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  1. It was a really good season for sure thanks for all the informative posts really helped make some good decisions this year. I feel rather bored now though, no more searching weather updates every 30 min looking for the best conditions. Although I did 50km on my road bike today, so that was a first for this time of year. Only 278 more days until winter.....
  2. We were at the L163/L165 split and decided to do the western loop and it was awesome as well, maybe have to loop back tomorrow and try the L159
  3. Did just under 300km today, great loops in and around Kap and Hearst, the L155 and the L123 were mint, great conditions and great scenery. I may have found my new favorite riding area....
  4. Just arrived in Kap 130 am Fri, now I guess. The comfort Inn is decent and you can park in front of your room. Damn that was a long drive.....
  5. Thanks for all the updates....
  6. They charged us $119/night at the Comfort Inn, wont get there until late Thursday but forecast is looking ok for Kap and west
  7. Loading the sleds and rig Wed night, we are Kap bound on Thursday.....
  8. We are heading north on Thursday, I have rooms booked in Timmins and as well in Kap, so will decide where we stage out of but it sounds like Kap may be the answer....I don't want to trailer 7 hrs to ride marginal trails.
  9. 23k for a sled....seriously? I thought 17-18k was getting a bit stupid. I guess the supply and demand curve is on the side of the OEM's, I could never spend that on a 2-3 month a year hobby as much as I love riding
  10. If you stage out of Timmins you can leave your rig at Cedar Meadows, but you will need to stay there for a night or two, call ahead and ask what their policies are. We did it two years ago with no issues
  11. Sadly I have the wrong genetics as this is my 7th stone. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it is brutal. A 25mm stone that sounds like trouble...lol my largest was 13mm. I had my first attack about 15 min before I was to board a plane home from Vegas, the first time is the worst because you really think you are going to die. Look up Ureteral stent as if the stone is not bad enough, now I have to deal with this.....ugh
  12. It was a big dip on the trail, right at dusk and it was snowing a bit, caught us both off guard. Sometimes the sunlight/clouds can give you a false sense of what is ahead of you
  13. I got a unique birthday present last Sunday in the form of 9x5mm kidney store, needless to say it put a damper on my riding plans (and everything else) this past week. Had laser surgery this am, so hope to be out by the end of the week, forecast looks awesome this week so looking to put on some serious km's to make up for the lost time in the seat. As well last Sat had a close call with with my daughter as she hit a compression bump and was thrown from the sled, luckily it was in an area with not trees, just some tall grass. She was shaken up, and this was a good wake up call as to how dangero
  14. Looks like the forecast is changing for the better, most areas from Toronto to Ottawa should get 5-10 Friday and a few more on the weekend
  15. Yeah great day for riding, my daughter had a PA day today, so we did the same loop after work for a night ride, the C was a mogul fest north of Elmvale, otherwise pretty decent conditions. Lesson learned never ride on a Monday before the groomers get a chance to get out
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