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  1. Hi, I'm just writing the report to BITEHARDER right now. Disclaimer, I'm a BITEHARDER Ambassador, so they shipped me both Soft and Medium to test. I installed Soft ( I hope to install the Medium before this weekends trip. First three days(no Polytune Rings installed) I was pushing thru corners with the soft snow, with a little ski lift also. (Yamaha Vector not the best handling sled.) Installed Soft Polytune Rings: Pros Immediately noticed that the extra down pressure was there, without having to compress spring and lose ride comfort. Carved the corners much better than first part of trip. Noticed that the rings also seem to absorb some of the hard road stutter. Cons We not only had to lift the front end, but on my Yamaha Vector we had to completely back-off the springs to install the Polytune rings, even then needed to push them in with a tool on the tight Yamaha springs. Not an on-trail type of change-out piece of kit (at least not on a Yamaha Vector stock front spring). Instructions don't suggest where on the spring to install the rings - I installed just above center (for now). Summary: Thought they were a great improvement to the cornering on my 2013 Yamaha Vector LTX (and keeping ride comfort).
  2. Distance and Time Summary Started New Liskeard. Starts are pretty close to 8AM every day. Stops every 45KM or 45min for a short social break. Summary: Everyone thought the loop was great, varying terrain. Magpie Relay very switched-on with what sledders need. (Too bad there was only ONE good sled in the barn the night I was there (see pic - 1 Yamaha in a sea of Burps - I only needed the garage to install the BITEHARDER Polytune Suspension rings for the 2nd half of the trip (worked awesome)).
  3. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Thanks. Feb trip, looks like we came across your same friend...I think it was between Timmins and Chapleau..
  4. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Awesome idea, modified a bit, to consider motor oil jugs. Im to retentive to allow me to allow even a few drops of washer fluid into my gas tank ( ya, i know.... I guess its from my aircraft technician days). I guess filling at the gas stations has to be a bit covert. I agree, as long as no pushing snow, or double back, then no issue about running out. Avg safe distance means still having a 4 litre reserve - which gives me a range of about another 28 KM. Last March I had 11 litres remaining at a 174KM fill, from my fuel usage tracking spreadsheet. Again, thanks for the input and trail review.
  5. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Thank you. I'll punch that info into the GPS. cheers
  6. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    What is the trail down from Matagami like, quick and open, side of the road, or hydro line type of thing? thanks
  7. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Thanks everyone. I'll plan for Amos, the fuel lite will be on, but as long as I'm not pushing snow, 7KM/Litre, (33 litres) will get us there. Fresh snow, I guess we are buying gas cans in Matagami and strapping them to our backs.
  8. Timmins - Comfort Inn

    As trying and as expensive as that weekend was, broken sled in Timmins is better than a broken sled 10 KM south of the Canyon. (Piston 2, 2 years later.) The Timmins trip, I met the group in Hearst, after renting a sled out of Kirkland Lake, on there return legs.
  9. Timmins - Comfort Inn

    Ok, you win for the most positive and creative outlook for that weekend. I'll ask the boss if she has any bunny outfits, as I still have those pj's. ..cheers
  10. QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Looking at doing a 2 and half day trip from Val-D Or to Matagami to Rouyn-Noranda and back to Val-D OR. Is the gas station in Amos (from Matagami) (194KM (120 miles)) the first place to get fuel, coming down the 396, 307 onto the 93?
  11. Timmins - Comfort Inn

    Our group has done the Super 8 for over 15 years. No complaints. I even sat in the lobby in my pj's one year, after the first blown ski Doo piston, day 1 of the week trip, and watched the group ride out. The whole lobby area is now setup for the basic breakfast. Now the Caseys restaurant next door was surprisingly very empty in mid Feb compared to all the years before. However, food was ok. Sorry, but I've never understood why anyone wanted to struggle to get to the Comfort Inn. (RIP John - Smart enough in 2008 to be riding Yamaha. outside in the window.) It was Family day weekend. Dealers were all closed until Tuesday......
  12. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Last suggestion, to help keep all the brides happy. Looking at the forecast, sunny highs of -5 and lows of -17; suggest you have ice scratchers as part of your kit, as I expect the sun will soften up the trails and the nights will freeze them hard until mid morning. You guys stuck on the side of the trail trying to unstuck the track from the melted sliders "won't inpress them much". Just a suggestion. .... cheers
  13. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    L123. West side of Canyon loop. Southbound on East side of Canyon loop has one bad curve while dropping to left, as this guy found out a few weeks ago. A and C southbound from Cochrane are pretty flat, pull in the L103 for a nice little trail and if you pull in the A107C can be a loop. The Hearst loops are always a nice ride. Keeping your bride happy - warm temps will do that, got it. Awesome trails, hard to do with warm temps we now have. Good luck.
  14. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    And if you just need a room for the night, try the Apollo hotel on the west side. Breakfast place on 1 side and Caseys on the other side.
  15. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    I've been doing the northern trails, almost every year since 1998. Yes some years are not pavement smooth, but overall the Cochrane to Hearst, actually even down to Hornpayne have been awesome. Completely unfair to the clubs up north to judge the trails up there based on this weekend, considering the fact that all of Ontario is now trying to sled up there. You want awesome trails, head up north middle of Feb when it is cold and only the hardcore sledders are out. :-). The warmer weather doesn't help. I have videos on the tube from some of the trails up there, over the last few years. (apexltx56). You're not riding in Pembroke this weekend, so go for it; it will be very very busy...