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  1. Laurentien Lanaudiere Ride Report

    We are at domain l'ombre du vent now. They are very nice cabins!! No restaurant on site but a couple clicks to town. 1 click to fuel, booze and pretty well stocked food store. Cabins have everything you need to make your own meal. Livin'
  2. Best Route to St Zenon from Huntsville

    Ha, finally went through!! Posted that yesterday,(i thought) trails are great heading out for a day ride again. Livin'
  3. Best Route to St Zenon from Huntsville

    The cell service here is brutal, sitting in the lobby to send this. Micar we just took the 40, 31,131 route. Wouldn't do that during weekday rush hour. Rode today around 160 K all good, we're in room 121 if any OCer's are coming up. Livin'
  4. Best Route to St Zenon from Huntsville

    In montreal on our way to St Zenon. I'll let you know our route when done. You know its bad in Ontario when folks from Huntsville and Halliburton are riding in Quebec!! Livin'
  5. Haliburton/minden ice storm??

    Nice picture Nutter, that trail is why my new sled needs carbides!! Livin'
  6. Haliburton/minden ice storm??

    Hey Ian!! Nothing at your dads or my place!! And far, far, beyond. Give me a call or PM me. Not sure where we are going, but if we can ride together that would be great. For the others I said I'd update on the power hydro is still out to some 3000 customers in the area including us. At least it is starting to snow... wouldn't hold my breath though! Livin'
  7. Haliburton/minden ice storm??

    Did 5K form home last year, under 1K so far this year, all of that on less than ideal conditions, Cayuna is correct, there was/is no base to the trails so it will be like a new season if we do get snow. Livin'
  8. Haliburton/minden ice storm??

    You know it's bad when I am trailering to Ride!! Will be like the bad old days when Teener and I were snow chasers. Looking forward to the adventures. News says 4400 homes without power. I'll update if the power comes on earlier than predicted. Livin'
  9. Haliburton/minden ice storm??

    Power is out at my house, running on auto genny. power reported out on South Lake as well. That's all I know. Not going home until Thursday, then loading up sleds in new trailer and heading north or to Quebec. It's over before it started here. Livin'
  10. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Snowing pretty much all day in North York!!?? Teener is up in Kinmount, said now snow as of an hour ago!! Livin'
  11. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    2018 850 Blizzard is just about done it's break in at 860 KM's. I was able to ride prototype/press units the last two seasons and was blown away by the throttle response! I've ridden a lot of Hi Po sleds and this one really is impressive. As far as fuel and oil usage, I have been riding with Teener on her 2016 600 HO Blizzard and the 850 is not noticeably bad on either even during break in. Got a peek at the 600 Gen 4 today, and it sounds very much like the 850. If we get some snow soon, maybe I can give my 2cents on that sled's performance. Livin'
  12. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Nothing showed up, will post later. time for dinner!! Livin'
  13. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I haven't been down it but the view from my driveway isn't pretty. I think south of here might have faired better as it had more grooming and better base. If the snow keeps up you don't need a lot to open a rail trail. Livin'
  14. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Same thing here, raining this morning then temps starting dropping like a rock. Went from rain to freezing rain to snow in no time at all. Enough snow has fallen to cover most of the evils from the thaw, now it will need to snow a ton for the next couple of days. Livin'