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  1. tricky

    Boots! What do you recommend?

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I had to drive right past the Guelph RD store today on the way home from my grandson's hockey game. I tried on some FXR snowX style boots with the BOA cable tightening system, but really couldn't get into the rigid feel - ski boot like. So I went conservative and bought a pair of Baffin Selkirk boots. Hope I like them as much as many of you have. Seem like a good boot for an old guy.
  2. tricky

    Boots! What do you recommend?

    Thanks guys for the great feedback. Is there such a thing as boots that are too warm? I get nervous when I see boots with minus 100 C rating. Not too hot, too bulky?
  3. I have only ever had three pair of snowmobile boots. My first were 1976 Ski Doo Blizzard boots with a rubber lower, leather upper, front zipper and felt liner with fancy insole. They were great boots that lasted into the mid 90s. I replaced those with a good looking pair from a relatively new manufacturer at the time. Construction was again rubber lower, leather upper, thick laces with D loop islets and a more modern version of the felt liner. Those only lasted about five years when the "rubber" lower on the exhaust side boot, disintegrated from oil exposure. I would have thought that exposure to the oil mist in 2 stroke exhaust would have been tested for in a boot of the era, but I wound up with a perfect left boot and a garbage right. Those were replaced 15 years ago with the great old conventional boots that I must now replace. So... Do I go to snowX style boots that are more foot and ankle protective, or stay with an old style nylon upper, rubber lower, removable liner style boot? Any insights would be appreciated.
  4. tricky

    eye in the sky

    Thanks for setting this straight Frosty. The whole idea seemed a bit "off" from the start. Doug Ford doesn't have money to build badly needed highways, let alone policing the woods with helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.
  5. tricky


    Congrats on the new sled. Don't be surprised though, if the 900T performs better than 150hp suggests and better than most first year sleds.
  6. tricky

    Anyone else out inthe Missing Link this weekend?

    SSHHHH! We don't want everyone to jump off the 'A' trail and use 197, and 195 and ....Really the A Trail is much nicer, stay there.
  7. tricky

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Thanks for the report ski. Would love to head up one more time, but am getting ready to haul a load of dirt and street bikes to Moab April 19, so another trip to N Ontario would really be pushing things at home. For such a shi^^y local sledding season, it sure turned out well in the north. I think everybody is going to have to re-evaluate what "north" is if they want to keep sledding. We're a long time dead and short time here, so everyone get out and enjoy whatever.
  8. tricky

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    ski, did you get back to Dub this weekend? If so, how was it?
  9. tricky

    Winter 2.0

    Scott, he thought he had that one sold, even had a deposit, and then the 'buyer' called him up looking for his deposit back. Said he was getting a divorce and needed the money. Go figure - could only happen with our buddy.
  10. tricky

    Winter 2.0

    That's a Versys 1000. That version(two) has been almost identical since 2015, but is still not common on roads around here.
  11. tricky

    Winter 2.0

    I have to agree with O2. Summer prep has been done on my sled, and I am itching to get my new bike on the road, but its zero degrees and snowing. Got one short ride on the bike before we got the really cold start to winter. Remember that great December start to sledding season that we had in southern Ontario?
  12. tricky

    Show your 2018 pics.

    Very Jealous! Love that kind of riding. SIL would like to go sledding Tuesday/Wednesday, but I have made the mental conversion to spring, and summer stored my sled. I have driven to Mattawa twice, Searchmont twice and Cochrane once this year - that's enough snow chasing for one season. I would go sledding again though, if I could do it from home. Soup, what is the bottom line on a season with the 800?
  13. tricky

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Are all the modern 800 class sleds that good on fuel, or just the doos?
  14. tricky

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Now that is impressive.
  15. tricky

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Easily doable with a 900 ACE and no need to carry extra fuel!