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  1. Gadgetman

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    The pink cloth in the bathroom photo, tucked in the corner, is for snowmobile or motorcycle wipe downs, how many places offer that level of detail or thought to sledder - so please use it and NOT their white stuff. Our groups goto place in Cochrane. Since Gaspe was a bust for me this year, back to Northern Ontario next year, and back to the Westway. They also have hair dryers for the Yamaha Sleds who haven't upgraded to solid state solnoid to avoid cold weather no starts.
  2. Gadgetman

    Pembroke to Kearney in a day?

    Added some clarity to the route. Thank you for the input so far, all good information, and heading north and around the park, then south to Kearney now becomes another consideration. First trip should be west and north, as I wish to do the route thru the park again, last time I did that trail was on my 1994 XLT! Again, than you for the input.
  3. Gadgetman

    Pembroke to Kearney in a day?

    Looking for a two day trip, trailer to Pembroke and then ride to Kearney on west side of the park, via the B straight west out of Pembroke, towards Spectacle Lake, and then north of Dorset type of thing. I realize it is part of the RAP, which generally lists 3 -5 days. Looks to be about 300KM, one way; so 300KM Cochrane / Hearst, no problem; 300KM in the Gaspe, not so easy. Anyone done Pembroke to Kearney ride in 1 day, and thoughts? Would return the next day. ( My Bro has a cottage in Kearney, so free night and food.) Alternative is a shorter ride by driving to ? , from Ottawa, just need a suggestion where to safely leave the truck and trailer? Thanks
  4. Gadgetman

    Southern Ontario Polaris Dealer Closing

    Rickwards is a Polaris dealer in Kearney, about 30 mins north of Huntsville, on the 518 towards Sand lake. Been in business 50 + years.Nothing fancy, but in this business, 50 years means the people must be coming back. https://www.rickwards.com/index.htm
  5. Gadgetman

    Kirkland Lake to Cochrane

    In KL, the A108 comes into the back of the Comfort Inn, which also has a big lot for trailers. The Microtel is on the far side of the road from the Comfort if you want to upscale a bit. What everyone else said for Cochrane.
  6. Gadgetman

    Safety suggestion

    Add an Emergency blanket (foil type), as they are small, light and you can either wrap yourself or use as a wind break. I carry 550 cord as part of my key ring, also some long wire ties, and always have a few energy bar type things with me. Lastly, in my opinion, any temp lower than -20c, rethink riding alone; issues take on a whole other level of severity below the -20's.
  7. Gadgetman

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    The appearance of an effort to secure the load is key in this situation. You need to use straps which list the strength, and ideally 2 at front and two at the back. I have the front ski bar lock down, (so no front straps)and use one over capacity (rating exceeds weight of sled) strap on the back, which hooks into the rear plate in the Triton rail. Now, I haven't been stopped yet, but I consider that I have made a reasonable man effort to secure the sled, should I be stopped.Strap kits are always on sale, so what is 30 bucks when most of us are riding 10K machines. No straps, I'm just making it easy for a ticket with no defense.
  8. Gadgetman

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    I read this to mean that the inspection requirement is needed on a trailer used to carry snowmobiles if either bullet 1 or 2 apply.
  9. Gadgetman

    Magpie River to The Dube

    I posted a video of our group running it mid Feb. Very strong cross wind made for some white outs. I missed the fact that the posts drifted to the right to point to the exit at the north end, which in Feb wasn't clearly marked. youtube search apexltx56. magpie river.
  10. Hi, I'm just writing the report to BITEHARDER right now. Disclaimer, I'm a BITEHARDER Ambassador, so they shipped me both Soft and Medium to test. I installed Soft ( I hope to install the Medium before this weekends trip. First three days(no Polytune Rings installed) I was pushing thru corners with the soft snow, with a little ski lift also. (Yamaha Vector not the best handling sled.) Installed Soft Polytune Rings: Pros Immediately noticed that the extra down pressure was there, without having to compress spring and lose ride comfort. Carved the corners much better than first part of trip. Noticed that the rings also seem to absorb some of the hard road stutter. Cons We not only had to lift the front end, but on my Yamaha Vector we had to completely back-off the springs to install the Polytune rings, even then needed to push them in with a tool on the tight Yamaha springs. Not an on-trail type of change-out piece of kit (at least not on a Yamaha Vector stock front spring). Instructions don't suggest where on the spring to install the rings - I installed just above center (for now). Summary: Thought they were a great improvement to the cornering on my 2013 Yamaha Vector LTX (and keeping ride comfort).
  11. Distance and Time Summary Started New Liskeard. Starts are pretty close to 8AM every day. Stops every 45KM or 45min for a short social break. Summary: Everyone thought the loop was great, varying terrain. Magpie Relay very switched-on with what sledders need. (Too bad there was only ONE good sled in the barn the night I was there (see pic - 1 Yamaha in a sea of Burps - I only needed the garage to install the BITEHARDER Polytune Suspension rings for the 2nd half of the trip (worked awesome)).
  12. Gadgetman

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Thanks. Feb trip, looks like we came across your same friend...I think it was between Timmins and Chapleau..
  13. Gadgetman

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Awesome idea, modified a bit, to consider motor oil jugs. Im to retentive to allow me to allow even a few drops of washer fluid into my gas tank ( ya, i know.... I guess its from my aircraft technician days). I guess filling at the gas stations has to be a bit covert. I agree, as long as no pushing snow, or double back, then no issue about running out. Avg safe distance means still having a 4 litre reserve - which gives me a range of about another 28 KM. Last March I had 11 litres remaining at a 174KM fill, from my fuel usage tracking spreadsheet. Again, thanks for the input and trail review.
  14. Gadgetman

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Thank you. I'll punch that info into the GPS. cheers
  15. Gadgetman

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    What is the trail down from Matagami like, quick and open, side of the road, or hydro line type of thing? thanks