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  1. Baylaker

    its a shame :(

    Definitely got more than what they were calling for! Twn is horrible this year! I thought they were bad last year, seems like every time they forecast something it’s the complete opposite this season.
  2. Baylaker

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    I was thinking about taking the bravo out down the street and back but I’m pooched! Beer is tasting really good right now! 12hrs of pushing snow in the south this morning, finally something worth pushing. About 6-7” fell on us today. Had 3” at 3:30am, then another 3-4” by noon. Raining now though. Hopefully we get the 15-20cm that’s forecasted for Monday. Just might be able to leave from home after all this season.
  3. Baylaker

    Parry sound yellow?

    Awesome! Good news guys! Thanks. We got 6-7” down south. Raining now, but don’t think the snow is going anywhere too fast. This will harden like a rock tonight!
  4. Baylaker

    Parry sound yellow?

    I just looked again and now it says 15cm and 1mm of rain for PS. Hopefully it doesn’t change much
  5. Baylaker

    Parry sound yellow?

    Hopefully the snow tonight will help out.
  6. Baylaker

    Parry sound yellow?

    Does anyone know how mactier, parry sound, dunchurch area is being that it’s listed yellow? Wondering if it’s decent or not. I’ve ridden some really good yellow trails and some pretty bad yellow trails that should’ve been closed. Hopefully tomorrow’s rain doesn’t hurt too much..
  7. Baylaker

    Today's rides.

    It was a little warmer in the south here, but not by much. Bluebird skies down here.
  8. Baylaker

    Today's rides.

    Good you got out for a ride and not out of the sport. I wish I was out yesterday, was such a beautiful day out!
  9. Baylaker


    When ya gotta go....ya gotta go!
  10. Baylaker

    2019 Manufacturers Sneak Peak Dates

    Oh cmon! You can at least say if it’s going to be good or not no?
  11. Baylaker


    Haha! That’s hilarious. Never have I seen that before. I think he could’ve pulled off the trail a little though.
  12. Baylaker


    Awesome! Thanks!
  13. Baylaker

    I'm out

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately due to continuous lack of snow in the south over the years. But I know as soon as I do sell them we’ll get snow. Are you fed up with all the idiots on the trail? I know we are. I think we’re going to really try stay away from weekend riding from now on.
  14. Baylaker

    D- Trail Bracebridge

    That is looking sweet! If we didn’t have the kids this weekend we’d be heading north right now even though I Was out doing snow removal in fergus & Guelph this morning. Sure was chilly. Planning on heading north tomorrow. Looks like another sunny day!
  15. Baylaker

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Crazy to think that if only that storm tracked 100km north of Hamilton we could be out riding from home.