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  1. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Thankyou for the offer! I would love too, but started my own landscaping business a couple years ago and also into the snow removal gig as well. I can’t travel very far at all, I’m limited to day trips only and maybe an overnighter here and there....going out now to clean up a lousy 2” of fluff..
  2. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    How do you like the sidewinder gr8toy?
  3. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Ahahaha! I was looking at that photo of my buddies doo with the panels off the other day! The Frenchman got er goin though! I remembered how he did that and had to do the same thing on another buddies doo...
  4. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Has a different 4 stroke engine in it though. Not a yami, I forget what’s in it..
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Been snowing here all day, really fine though. Barely an inch. It’ll be gone after the weekend anyways...good thing my snowtrax & go snowmobiling magazines came in today...should give me something to look at for the next few weeks.
  6. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Haven’t seen that one yet lol, this is the bearcat I was talking about..
  7. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I’m going up on Thursday with a couple buddies to get a quick ride in before the thaw!
  8. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    My 16’ would do the same sometimes too. Supposedly a new yamaha computer in the 17s & 18s. Mine started up fine yesterday at -15. No O2 sensor on the exhaust either on the 18’s.
  9. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    My buddy has one, but it has a different motor in it. Only good for 70mph. Geared low, but has huge skis on the front lol
  10. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I heard big winters will return around 2030-2040...it’s all cycles
  11. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    There’s enough room on the yamacat seat for 2. Girlfriend and I tested it out today...
  12. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    It’s all about the heart! I think it’s very good for both companies. Yamaha gets a wicked suspension and cat gets the best engine in the biz! Win win!! Makes for a very fun and super reliable sled!
  13. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    The x package rides pretty nice, I put over 5000kms on my old ltx dx and loved every second of it. I only put on 432kms on the 850, so I can’t really give too much of a comparison other than it does ride nice lol. I’m sure they can soak up big bumps. The cat/viper front and rear suspensions have more travel than the skidoos though. You really don’t even have to touch the suspension on the ltx dx, it’s trail ready! A very plush ride for all day comfort! I was never sore on my viper once, which is just one more reason why I went back to the deluxe model.
  14. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    I wanted all black but they don’t offer the heated seat with the ltx dx in black for 2018, which is weird. Orange just isn’t yamaha imo.
  15. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    They’re very nice!