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  1. I have got to agree. We have had three of the best days in memory for early January. Thanks to the new Staging link this area has never been more accessible. The conditions and variety here are awesome, thanks to all the volunteers that made this happen! It will thaw out quite quickly so go have a look soon. J-Fly
  2. Very helpful guys, thanks. Looks like the trails are holding!
  3. The new staging link is great, now we have a starting point. Any good lunch spots? Thanks, JFly
  4. J-Fly

    Staging near Waubaushene?

    We used the Coldwater community centre, great spot. Three hours, great conditions. A little to much road running south of Coldwater on the way in. We did the loop and going through Coldwater we were stopped by the local OPP. He mentioned that when you are in a 50 km speed zone sleds must do 20 Kmh? I had never heard this, anyone else?
  5. J-Fly

    Staging near Waubaushene?

    Hi-Tec response, thanks Blake.
  6. We are planning on stopping at the Esso just off Hwy 12 early on Jan 2nd. Can we stage at the Esso? Waubaushene.docx
  7. With the colder temps and snow all day today in Parry Sound what are the chances of some sledding this weekend?
  8. Anybody know why this trail has been red all year? I drove by last week on HWY 169 and it look used and groomed. With the new snow a scrape it should be perfect. We are hoping to try The Bass Lake Roadhouse on Saturday Thanks. Jim
  9. J-Fly

    New trailer?

    Check out Bluewater Trailers, got a beauty last year. Stand up with rear door/ramp and side door. Sorry my pictures won't load here. Saved at least $1000.
  10. We just finished a 5 day tour with the Rock Pine as the base. New owners. Great service and menu on a budget. Basic accommodations but clean and warm. LCBO and basic snacks just up the road at Trappers. Gas on site. Call ahead, they are busy.
  11. I see all of the trails are still closed around the Halliburton Forest. I was wondering if anyone has been out to look? If we got 4-6 inches of snow this week with the forecasted cold temperatures, what are the odds a few trails would be passable next weekend, Valentines day? Booked a pass at the Forest just in case. Jim
  12. J-Fly

    Ontario GPS maps

    Great news, is the update ready? Thanks.
  13. J-Fly

    You begin to wonder why you do it

    Bill, He is now one of your "preferred" customers. You would "prefer" he go somewhere else!