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  1. Snowmobile Show

    should be there around 1.30, hope to see some of you there! Livin'
  2. 2016 Blzzard 600 H.O. E-TEC for sale

    NO, SJ no Yamahaha for me this year! I spelled that right, didn't I ?? LOL Livin'
  3. Hi all, I am getting a new sled this year so I thought I would put this up here before it goes on trade. As the title says: 2016 Blizzard 600 H.O. E-TEC. I bought it new and it came with the following: 129 Ice Ripper/ premium guage package/ hand and thumb warmers/ R-Motion suspension and Adjustable skis/Mid-height Windshield/ 3 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Accessories added and included on the sled: Belly Pan/ LED headlight/ Glove box liner/12V plug/Hand Guards W mirrors/Visor Plug/LINQ tunnel brackets. Spare belt(new)/oil caddy bag mounted on belt guard. Always dealer maintained and only BRP oil and Premium fuel ever used. Off season stored in covered trailer, in season kept in heated garage. Sliders replaced mid-season last year. Original belt and carbides replaced at 7000 Km's. Current odom is 7975 KM's with Bumper to Bumper Warranty until November 2018. Only offered here at 10,500 OBO not advertised anywhere else, will be traded in the next week or two if no one here wants it. PM or call me at FOUR ONE SIX 318 SEVEN NINE FIVE FIVE. Thanks Paul AKA Livin'
  4. I'm here!! I've never left OC or do I plan to!! Been working a little more than I have been used to, but kinda needed to keep busy. Technology is a bugger, you can change your name on anything on the web but your history follows you! Good catch on that jrhz06, did someone tip you off? LOL. Gobills, Thank You for being supportive of me. I will reserve further comments on the postings of our new/old member until over the weekend when I have some time. I will be posting trail conditions as I see them this year, along with the usual cast of characters that have done so in the past!! Livin'
  5. What's Happening at OFSC Head Office?

    BOG meeting is this Saturday, normal for their meetings to be on a Saturday. Livin'
  6. Rumours

    Yes, I was told by a reliable source that the Peterborough Show has been sold to the same group that run the Toronto Show. Dennis, you have no idea how much I share your sentiments!!! Livin'
  7. HCSA Meeting

    Hi all, I thank you all for the well wishes!! Lots of folks were aware this would be my last season with HCSA for some time now, it was my third winter at the helm and although the season was short, it was by far the most successful. We started with a new Piston Bully, a trail improvement grant, a rave review from Craig and crew on their tour here, and finished up with meeting our grooming hour forecast, a positive bank account and most importantly a re- invented public image. The support from everyone on here and the sledding community towards HCSA has been awesome!! Haliburton county as a whole is very supportive of HCSA as demonstrated by the club achieving the Warden's award at the recent Chamber Of Commerce night. The internal issues are most definitely the reason for my and others departure from this organization. As I live and sled here I only have the best of wishes for the new/old leaders of HCSA and look forward to riding from my home next season. Livin'
  8. Thanks everyone for noticing the hard work of all involved! The Warden's Award was a total surprise, I was just asked to attend the Chamber Dinner as we were there last year. Nice way to end a great, although short, season. Livin'
  9. Jet ski!!! Just fine with me right about now. Livin'
  10. Thanks for noticing the hard work of the club! It is over, lots of base for the most part but no new snow to cover up those icy trails. Livin'
  11. IMHO it is over for HCSA this season. All trails are closed and machines will be returning to base and lake stakes are being pulled. Thanks to all who rode/supported HCSA this year!! Livin'
  12. If they survive, HCSA will groom trails until the season end. The base on most trails has held up better than expected due to early and frequent grooming. A little rain won't hurt them, but we need more snow to make them rideable after the rain. You could go insane looking at the weather forecast as it changes by source and doesn't ever seem to be correct this year! Livin'
  13. Hi Blake, you texted me before I saw this! The rail trail is in real good shape from Kinmount to Hali. South of Kinmount, I don't think is worth running. The E to Paudash is good as is the B to Whitney, which will go Yellow after a grooming pass last night. Livin'
  14. Spoke to landowner, he called me back. We can open the gate if we need the trail, no issues, just trying to keep ATV's out. Livin'
  15. Cayuna, you are correct. There have been several sightings of her today alone! She/they just keep climbing back in the groomers!! And that Damn singing!! Livin'