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  1. Baylaker

    Muskoka Region Sign Question

    There’s signs in hillsburgh that say $10,000 fine for leaving the trail...not sure how true that is.
  2. Baylaker

    OFSC survey

    I guess I have two 2015 sleds lol
  3. Baylaker

    North bay lakes?

    Hoping things tighten up more tonight and tomorrow night. Supposedly down to -15 over night.
  4. Baylaker

    North bay lakes?

    Would you recommend riding down into port loring from NB? Or should we stay away from that area?
  5. Baylaker

    North bay lakes?

    Excellent, thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated!
  6. Baylaker

    North bay lakes?

    Thanks soup!
  7. Baylaker

    North bay lakes?

    Heading to north bay this weekend, looking at the map all the lakes are in yellow status condition. Does anybody know how well they held up after that warmer weather? I know there was a lot of water and slush on them recently, but wondering if that cold snap tightened this back up..thanks
  8. Baylaker

    Kids Snowmobile suggestion

    My 7 year old boy rides a 250 bravo. My buddy has an old 440 mxz and beats the hell out of it, and they are fast sleds! I would find either a 250 or even a 340 enticer. Both are very light.
  9. Baylaker

    Parry Sound, Kearny

    That’s good to hear, I would’ve thought forsure everything would’ve been hard as a rock after that rain. I guess they got more snow??
  10. Baylaker

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    Wish I hadve seen those there, we only walked down a couple isles though. Those powered wheel barrows are very efficient and they work amazing! Was the best $3k we spent last year, paid for itself in no time. Would’ve liked to have seen their new attachments
  11. Baylaker

    Parry Sound, Kearny

    If you do go, make sure you have ice scratchers.
  12. Baylaker

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    Definitely...we’ll be prepared this time just in case.
  13. Baylaker

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    I’m thinking it should be given it’s a greenhouse, but who knows. Last year we nearly froze at the arena. We probably spent a total of 15-20 mins in there and went home lol
  14. Baylaker

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    Is it warm in there?
  15. Baylaker

    Time to wake up guys....

    Most people pull over for us, but we just wait until it’s safe to pass or they let us pass. We don’t like to put pressure on the slower riders in front of us. At road crossing, we used to wave each other across the road as it’s clear for us. If we saw a car as we were crossing the road, we would just point in the direction where we saw the car. Everyone in our group knows not to trust the person in front of them at road crossings. Now, most of us in our riding group have communicators so riding is much safer now.