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  1. Baylaker

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Is there an app for the new system yet?
  2. 6” of snow in fergus. They were only calling for 5cm.
  3. The new Yamaha srx is $20,499+tax and whatever else you may think you need...and you can only spring order it if you want one, amoung the other models as well. I think there’s only 2-3 models that you can buy in season. I personally don’t think Yamaha is exiting the sled business. But that’s just what I think.
  4. Cats are always cheaper! My 18’ was around $14,500+tax in season and didn’t get any accessories included. I was on a doo 850 and didn’t like it for many reasons so I switched back and unfortunately it cost me a bunch of money. I would’ve just kept my all black 16’ viper had I known.
  5. Only if you want to drop $25k, I love that new SRX but it’s way too much money. I hated dropping $16k on my 18’ viper...
  6. I’m trying cat skis this season. Supposedly a lot of viper guys like them. About an inch wider than the tuners, and a single keel design that is taller. Looks like they’ll work great! The girlfriends sled has the fox qs3s, but I think once we find a setting she likes, it’s highly unlikely it’ll change...unless I take it out lol. Althought the iAct would be nice!
  7. Will a Polaris Indy sport 340 do the trick? It’s very clean with low Kms
  8. I’ve always owned Yamaha sleds. Last season I switched to a brand new 850 renegade X and did not like it as much as my vipers. Yes, everybody knows skidoo makes the best rear suspension, but it’s not like it’s a world of difference compared to the viper/sidewinder chassis. They’re pretty close imo. Plus you get the best engine in the business! My oil line popped off the oil pump on my 850 around 400kms, spraying oil all over my clutches. knew of a couple others that went up in flames. Skidoo claims you can go all season on one tank of oil....what does that tell you? They’re starved of oil! And that’s why they meet current EPA standards...they don’t smoke near as much as the older iron. You can still smell the 2 stroke, but you can hardly see it. Anyways, I’m back on a viper! Seating position is way better on the cat chassis as well. I also ride muskoka area and have no problem in the tight twisties and can hang with all those 2 strokes if I feel like it. If if you do decide to go with the Yamaha, just ditch the tuner skis. Don’t even waste your time trying to make them work, been there done that, they just don’t work. They’re junk! Good luck with the new purchase.
  9. Baylaker

    “most Snowmobilers are pretty good”

    Keep in mind this article was probably written 20years ago. I only hope one day I have the opportunity to live up north and give back in a similar way....
  10. Baylaker

    “most Snowmobilers are pretty good”

    That’s one thing he hated was littering, I can’t stand for it myself..
  11. I was cleaning up my office today and came across this that my mom gave me years ago. Always good to read it again. My grandpa was either the first or second cottage on bay lake in emsdale...now the lake is full, you can barely find a vacant lot anymore. My grandma told me he was the president and she was the VP of the snowmobile club at one point in time, but never mentioned the club. Maybe one of you older guys knew him or know how to find out what club they belonged to. Sure am going to miss that lake! Such a beautiful area, and it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been up to baylake. We spent our weekends up there for around 30 years. Wish he was still around, and the cottage...
  12. Baylaker

    Quebec Trail Permit Pricing Info

    So with those prices, it’s says liability insurance is included...so that covers you while on the trail, but doesn’t include fire and theft right?
  13. Baylaker


    I was with State Farm for one year on my old srx 700 and I think it was like $180 for the season...I tried State Farm (dejardins) this year and it the new sleds were like $1200 a piece...I’d say they hate insuring sleds! Lol
  14. Baylaker


    The one I picked up is 5x7x1/2 and I originally purchased a mat from them a few years ago and it was a 4x8x3/4
  15. Baylaker


    Yeah and those are expensive at Royal...