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  1. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Snowing pretty much all day in North York!!?? Teener is up in Kinmount, said now snow as of an hour ago!! Livin'
  2. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    2018 850 Blizzard is just about done it's break in at 860 KM's. I was able to ride prototype/press units the last two seasons and was blown away by the throttle response! I've ridden a lot of Hi Po sleds and this one really is impressive. As far as fuel and oil usage, I have been riding with Teener on her 2016 600 HO Blizzard and the 850 is not noticeably bad on either even during break in. Got a peek at the 600 Gen 4 today, and it sounds very much like the 850. If we get some snow soon, maybe I can give my 2cents on that sled's performance. Livin'
  3. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Nothing showed up, will post later. time for dinner!! Livin'
  4. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I haven't been down it but the view from my driveway isn't pretty. I think south of here might have faired better as it had more grooming and better base. If the snow keeps up you don't need a lot to open a rail trail. Livin'
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Same thing here, raining this morning then temps starting dropping like a rock. Went from rain to freezing rain to snow in no time at all. Enough snow has fallen to cover most of the evils from the thaw, now it will need to snow a ton for the next couple of days. Livin'
  6. Cuyuna, here you go!! I'll try from the bottom of the HCSA system and go from there. Rail Trail finally got a pass tonight, there were 2 groomers on it Sunday, but one went to the 9 in the AM and the second went to the 7 in the evening. Neither did much on the rail trail while they did there first pass on both of those trails. The 112 to Minden has been getting some passes here and there and should be good. I will assume Kash is staked as they groomed to there (that's on the 7 to Pinestone) The B103 was trashed around Hali on Sunday with no signs of grooming, including the ditch to the B trails even though a groomer went through to the E trail. The B to the west went yellow and has a few passes. Have not run it personally but I am aware of some re-routes and such. Lakes to the West were staked last weekend but some are not. The 16 had a pass as described on the HCSA Facebook page but no further info has been provided as to it being a trail. I was on that trail last fall in a SxS and wouldn't take a sled until the club says it's good. To the East, the B and E are now opened Limited. The B is good to Moose and Eagle which are staked, and the Whitney run is open Limited on the ITG and has some passes with a groomer. The 10 is signed as closed and Haliburton Lake is NOT staked. The E trail, also Limited, is good until past Gan Israel Camp, the logging in there is a dirty, dirty mess! Basically a carbon copy of what was done a few years back on the Paudash side. The loggers have left a spot on the side and after a few groomer passes it might not be to horrid. The E trail is currently a trail to nowhere for touring sledders as the Paudash side has seen NO grooming on the E and 601 trails. I posted this to the best of mine and others knowledge, the last update from the club on trails is Jan 02 and really not informative. Livin'
  7. Moose and Eagle are staked. Groomer did a pass on the Whitney run last night. Have more updates, will post later as time permits. Livin'
  8. Heard they did the Whitney run a few days ago, first and only pass I know of. No word on lakes being staked over there. Some lakes on the B towards Ox Narrows were staked last week but show closed. Was going to head out today and look around, just a little too cold. Tomorrow we will be out early in the more pleasant -9 temps. Livin'
  9. 12 mile was run by a friend on Monday. He told me Kushog and St Nora's were both staked. Livin'
  10. Rail Trail was indeed opened on Thursday by the club. There wasn't anything to report as it was not groomed since the 18th. Sleds have been running it daily and it wasn't holding up very well due to having only one pass with a groomer. Last night the trail was groomed from Hali to Kinmount by HCSA. Lots of us have been riding South instead of North for the last while, that will change now. Hope they keep grooming!! Livin'
  11. I'll be home in a half hour, I'll let you know it looks. Was pretty beat. Livin'
  12. VR700, you should get that cough looked at!! LOL!! KSLA now green, good news.All we can do is wait. They were posting on Facebook almost every day, mostly telling us want we shouldn't do!! Now nothing. Go to trails on website sends you to facebook? Livin'
  13. Lindsay TBR to Kinmount and part E108

    Kinmount to Hali is indeed closed still. 6 to 8 inches of new snow since Christmas eve South of Minden. Probably more towards the village proper. Last and only pass by the club was Dec. 18. Here's to hoping something gets done before new years. Livin'

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!! Here's hoping we will all be out riding soon. Livin'