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  1. remember when this place was a real hot spot for sledders back in the 80s and 90s looks a little run down these days For sale: 2159 PICKEREL/JACK LAKE Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0 - 40400592 | REALTOR.ca
  2. Conestoga lake trails opened I agree march sun isn’t helping but at least they opened again
  3. We got about 10 inches of wet snow looks like more for Monday
  4. I remember the year it burned down , a movie was being shot at that location if memory serves me correctly
  5. Would be nice if this snow just stayed as snow ❄️ Calling for more Friday too
  6. Rail line is yellow from Orangeville to Owen sound ….. again
  7. No doubt the new sleds are quieter but I’m sure the electric model would be even more so , would be fun to try
  8. I not have a lot of seat time on my Matryx 650 but I do like it a lot. But who wouldnt love to launch that 850 XRS turbo R across the lake all afternoon. Id even enjoy trying that electric GT, feel the torque it has and how quiet it would be.
  9. no time for a trip this year.
  10. That MX-Z XRS with the comp package is a cool-looking ride, the water injection makes sense if you're on the lake racing all afternoon. I clicked a few options and it came to $28,112.00 (gotta pay to play) That grand touring electric is an interesting idea, just that 50km range is sorta silly but someone had to bring one out first in today's EV world. Pretty nice line up all around, IMO
  11. guess we will wait and see what mixed bag we end up with
  12. Calling for 20+ cms of snow and freezing rain 🌧️ what a crazy winter
  13. I had the last turbo they had and never had any issues with the engine
  14. Just interested if a turbo is going to be on the S4 4-stroker for 2024
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