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  1. Just wondering if you can still park and unload behind the Spot Restaurant on Hwy 6? Been a while sense we trailered there.
  2. Happy new year! 103 miles today, rode around Conestoga lake. Quick blast down to Heidelburg and back. Finally a quick jog past Woolwich dam and then home. Beautiful day lots out. Hope Monday and Tuesday weather doesn't do too much damage. Thanks to Mother Nature and the club volunteers to get us out riding January 1st.
  3. RIP Dad I miss you already !

    1. Nunz


      My condolences to you and your family..may he RIP.

  4. still waiting for sled to arrive.

    1. Nunz


      Must be getting itchy!!

      Cant wait to see pics of the beast..

    2. Sledguy74


      that's an understatement !

  5. Just got word the new sled has left the USA warehouse and is on it way!
    Woooo hoooooo

  6. making the most of some dry weather getting some yard work done

  7. October is a week away. Wondering when I will hear about when my new sled is ready !

  8. at the end of the last summer long weekend.......starting to get that "sledding" feeling

    1. Melanie Mitchell

      Melanie Mitchell

      Here here lol me too

  9. hope everyone had a great Canada Day weekend

  10. this weekends forcast is not the signal i wanted

  11. winter finally showed up

  12. Amazing how Red Sox were willing to fork over $217 million/ 7 yrs for David price

  13. my heart felt condolences go out to those who were attached in Paris last night.

  14. happy thanksgiving

  15. sept 1st and neighbours tree is starting to change colour and loose some leaves

  16. Wish Rogers and Bell would just send all theyre junk mail to each other instead of my house

  17. That yellow banner looks just perfect.... well done apeXMAN
  18. Didn't realize until I googled it but Lamtrac are made in New Brunswick. That's pretty cool.
  19. Happy fathers day

  20. happy birthday Dad....76 and your doing just fine

  21. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms

  22. this week is draggggginggg

    1. 02Sled


      It has gone by too quick for me... What happened to Tue, Wed and Thu

  23. can hear the rumble of harleys outside...spring is almost here

  24. another night below - 20 C

  25. finally got my first 100 miles of the season in the sled....better later then never

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