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  1. It Doesn't Seem Right

    Know what you're sayin'. Three generations of my family think that I am nuts heading north sledding tomorrow.
  2. Michigan's UP or Wawa

    Our group of 4, on three 900 Aces, yellow, luminous yellow and red, and a red Apex, riders ages 48 to 79, are leaving Searchmont Tues AM for Dubreuilville, then Wed to Marathon, Thur back to Dub, and Friday return to Searchmont. This trip has only been made possible from the valuable input from OCers. Thanks a ton, and I trust that you know who you are - what great people! The only reason I don't list those who helped me orchestrate this is that I might miss someone who offered advice going back over a month to our first failed attempt. If you see us on the trail, please stop and say "hi". Ski, if you are at your Dub place this week, I would love to meet you. Same with Luc, The Groomer Guy. We will be at the Magpie Tues and Thurs evenings and dining at the restaurant those nights. We are sledders, dirt bikers and touring motorcycle riders so we could likely swap some lies. Enjoy the rest of the season, boys and girls - its ending better than we expected.
  3. White River/Marathon

    Thanks for the leads, ski, but I had gone ahead and booked into the Zero-100 Motor Inn for Wednesday night. I liked the name, even it it doesn't say MPH, and I believe that is the same inn that we stayed at 12 or 14 years ago. Now I can't wait to get north again, especially to experience the trail to Marathon!
  4. White River/Marathon

    So I really want to get to Marathon next week. I have convinced my group, that bailed out three weeks ago, to go back and finish the trip. I booked Driftwood Valley, Magpie Relay and then ..... No rooms available at Marathon Harbour Inn!!!!! Ouch. Does anyone have any other recommendation for Marathon? I have to stay in Marathon because we have one senior, senior rider who is stretching it to do 230 km from Dub. I can't find anything but bad reviews on the other motels in Marathon. Any first hand accounts would be appreciated. I would sleep in a dump to get this trip in, but my friends are fussier.
  5. White River/Marathon

    I like staging from Dunlop Lake Lodge, but several riders on this forum advised that there isn't enough snow to adequately cover the rocky up and down trails up to highway 546, plus I am determined to get to Marathon and our group is limiting the ride to 4 days. Therefore, Elliot Lake is too far east to stage. For me, DLL will have to wait until next year.
  6. White River/Marathon

    Northstar, Thinking of driving to Serchmont Monday, sledding Tuesday thru Friday.
  7. White River/Marathon

    Yamirider, thanks in advance, for your impression of the trail conditions this weekend to Marathon.
  8. White River/Marathon

    Thanks Crawdaddy and Northstar for the recent trip reports. If I can't get my friends to go to Marathon now, I need new sledding friends. Now what's with the "yellow" conditions from Halfway to Wawa. Somebody powerful just doesn't want me to get to Marathon this year.
  9. White River/Marathon

    Has anyone rode to Marathon in the past week, or plan tp go this week? Next week still looks tempting to me.
  10. My update

    Nunz, sorry to hear that your sledding season was lost to health issues. That must have happened shortly after I met you in Cochrane. To take your bad situation and turn it around as you have requires mega determination - Congratulations! Temptations and gravings are going to challenge you a while longer. Good luck and good health to you. See you on the trail in 2019, with that powerful new machine.
  11. Stonecliff to Deux Riviere?

    Haven't stayed at the motel, but it looked at least typical of that standard type of motel. Had lunch there a month ago with my daughter and we both enjoyed our meal and the service. One caveat to our experience is that we were only the second table occupied in the restaurant so I am not certain what happens in high traffic times. I would stay there and definitely would eat there again.
  12. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Having just completed a great ride in the area, I was a little surprised at the milages. From Driftwood Valley Chalets in Searchmont to Halfway, I had 141 km. From Halfway to Wawa was 90 km, not the over 100 depicted on the district map. Returning south from Dubreuilville directly to Serchmont was 320 km, via Wawa 5 which as 1049 said earlier, saves about 20 km. A new visitor to the Wawa area is not very likely to find Trail 5, except by GPS, however, as it is poorly, or not at all, marked. That may be strategic. I can only reiterate the recommendation that I accepted from many OCers - if you must stay in SSM, at least trailer out to Searchmont to stage your sledding.
  13. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    A group of three of us just finished a fantastic 3 day trip out of Searchmont, based on the advise of ski and others on this forum. By limiting yourselves to day trips out of SSM, I fear you are really compromising the spring riding experience. We had great snow conditions from Searchmont to Wawa, White River, Dubreuilville and back, but still ran some bare pavement and slush. In previous years early march would not be considered "Spring", but this year the sun and warm temps are burning through the snow now in places. Good luck with your trip, but if you could become "saddle baggers" you would be much better off.
  14. 2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    revrnd, I am glad that you have found mostly good trail conditions to enjoy the new sled on. If you need another trip this year, you might want to look into the drive to SSM. Lots of snow north of Searchmont to Hearst that should last most of this month. I agree with you completely about the transition from 600 2stroke to 900 ACE. I used to ride along the straight stretches daydreaming about different sleds that I would like. Now the thought never enters my mind. Hope your last day goes well.
  15. Elliot Lake

    Thanks for the memories AC+YA. I didn't get pictures anywhere from White River west. I will use yours as my own. We stayed in the same chalet at Driftwood Valley, and one of your pics posted on the "White River/Marathon" thread (I think it was) depicts a spot that helped my friends decide to turn back. Just a spot with a little open water that had to be detoured(caution tape flagged) by going around on a pond. Not far after that pond the group decision was made. I'm fairly certain that my daughter and I would have carried on, at least a little further. I will get back there and finish the trip.