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  1. It Doesn't Seem Right

    Just got back from Dubreuilville trails are the best they’ve been all year
  2. My update

    So glad to hear your feeling better and you quite smoking that's going to add many years of sledding to your life
  3. Sounds awesome can't wait to see the rest of the Pictures and here about all the adventures
  4. Elliot Lake

    Sounds like a great trip Tricky
  5. White River/Marathon

    Hey Rick if you can't get into the Driftwood stay in the Soo and drive out to Carl's in the morning it's about a30 min drive
  6. mileage between Searchmount & Dub

    It's about 320 if you take Wawa trail 5 and bypass Wawa or 340 if you go through Wawa
  7. Wawa or Cochrane

    Ross is a great guy always try to stay there when Im up there
  8. Wawa or Cochrane

    I' will be in Dubreuilville on the 5th and Chapleau on the 8th be back in Dubreuilville on the 15-19 haven't rode in 3 weeks getting a little anxious
  9. She is singing

    It's not over yet Tricky get riding
  10. Wawa or Cochrane

    Make sure to stay at the Magpie in Dubreuilville and Valentines bed and breakfast in Chapleau there my two favourite places to stay in northern Ontario
  11. Happy birthday to me

    Looks Awesome Soup
  12. Enjoy your Quebec trip Scott looking forward to the Report
  13. Did that to our vipers last year they start like it's summer
  14. Hey Ski we are in Dubreuilville 15 till 19 sounds like a plan
  15. Had to leave Pam home this time it just me and my son Alex hope you and Paige can make it for the March 17 week say hi to Paige and Graham for us