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  1. Always stay at Ceder Medows just for convenience it's right on the trail alittle over priced but not bad and it is nice
  2. Saddle Bag Tour

    We also plan on being at the companion Wednesday night
  3. Pretty sure it will be open by Tuesday
  4. Cool we are coming back to Dubreuilville Saturday afternoon
  5. Heading to Dubreuilville Tuesday riding some where till Sunday
  6. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    You have to pre drill a 1/8 x3/4 deep hole screw them in with a cordless drill I put 195 in a129 ripsaw. You have to put them in the biggest point of the lug
  7. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    I put the Igrip studs in my sled I really like them so far they are out of stock now I'm going to put them in Pam's sled as soon as I can get them
  8. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    Looks awesome Scott can’t wait to get back up there
  9. What’s going on in D5/9

    Just finished up our section of Glencoe trails today ground getting hard where there's no snow nice to be done
  10. Hey Luc nice to see you get the credit you deserve. If not for you I would never heard of Dubreuilville its my favourite place to ride and stay see you soon my friend
  11. Lets see your new sleds !

    Looks awesome Scott
  12. Halfway Haven Loss

    Terrible news seen that this morning Rest in peace Brandon
  13. Who's Snowchecking?....

    That's awesome Scott congrats
  14. Who's Snowchecking?....

    Got my 17 sidewinder leftover home yesterday
  15. Sault ste Marie to Wawa this weekend

    Hey Scott it was nice meeting you and Graham last weekend hope to see you next winter on the trails . Mark