to get us all riding. Not sure where we will get to, but are heading towards Cochrane tomorrow PM for three or four days. Can't wait to exit the GTA and see real Ontario!
  5. Is the trail still closed between Dubreuilville and Hornepayne? If so, is there enough riding south of the closure to fill three days of riding?
  6. Saddle Bag Tour

    Soup, Sorry to hear that your Northern Corridor trip has been shortened to three riding days, but that might give me the opportunity to meet you, possibly Wednesday evening in Hearst. We (late and mid sixties two gentlemen of distinguished character) are likely doing something similar with Monday and Friday being driving days from/to the GTA, although we usually start out of Sudbury. Are you booking all/any of your accommodation in advance? Companion Hotel Wednesday night? We usually wing it with midweek accommodations, and haven't had to sleep in a snowbank yet. We do that because some days the miles go by so easily up there, that we cover way more ground than we had planned and are therefore flexible about destinations. If we don't make a plan to hook up, at least keep you eyes open for two not-so-slow old farts on Skidoo 900 aces - one red and one black/yellow. The red one is usually leading because if I lead we usually lose time pulling sleds out of the deep stuff, if you catch my drift.
  7. This weekend- January 13th

    Nunz, I hope you are enjoying a great weekend of riding. When you have wrapped up your ride, one of your excellent reports would be appreciated. I was hoping not to travel to the Corridor yet, but it looks to be the only area this coming week with enough open trail for a three day ride. I am sure Soupkids and others would welcome your review also. My schedule is starting to look like Soup's, except that we can't leave the GTA until Monday PM.
  8. Not a good day to go sledding

    Doubly bad at these temperatures. I sure hope you weren't alone when that happened. Not that bad in spring temps with riding buddies and tow straps.
  9. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Soo folks! Looks well done - hope it holds up.
  10. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    As our group of four approached this washout area in the second week of March, we met and talked with 3 riders on two sleds heading to Aubrey Falls. One of their sleds, front end demolished, was left in the bush a few hundred meters east of the washout. They had crossed the water and the throttle cable on one sled froze holding the throttle wide open. The sled hit a significant sized tree on the south side of the trail about four feet in the air. The rider was lucky to escape serious injury. The threesome were heading to Aubrey/Black Creek hoping to find a toboggan that they could use to retrieve the damaged sled. Two of us in our group had crossed thru the washout a month earlier, and were prepared to do it again, but the other two had concerns for their sleds and health. That is when we started investigating the pond/stream on the north side of the trail bed. It was difficult, with only an 8 inch folding saw, to create a trail from the east side that would swing wide enough to the north to avoid the area of moving water/thin ice close to the culverts, but we did it. With a log, we tried to break the ice out on the pond until we found an area where we couldn't. We decided that was good enough launching spot to run westerly across the ice to a gently sloped natural clearing where we could get off the pond and back onto the groomed trail. We created a bypass that was safe for sleds at that time, and after we all crossed, I headed back to start marking our "Trail". Before I placed a second marker I realized that I should not mark our bypass, because the ice conditions might deteriorate in days or even hours. When we returned to Elliot Lake a couple of days later, it was obvious that more sledders had used our bypass, but I have no idea how long it remained viable. It is a shame that some solution can't be found to keep that section of D201F open and groomed. Again, that is easily said sitting here in the snowless south. I will still use the trail and assume that a go around or thru can be managed. There is too much good sledding to the west and north to give up.
  11. Pilot TS Ski's

    I tried this past winter to get some feedback on this forum, and elsewhere, on the performance of Pilot TS skis. I got surprisingly little, and what I got was mostly positive, which surprised me since I had issues on my TS equipped 2017 900 Blizzard. To me, the sled pushed excessively but at the same time was heavy to steer. I was used to those being opposites, where fixing one tends to cause the other. My dealer, other dealers and Denis suggested that I experiment more with the sled set up, which I did. I got it almost acceptable to me. I am not a suspension and steering guru, but neither am I a dummy, and I could not get the TS skis to turn like I thought my new sled should. My previous three 600 Ski-doos, two SDI and one Etec, two renegade and one standard, all steered to my liking. I like my sled a little loser (some understeer) than normal with low steering effort. That sort of set-up stuck with me thru Polaris and Yamaha IFS sleds and served me well as very few people could get away from me even as a senior citizen. Then this year I buy the sled I know was correct for me, but either it won't steer precisely enough, or in getting there, it becomes too heavy for my old body to manhandle. I stuck with the TS skis for about 3500 km in mostly good snow conditions, before I bailed and installed some used standard 5.7 Pilots with two carbides per ski. Immediately the steering was better for me, although initially still heavy, with the suspension somewhat messed up trying to accommodate the TS issues. Fortunately for me, I got a second ride with the 5.7 Pilots, where I went back to basically the same chassis set-up that I had used on my 2015 Renegade. Voila! Just in time to put the sled away, it realized the potential that I knew it had. I love the 900 ACE and now I look forward to next year with it turning correctly from day one. What I learned, and you can find it said in other forums if you search hard enough, is that TS skis are good for a lot of riders, but not all. That can be said of many skis. There is a reason that you can find the whole TS ski set up, including the adjusters, for sale on kijiji. If anyone with an RAS 2 front end wants to add TS skis to their sled, let me know. I am sure we could make a deal. When I confronted my dealer again at the end of the season about steering concerns with TS skis, he conceded that a few customers had changed away from them, but added that 'they were racers on XRS sleds' - not normal sledders. I am not sure of the percentage, but 10 to 15% of us won't be happy with the compromise that is Pilot TS skis. The other 85 to 90% seem to love there TS skis. I admit that riding a friend's deluxe 2-up 1200 with TS skis was a better steering experience than my Blizzard had been, but I wasn't pushing his sled as hard as I do my own. That is just one person's long winded opinion, but I offer it because I could not find good information 5 months ago.
  12. 2017 Sneak Peek Tour

    I had no experience with pre studded tracks until this year. I am not totally unhappy with the Ice Ripper that came on my Blizzard. It will get me up icy hills and safely across icy lakes when I take it easy, which is primarily why I want studs. As Mike said, the Ice Attack XT seems to hook up significantly better than the Ice Ripper that is on my sled. For the last trip I took this month, two of the other sleds were larger 4 strokes with short tracks - an Apex and a TNT 1200 - shorter tracks with way more power, but they offered better traction than my sled at the same speed on the same trail. I got to try the TNT and couldn't believe the difference. Admittedly, these two sleds were also set up better than mine as they had honed their handling over years, not a week. If replacing a track, I would get an Ice Attack, or if it was available as an option I would spring for it. I don't think that I would select another sled that came with an 1.25 Ice Ripper (or TS skis).
  13. 2017 Sneak Peek Tour

    Great question. I love my 900 ACE. The engine, I believe is absolutely what a lot of people could use. That is why I would love to see more completion to Ski-doo in that HP range. Competition improves the breed. At 66 years old, I am not a top three percenter any more when it comes to absolute trail speed, but I am not slow either. If ordering again this spring, I would get another 900, but probably a Renegade, maybe an Enduro, as long as I didn't have to get a the Pilot TS skis. I wasted most of the season trying to get them to turn effectively. Near the end of the season I changed to Pilot 5.7 skis and "Voila" my machine would turn predictably instead of pushing. I had a 5-day northern trip in early Feb, where one of the accompanying sleds also had TS skis. He loved them, but he went about 10% slower than I wished to go, and I believe that is a critical factor for TS skis. While touring at seven tenths or less the TS skis were very good, if adjusted to conditions. But they always pushed at eight tenths performance or more, and were heavy to steer if adjusted deep enough to satisfy my cornering demands. I heard that Ski-doo has cut back or eliminated the use of TS skis for 2018. Dunno, as I have not bothered to look at 2018 sleds. Doesn't matter to me now, cause I am not buying two years in a row when winter is so inconsistent. I spring ordered a year ago because I loved the retro Blizzard colours, and I thought I wanted the 129" Ice Ripper track. With all of the serious ice encountered this year, I think I favour traditional tracks and studs. Again, this may have to do with the corner speed that I wish to maintain, but for a 90 HP sled, I found the back end wanting to slide past the front end way too often. The 850 Yamaha motorcycle engine is real knockout in every market where it is sold. Give us that in a real Yamaha sled, and I would be right there. Polaris must also have some similar HP ATV engines. The west side trail up to the canyon was the only trail that I sucked hind teat this season, and that is not my kind of sledding anyway. I truly believe sleds like my 900 could keep a smile on a lot of faces, and maybe keep riders out of trouble like I used to get into.
  14. 2017 Sneak Peek Tour

    Was there any suggestion of an 80-100 hp trail machine from any manufacturer at the show? A real Yamaha in that range would be interesting, as would a Polaris 4 stroke that size.
  15. Planning a ride March 16th - 20th

    Just one opinion based on a lot of sledding this year and in the past in the areas that you considering, but I would start in Kirkland Lake and make sure to get as far as Hearst to ride all of the loop trails north of Mattice and Hearst, even if that meant skipping the Canyon(unless you haven't experienced it yet). Carry on west and south to Hornpayne and Dub, if you want miles. The C trail is now closed in the Gogama area, and the Timmins area is thin on snow, so hard on the sled in town. Enjoy and be safe, wherever you go.