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  1. Baylaker

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    The “4 year warranty” is a joke they cover you bumper to bumper for the first year and then it becomes a third party warranty where you have to pay a deductible IF they’ll warrant that part. No it’s not false advertising, but people just need to read the fine print
  2. Baylaker

    broke 5,000 miles

    Must be nice! Sure beats my 2351kms lol.
  3. Baylaker

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    You beat me to it! I was just trying to find that...
  4. Baylaker

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Here is the full article...it’s a very smart business move! I know I wouldn’t keep offering more options with all the leftovers available that are out there...not to mention the crappy the winters. Yamaha isn’t going anywhere, they are taking the steps needed in order to stay in the sled business. Remember, Yamaha’s R&D goes into there sport bikes, not their sleds. They don’t need to be in the sled business to stay alive, they do it to fill the void over the winter....they sell plenty of other products! https://www.snowtechmagazine.com/2019-yamaha-return-srx/
  5. Baylaker

    Ride safe everyone!

    Was that the one on Facebook where 7 out of sleds we’re wrecked? also a 28yr old girl from Sudbury has died on panache lake....sad to hear forsure
  6. Baylaker

    Countdown is on!!

    Black and gold colour combo looks very nice!
  7. Baylaker

    Countdown is on!!

    IS there a link to watch the live reveal?
  8. Baylaker

    Countdown is on!!

    The real sleds are being released tomorrow! Save the best for last! Lol
  9. Baylaker

    Non Branded Linq accessories

    That’s the 21L bag to get! Looks way nicer than the 19+3.
  10. Baylaker

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    Definitely going to Quebec next year! Good for them! Now why can’t ontario get that kind of money?
  11. Baylaker

    For people who have been to Quebec

    Looks like we’re planning a couple trips in Quebec for next year! Thanks for all the advice guys, it is much appreciated!
  12. Baylaker

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    Well said! I’m fine with the relationship between cat/yamaha. Yamaha gets a very good chassis...although some people don’t think so, I do. And cat gets the best engine around. Proper shock setup/skid adjustments go a long way when it comes to comfort and being able to ride over everything you throw at it with no problems. The 850 renegade I had was good, but imo isn’t as good as the viper & only weighed 40lbs less than my viper...not enough to notice any difference. So for the guys complaining about weight...it’s all hype. Cat makes a great product and I can only see good things coming from both companies in the future! people need to realize these companies don’t have all the money in the world to come up with a completely new sled every year. It’s just not going to happen, things take time. Yeah I get it, yamaha has had the same product line for years now...but they believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. These people that complain about new graphics, a rebadge, and a few other minor changes probably can’t afford a brand new sled to begin with. Now what would happen if they came out with something 10x better? A completely revamped sled that will cost thousands more, they definitely won’t be able to afford it! That japanese yamaha turbo engine is the by far the best on the snow, do we really need to make it better, faster, more reliable? Do we want to pay more for sleds? Im not sure what people are expecting these 2 companies to come out with...maybe a rocket ship or something...they don’t need anything better imo. I love the look of that new srx! Will I be getting one, probably not... will it be a lot of money, you bet! am I happy on my viper? Definitely! Cheers to another great season fellas! And maybe we’ll see a few more changes on March 6th!
  13. Baylaker

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    I have a feeling this was leaked on purpose. When the sidewinder came out and it was leaked on ty4, the moderators were furious and deleted right away. This year, the pictures have been up for a few days now and nobody is taking them down...I think it could be to distract us of maybe what’s to come at the reveal on March 6th. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the way I see it.
  14. Baylaker

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    Fact is, it says yamaha srx on the side... you gona call an arctic cat a yamaha because it has a yamaha engine in it?
  15. Baylaker

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    You must hate yamaha eh!