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  1. FrostyTheSnowman

    Trail Status

    I’m trying to figure out where to go this weekend. Told everyone to eff ohh, I’m riding this weekend. I’ll join a crew for a ride in the south.
  2. FrostyTheSnowman

    Road 121 Motel in Fenelon Falls

    Thank you.
  3. FrostyTheSnowman

    Road 121 Motel in Fenelon Falls

    Curious as to trail access from this motel. It looks to be close but that doesn’t mean there is access and parking for sleds. Has anybody be ever stayed there?
  4. FrostyTheSnowman

    Trail Status

    Lucky you. Looks to be thin out there as well. ???
  5. FrostyTheSnowman

    WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Yellow or green....use trails at your own risk. It’s been posted already this year that people have trailered to green status trails which should in fact have been closed.
  6. FrostyTheSnowman

    Trail Status

    As much as I’d love to and debating on going out today, I’ll pass on an afternoon ride today out of Waterford.
  7. FrostyTheSnowman

    Trail Status

    Who rode near Simcoe on green trails today? I had to work and freezing rain tomorrow. Bs. I may have to call in to work with a bad case of the Mondays this week. Suppose to be sunny out too.
  8. FrostyTheSnowman


    Only one other sled track?!?! You lucky bugger.
  9. FrostyTheSnowman

    Hand Sigbals and Ride Lite

    Sledding in downtown LA would be confusing
  10. FrostyTheSnowman

    Elmira trails

    Lions park hasn’t been plowed during the winter in a bunch of years from what I understand. I parked in the church lot last year but I don’t pull a trailer either and it wasn’t on a Sunday. The lot was empty on a Saturday.
  11. FrostyTheSnowman


    I stand once and awhile to stretch the aching knees and back.
  12. FrostyTheSnowman


    EARLY Saturday and Sunday mornings are the next best option as soon as the sun rises until noonish. The younger party crowd will still be in bed.
  13. FrostyTheSnowman


    I’ve only experience close calls from oncoming sledders over hill crests. I’ve never attempted any professional wrestling moves while snowmobiling lol.
  14. FrostyTheSnowman

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Hand gun laws are even more strict. Not sure of the extent of the laws pertaining to hand guns because I don’t have or need a restricted firearm license. I wouldn’t doubt what you’re saying about transporting them though.
  15. FrostyTheSnowman

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Not in Ontario. It’s illegal to carry a firearm for protection. Even against wildlife. Laws are pretty strict. For instance, during bow season and hunting big game, you are not allowed to carry a firearm of any caliber or gauge. Poaching is a big problem in the province and the penalties would blow your mind at the consequences. They (game warden, opp) can seize your vehicle and all your belongings related to the efforts to hunt illegally. Send you home on a bus with what you are wearing if they want.