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  1. I'll be curious to hear how sledding in QC worked for you on the QC free weekend. A few years back, a friend of mine routed through QC on the free weekend on a saddle bag trip, big mistake as the trails were very busy with old sleds putting along. made it very challenging to get to there destination before dinner time, with the limited passing and busy trails.
  2. Saddle Bag Tour

    Yes sir...(But don't tell anyone...)
  3. Saddle Bag Tour

    You'll enjoy the trip. Suggest you make an effort to use the L123 in one direction or the other. You can see my helmet cam video of it if you google apexltx56. Ensure you stop and get the father and son selfies, I still look at mine, years later...In Florida next week keeping someone else happy, before my saddle bag tour mid Feb.
  4. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    I too had 2 bad ice experiences last winter on a non studded track. The first was New Brunswick where during a solid day of rain I blew right across a roadway and the 2nd was the bottom half of the L143 which was about 35KM of glare ice which I had to do at no more than 10Km/hr. As the sled has 8K, I opted to replace the track for an Camso Ice Attack XT, as part of the suspension rebuild last spring. I also managed to get $350 for the old track as it still looked good. I'm looking forward to trying the new track soon.
  5. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    Must be a Cat thing with the heated grips failing. Our Yamaha Sleds didn't need the muffs, so we loaned them to him after his grips failed. It just killed him to ride with those Yamaha muffs on his Cat. I'll use the pic without his face in it.....he is bigger and younger than me...
  6. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    Some of the guys at work had told me a trick, perhaps yours. Unfortunately, how I remembered it was to convert each letter to a number, which didn't work. I'll try your method next trip. thanks, as I expect alot of US business travel for the next couple of years. I also now try to keep enough US cash to cover the gas for the rental car. Thanks again for the tip.
  7. Camso storm 150

    Call up Knapps in Prescott. I bought from him, and even with shipping, he had the best price I could find.
  8. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    I travel in the USA a fair bit for work: 1. Restaurants still take your credit card away from the table; 2. They come back and say it the card was rejected; 3. I say it is because I have to use a PIN for security purposes because it is a chip card; 4. They are puzzled about what I'm talking about; (just happened in St Louis - last November); 5. I walk to the machine (places just starting to get portable CC machines) and enter my PIN; 6. Everything works. Issue for us in the USA is trying to gas up at the pump - asks for ZIP code......whole other story.... Anyway. great pics, and always a special time when you can sled with the "kids". Mine is stationed in Winnipeg, no more father son sled trips expected.. AC + YA, Please continue to come to Canada and spend your money, lord knows I've spent enough in the USA over the years before Bass Pro and Cabelas came to Canada... (I guess I'll have to show these Cat pics to our 1 CAT rider- funny thing is that he is also a father and daughter CAT team...)
  9. Northern Ride

    As PLC pointed out, Day 2 not going to work. Go to Hornpayne, and then back to Hearst. Actually the run south of the highway to Hornepayne is in my top 5 favs up there, with the L123 being just above the HP run on my favs list. Some of us have done Hearst to Cochrane via AB, which I think is about 500KM (300 miles), and that is only possible because of the Hydro line running; no brutally cold temps, and smooth trails. At the end of the day, if you are over 40, you are looking for someone to carry you to the room...on a 500KM day. We try to limit to about 350KM per day. If it is - 30 c, forget any idea of long runs..My GPS moving average over the years has pretty consistently come in at 60KM\Hr as an average, with p breaks, fuel stops, lunch stops and sometimes even a scenic look out stop, the day average tends to drop to about 35 or 40 KM\Hr. (No, I wasn't doing 144KM\Hr in the first 1 min...) The 2018 plan is typically what I try to follow for days...
  10. Northern Ride

    We trailer to New Liskeard and stage from there, for many years now. We start sledding at 8AM sharp each day. Hearst to Hornpayne (and back) has a 9AM start *a rest\easy day). Usually a 1 hour lunch stop.
  11. Northern Ride

    What everyone else said, but how many days of riding and what is the start place? We saddle bag with 5 or 6 guys, which means a slightly slower pace. I track all fuel fills, including time of day, since I'm the planner. If you like that level of detail PM me and I can screen cap my spreadsheet which will let you see pretty exact travel times through the northern corridor.
  12. Couple of Gaspesie Questions

    Haven't needed a blow dryer to start our Yamahas in the very cold since we installed the solid state relay a couple winters back.
  13. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    HI Steve, our group just did NB last year as one of our guys is from NB and has been sledding from just after diapers. Our trip was cut short because of very warm weather with rain at about the 4 day mark. We did follow what Piston noted. I can send you some garmin gps plots and stops once I get back from this business trip to Kuwait around 21 October, if you like. Same as you, our group has been doing a week long trip in ON since 1998, did the Gaspe in 2015, and loved it. This year we will try and retrace our Chapleau, Douberville route up to Hearst, starting from New Liskeard. Next year we will give NB another shot as, like Gaspe, the trails were awesome. So, if you are interested in our route or any other info I have, please PM me and I will gather up what I have and send it along the week of Oct 23rd. Cheers from 39c Kuwait. ... (at least it isn't 50c like a few weeks ago..)
  14. FXR FAST Suits

    Waiting for the reaction that first morning I walk out of the hotel to start our week long trip. But, after a new studded track, shock tuning, powder coated part of the skid, I had to save money somewhere. Last winter the last day in NB it rained hard all day, found out that the Choko jacket isn't water proof, or even very resistent either. it took almost a week to dry it was so soaked.
  15. FXR FAST Suits

    If you're willing to ride wearing FXR Real Tree patterened suits, they sell for about a third the price of the standard colors online. For a third the price, I'm the guy you'll see wearing white real tree jacket and black real tree pants. Ya laugh, but the two top end models cost me less than 1 jacket. I'll tell you after this year's northern trip if they are warm, as I always manage to plan our trip during a cold spell.