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  1. I doubt they would have an issue, I'm sure a lot of sledders do it. If you do need alternate parking, the Golden Corridor Snowdrifters facebook page has a list of "Park & Ride" locations that are right on the trail for your use. https://www.facebook.com/GoldenCorridorSnowdrifters/
  2. "Squarehead" or "Tête Carrée " is a term I grew up with that referred to English speakers. Something I learned only a few years ago is that the English use the same term when referring to Germans and Scandinavians.
  3. I'm sure you are aware by now but trails directly south of KL are mostly closed. Were staying colder than freezing with snow in the forecast in KL, let's hope for one more weekend.
  4. I bet the road running will be on gravel or pavement and some of the fields will be very thin. This only from what I see from the highway between work (Earlton) and home (Kirkland Lake). I'm sure the majority will be driveable so you have to decide how much abuse your sled can take. Check out Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tri-Town-Sno-Travellers-227537464090413/ https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=club echo - earlton%2Fenglehart%2Fcharlton https://www.facebook.com/search/str/golden+corridor+snowdrifters+kirkland+lake+%26+area/keywords_search
  5. Former Esso at the bridge is still open, called BNS now. I heard the same "Soup Lady" is there making food but I can't confirm.
  6. I met a solo sledder Saturday afternoon, around 2:00 pm, in Kirkland Lake that rode up from North Bay that morning. He mentioned that he didn't know why the trail was listed "yellow" because it was in great shape. He was actually heading up to Cochrane if he could find a room.
  7. The new Esso & Tim’s is not open yet. All others are still operating. The one near the bridge is now BNS.
  8. Every vehicle I've owned or operated uses more fuel in colder temperatures, not twice as much but from 30% to 60% more than summer usage.
  9. Lots of loops to pick from. Food and gas is available in Elk Lake, Earlton, Englehart, Kenogami, Kirkland Lake and Temagami. My favourite trail is the L190 going north just after the two road crossings. You are on top of a little bluff with a view into Belle Vallee for miles.
  10. Buahahah! Thanks, I needed that laugh this morning!
  11. Yup, in a ziplock bag, one for each ATV, sled, car and truck, I'm allergic to pine needles.
  12. You present a problem, I give you a solution. The wife uses this on our longer sled trips.
  13. This thread reminds me... Just a note of caution if your belt breaks (pants not sled) and you decide to use tie-wraps through your belt loops to snug up your pants, DON'T put the tie-wraps through the two front loops on either side of the zipper unless you have a knife or side cutters handy. Nuff said!
  14. Great pics Denis, glad to see you enjoying the new sled. It looks really good and may tempt me to upgrade to a Ski-Doo when I retire old faithful. Your pic of the 'sammiges and coffee' brought me back to my childhood with dad and Grampa in the fall bush cutting birch and jack pine for the winter burning season. Grampa didn't wear his watch in the bush but my dad said you could set yours to 'noon' by watching when he would pull out his thermos and sandwiches.
  15. Found this: Caption said: "Drum filter and mill" from the Log Cabin Mine
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