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  1. FrostyTheSnowman

    Tek vest

    Even on a bike I would think that vest is a bad idea. In the event of going down on a bike you want to slide and avoid the bounce and roll ( rag doll ) scenario. You’re gonna get hurt one way or another but once you’re air borne it’s something new. That vest would catch instantly and cause the chain reaction. No thanks.
  2. FrostyTheSnowman

    Polaris don,t float

    Good aim
  3. FrostyTheSnowman

    Polaris don,t float

    Cats can’t swim either
  4. FrostyTheSnowman

    Tek vest

    I did not know that. Not the same as a floater suit I’m sure but nice to know. Hitting handle bars is still gonna hurt like a SOB at any speed with a tek vest even but it will prevent internal damage and possible spearing of small cut trees trail side of you were to fall off even at slow speeds. Save broken collar bones or ribs. Might not save you on a head on like that crash but it will increase your chances tremendously just like a helmet. The body can only endure so much.
  5. FrostyTheSnowman

    Tek vest

    I wear one. Protect the vitals just the same as the head imo. Very comfortable to wear and adjustable. Doubles as wind protection in deep freeze temps too.
  6. FrostyTheSnowman

    Arthur & Durham trail conditions?

    No. Ram sport truck with a tri fold ramp lol
  7. FrostyTheSnowman

    Arthur & Durham trail conditions?

    Watch out for Turkey crossings.
  8. FrostyTheSnowman

    Arthur & Durham trail conditions?

    I just came from running Fergus at the trail head and up to Markdale. Didn’t hit the rail line until Dundalk. Trails are pretty good actually. Better than last Friday. This was my route today.
  9. FrostyTheSnowman

    Unwind Neck Warmer

    I wear one of the unwind balaclava from Royal. Love it. Long neck windproof skirt on it front and back. It works well. With that and a cotton neck one I was fine in Quebec early this year when it was -37. Liner jacket went on after the balaclava to keep it from getting out of place. Neck one over that and pulled up over the chin then sinch the helmet up to hold it in place. Tucked the jacket up nice and I was golden.
  10. FrostyTheSnowman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Here’s my trip from today.
  11. FrostyTheSnowman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    I went from Teviotdale to Markdale and up the rail line to swing back around Durham today. Can you say ROUGH!! Pretty much anything south of Durham isn’t worth it. Need a good 10” of packed snow everywhere. Yes some spots are ok but I’d steer clear if anyone is thinking of anything in that area. Was a nice sunny day anyhow and put another 200 km on the sled. Not bad for March 1st. I wonder what the heck anything in Burford is open for. Gotta be pretty bad around there too.
  12. FrostyTheSnowman

    Alternative to AC mineral 50 oil

    Mystic Sea and Snow. Cheap and reliable. I always ran it in my older 440/580 Cats.
  13. FrostyTheSnowman

    No respect!

    Frosted Shredded Wheat! Haha. Seriously though, that’s bs.
  14. FrostyTheSnowman


    I once witnessed a small deer get hit just over the crest of a hill on the downside once from a car coming the other direction. The driver stopped and got out of his car about 40’ from the crest of the hill on the down side being totally unseen and blind to anyone coming from the direction he was traveling which was a 60kmh country rd but most travel 80. I stopped and yelled out my window from a good distance that he shouldn’t stop there. He replied “but I just hit that deer”. I told him he’s about to get hit and killed right now too himself being stopped on that hill. Took him a few seconds to clue in then jump in his car and move further down towards where I had stopped. The entire time I was braced to possibly witness a horrible accident and thought to myself....I don’t want to see this happen! The carnage and horror would have been one of those moments in life you can’t unsee but wish you could. The twist in this is the guy was in hospital uniform either on his way to or from work. You’d think such a person would have the foresight and forethought to not put himself in such a bad spot. It’s a common mistake and leads to accidents quite often.
  15. FrostyTheSnowman

    Sled thief caught

    The thief will try and pass the buck on to the trailers owner for the no rear light on the trailer that he got charged for.