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  1. 1049

    Big Bear Restaurant Hawk Junction

    That's great news we were by there last month on the side by side wasn't open then I was starting to wonder if it was going to happen
  2. 1049

    I quit

    That's fantastic soup keep it up
  3. 1049

    Show your 2018 pics.

    We scene most of the linx just North of Hornepayne this year have scene moose in past years definitely not something I want to hit . This guy was in Quebec last year had to drive past him he wouldn’t get off the trail
  4. 1049

    Show your 2018 pics.

    A wolf is one animal I have never seen on the trail seen 9 linx 2 fox 2 beaver 2 mink 3 rabbit and 1 partridge this winter
  5. 1049

    White River/Marathon

    You must be the only one to have bad service at Reto Bar I've been there probably 25 times it's been fantastic every time the Magpie also has two rooms with kitchets
  6. 1049

    White River/Marathon

    Nice pictures Tricky you know if you slow down alittle it's easier to stay on the trail lol
  7. 1049

    It Doesn't Seem Right

    Just got back from Dubreuilville trails are the best they’ve been all year
  8. 1049

    My update

    So glad to hear your feeling better and you quite smoking that's going to add many years of sledding to your life
  9. Sounds awesome can't wait to see the rest of the Pictures and here about all the adventures
  10. 1049

    Elliot Lake

    Sounds like a great trip Tricky
  11. 1049

    White River/Marathon

    Hey Rick if you can't get into the Driftwood stay in the Soo and drive out to Carl's in the morning it's about a30 min drive
  12. 1049

    mileage between Searchmount & Dub

    It's about 320 if you take Wawa trail 5 and bypass Wawa or 340 if you go through Wawa
  13. 1049

    Wawa or Cochrane

    Ross is a great guy always try to stay there when Im up there