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WOW!!!!  A tip of the hat to all the clubs in D9.  Even though we didn't get to as many areas as we would've liked it was awesome.  I am so glad to see all the green and little yellow in this area.  Always has been and will be one of my favourite riding destinations.  We rode Wed-Friday.  Didn't take as many pictures as normal due to the fact that the trails were that damn good!!  Great job to all clubs.  We stayed away from Durham only because we knew they had groomer issues.  Everywhere else groomed every day or every other day by the looks of it.  Each day we hit a lot of fresh groomed trails.  Snow depth is PERFECT.  Yes we stayed between the markers except ONCE!!  I guess we were a little too hot coming into that corner over the hill.  It took a sharp left but didn't see that until we hit the top of the hill.  Not bad though, only off for about 20 feet.  Hope to post a little video within a week.  Lots to edit.  LOL  Here's some pics enjoy.  Oh ya rating is 9/10

Crap I have to delete some pictures before posting my new ones on hear. Be patient I will be back after work.  Sorry




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D9 has been amazing.  Glad they finally received the snow this year.  Been quite a while for this!!  

Finally was able to add some pictures to my post.  Been a while since I have been on here.  But there up now.  LOL

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I'm going to do 1 more ride Friday before the warm up hits.


I was hoping to ride Durham area but I've been reading on Facebook that their groomer has been broke down. They have been relying on neighbour clubs.

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