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  1. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    The wife and I double up as well from time to time when she wants to go for a ride and it’s still roomy and comfortable for both of us.
  2. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    I think it’s great that many people here like the looks etc because it is 2/3 Cat after all! Lol
  3. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    I had a guy once tell me he was able to stretch a slide hammer shaft. Ya...ok. What it says is that if the sled can’t handle 3 average guys riding like many guys do while having fun is.... fill in the blanks.
  4. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    Dave McClures sled. No broken bulk head riding downed trees and rocks. Nuff said.
  5. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    Lol. I don’t know. All I know is I have heard of bulkheads cracking on the g4 doos. The yellow dudes don’t want to talk about that either. I remember 3 friends with 97 mxz 670’s new back then and all three bent tunnels within the first season.
  6. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    You can only remove so much material to shed weight before said vehicle just fails completely. Toaster Ovens imo lol
  7. I so want this.

    I don’t pay much attention to weather long term. Set up for disappointment, so why do it. Take it as it comes. As sledders you’d think we would learn to not get all hyped up about the 14 day forecast and then complain when it doesn’t happen.
  8. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Oh I know. I was making a joke because the colour of the red is much brighter than it was yesterday. Big stop sign red saying stay off! Lol
  9. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Looks like the colour of red on the ITG has turned extremely red. They must mean business to stay off
  10. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    20 degree swing in 24 hrs. Brutal.
  11. Palmerston Teeswater Chesley

    I just noticed the trail closings in D5 too. Happy to see it myself. Save what’s there... let it thaw a bit, freeze up again and heavy snow predictions all in 3 days time. It’s what we needed for trail base.
  12. Weather......

    If it gets a bit warmer for a day or so, the trail base will set up good like we have wished for. It will freeze up solid after that.
  13. Weather......

    They do.
  14. Ont Registration Sticker

    When you get your Val tag and license plate for sled, doesn’t it state that the Reg numbers and tag have to be together. You can’t put numbers at the bottom of a side panel and the Val tag up near your windshield for instance....can you??? Suppose to be like a normal license plate. Tag on the plate
  15. Gear for Sled Travel

    Sled is slang for snowmobile. Even law needs to be very specific these days.