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  1. FrostyTheSnowman

    Through the ice in Chemong

    Not cheap to have it retrieved which you must do because of the environmental impact.
  2. FrostyTheSnowman

    Post,email, pass around please!

    Here is another thing to be addressed and also from the intrepid guy. Something for any sledder to think about.
  3. FrostyTheSnowman

    Through the ice in Chemong

    And so it begins on the other side of the spectrum too.
  4. FrostyTheSnowman

    Loading renegade 137 on truck with 6.5 foot bed

    Didn’t take that into thought at first 02 but you’re right. From the garage is the kicker although I have done it without landing on the roof of my truck. Just don’t stop once the sled is moving and up the ramp with steady throttle. Leave about 10’ from the ramp, square it up and don’t hesitate once you’re moving. You can always hit the breaks and pull it off to try again. Get the skis up into the truck before letting off the gas. Don’t stop on the ramp. When in doubt...Bail!!! Jk. Practice.
  5. FrostyTheSnowman

    Loading renegade 137 on truck with 6.5 foot bed

    I’ve had no issues loading my 129” on that exact same CT ramp. No big run at it is necessary. Just keep the momentum moving up the ramp. Royal has a ramp extension for the middle fold to aid in off loading more than on so the snow flap doesn’t get buried into the tunnel when backing off into deeper snow. Tip. You will want to add a piece of plywood or some to sit under the track at the tail gate or you will not be able to get the ramp back on or out from under your sled when it’s loaded with the tongue design at the tops of the ramp folds. Your track will pinch the ramp on the tailgate.
  6. FrostyTheSnowman

    Snow bikes

    I think Cat did it to be able to race in the new kind of Snowbike SX circuit that’s been going on. They are heavily invested in racing. There’s one in Peterborough for sale. Looks bad ass but not my thing. Too much atheletisism involved. Lol
  7. FrostyTheSnowman

    Snowmobile Dolly and Snowmobile Lift

    Wish my sh...y back would allow me to do that like I could as a young man again.
  8. FrostyTheSnowman

    Snow bikes

    I do believe Cats snowbike is purpose built as a snow vehicle right from the factory as designed, manufactured and registered and anyone owning one could argue against it being illegal. It has not been converted to a snow bike like the Timbersled kits that are installed on dirt bikes. Weren’t the snohawk bikes that never caught on legal as well as a purpose built snow vehicle?
  9. FrostyTheSnowman

    Snowmobile Dolly and Snowmobile Lift

    I’ve got the crappy tire trifold I bought on sale 4 years ago for the sane price. Still works fine. The extension ramp from royal would be a good idea. I find the angle can bury the rear flap when backing off sometimes.
  10. FrostyTheSnowman

    Tri Fold Ramp On Sale

    Me too
  11. FrostyTheSnowman

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    I’ve bought from Fortnine as well. No issues. Great new non current clothing deals too.
  12. FrostyTheSnowman

    Older Arctic Cat help ('07 FX5)

    Pm sent
  13. FrostyTheSnowman

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I can't seem to get past the read and acknowledge page to purchase my pass for the season. There's nowhere to accept the terms and conditions and finish the transaction. ???? I'm stumped. Help Edit... nm. figured out how to scroll down hah
  14. FrostyTheSnowman

    Trail Status

    I’m trying to figure out where to go this weekend. Told everyone to eff ohh, I’m riding this weekend. I’ll join a crew for a ride in the south.
  15. FrostyTheSnowman

    Road 121 Motel in Fenelon Falls

    Thank you.