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  1. Great to hear no need for these after market pipes, the most friggen annoying sound.Just another nuisance to landowners that allow trails through their property.
  2. Gone to limited today,radar run is a go for weekend Feb 1 on Horseshoe lake. Seen a few sleds myself mostly locales and volunteers doing their best to get this portion to limited. Be very careful as it is very thin and really limited if you plan to head out this weekend. Club has done their very best now mother nature needs to step up.
  3. Where you not warned to stay off the trails doing your naked snow dance in the past by the township.
  4. Not enough snow and mild temps +2 at the moment and calling for rain tonight. Took a quick boot on our lake,complete slush fest. Gang showing up tonight for our annual lake hockey weekend called them all up and told them to bring their water shoes instead. Crew is working hard to get things going but Mother Nature is working against them. 2020 season not look up as of yet in our area.
  5. Very sad could have been totally avoided.
  6. Great work from our club that's for sure.Our clubs seem to have had a lot of issues over the last few seasons. Hope we catch a break moving forward. I do not trailer to other areas nor do I have the time for it but I do like to ride out from my back door when we can, don't anticipate much riding this season.
  7. Can't fix stupidity,I have said it before today's sled are getting far too powerful for our trail systems. They have become weapons for certain individual's that seem to not give a F%# about anybody else. Hopefully some common sense will prevail moving forward for these throttle jockeys, but I doubt it.
  8. Nothing to speak about in Parry Sound less then 2" don't see trails opening anytime soon or if at all this season
  9. Their first order of business is to put up big signs stating under new ownership if they haven't already. Great to here they are allowing club to use facility again. Wishing new ownership all the best.
  10. Just wanted to give this club a two thumbs up and a big thank you for all your hard work as the season comes to a close You guys did an awesome job considering the up and down winter we had this season,couldn't ask for anything more.
  11. You guys always do,I don't think many know the beating groomers really take while grooming trails regardless of any preventive maintenance done.Add sub zero temps ,twisting and winding uneven ground to steel and eventually mechanical equipment will fail.
  12. Will groomers be up and running before the weekend?
  13. 1st season using them charged one time so far and ridden roughly 8 hrs with wife,been out on my own about 1 hr with radio playing. Helmets sit during the week so weekend use only. Led light is still showing blue meaning fully charged.I have ridden in -15 last weekend not factoring wind chill.So far they are function very well.Not sure if this is really enough time in use to give a full blown assessment.
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