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  1. I buy 2 passes every year. (except 2010 through 2012 as we were having issues making payments and groceries) There are seasons that we just don't make it out to ride at all if we are real busy in the shop, even tho I have $400 of permits paid for already. When we doo ride, we try our best to stay away from groomed trails. We very easily could git away without a tag since we really don't use the trail system, but The Queen flew my sorry assets out of the bush for free years ago, so I make sure that she is reimbursed. If those tags get very $alty tho - I may change my mind. .
  2. Worrying aboot having a temp permit now is kind'a like gitt'n the sleigh ahead of the dogs? .
  3. As I understood it at the time, there wouldn't have been anything to damage the fishies. Now - your concern aboot driving a groomer over it could be a concern, but I would like to think that the group that did it took that into consideration at the time. But even if it bent under load - doesn't hardly seem that it could hurt more than one fishy that happened to be in the wrong place at the time? Also note that I said "mobile home" - not "motor home". It wasn't a camper frame. But those are not overly heavy by any means either... You should see the old wood bridge that Wawa drove over just south of Cross-Over Road (north warm-up shack / gas box on D) before they started going around on Bauparlante Road. (sp?) Now you miss that north warm-up shack altogether - by aboot 30 meters only.... Now - the one safety issue there is that if'n you did go through the bridge, the old VW Bug that sits in the bottom might break your fall...
  4. For the most part - I live that mentality, BUT.... One club (?) in District 16 tossed a clean, used, one owner mobile home frame over a crick. Cheap and works fine... Someone reported it and District 16 had to git an excavator in there as soon as it semi froze, to lift it back out. Had to edge prep the shore on both sides, and doo God knows what paperwork study on the resulting health of the speckled trout known to be in the crick. I just don't understand the BS! Now - this was in the late 90's mind you. I'm sure it's only gotten worster since then.
  5. It doesn't say that he is closed. My guess is that it is open and under construction. Summer has been the boon season for Halfway ever since sleds started getting more than 10mpg, and especially since The Crash. ('08) Unless he actually said closed, I would be 90% sure that he is open. Call before you ride tho.... .
  6. From the time that Steve (and Dennis, Gayle, Margie) finally pulled all the permits to build (on crown land, dig a well, lay a septic, etc...) it was up and somewhat ready for us when we arrived as the first over-nighter's only 2 months later. It was built on the cheap, but definitely on the quick!
  7. Someone's fussin' b/c it's a bush facility? (amazingly) I haven't been there yet since Sean has taken over - at least not when he was there .... Maybe Steve took too many stuffed animals home with him? The albino martin? The bear rug that's on the wall? (which previously tore THROUGH the kitchen wall!) Not sure if he ever got a beaver mounted?
  8. Those new 200 sleds from Yammi and Cat are s'posed to be real good. My chum said that his kid did amazingly well off-trail with his. Not sure how fast it goes? 60 klicks?
  9. OK, now how doo you propose that any of those are life saving items? Maybe MACHINE saving items. Maybe other property saving items. But life? I can't think of many scenarios that any of them will have much effect on the opperator. ???
  10. BTDT (may have told this before?) When I bought my 2002 800 Summit with hydro brakes, I was used to a 580 with mechanical calipers on my Grand Touring. After unloading I was kneeling or standing on it (not a sit-down rider typically) and grabbed some gas to go, and the sled went out from under me. Quick grabbed some brake - only to be over the bars checking the headlight fluid! Quick grabbed some gas to git the sled back under me, and again - it's gitt'n away from me.. Quick grab some brake aggin - and I'm double checkin' the headlight fluid aggin... Finally - this dog and pony show came to a halt. I never lost the machine. When I collected myself, I looked around to see if there were any witnesses. Nope! Never happened! LOL! The motor/clutch was way more responsive, and that brake! OH MY! It's OK to tell 15 yrs later. This new 850 is a similar experience. No dog and pony show this time, but I tried to set the track up the hill a cpl of times and the track just grabbed and the motor jerked the machine right out from under me! I already had a 2.25" lug on the same size track, but this thing is night and day different! Gunna need 4' of sugar to set that track around here! So - I can understand what a beginner is dealing with even on the 600's! I wish the 850 had a more progressive throttle for sure!
  11. Well, quite honestly - I've had it in there (wherever it is?) for many years. I don't anticipate actually using it. It's for emergency use. That being said - we did dry-wall screw my chums visor back on once, and it stayed that way for 10 years at least. (still?) Only for him to have to doo it to the other side several years later when that side broke. I doubt that I will ever remember the act of him breaking it. LOL!
  12. So what on Earth is the "flat metal" part all aboot? Maybe sumpthing like young David, and you can unwind the tape 'till just aboot the end, and then use the metal as sling-shot material? To be used in defense of wolves, or maybe offense to get a partridge when stuck in the bush for a cpl days?
  13. I believe that I have some in one of my packs - wrapped flat onto just it'self. Am I dooing it wrong? Is this "news"?
  14. My bad, I thought he said Idaho.
  15. Judging from the webcam, I'd say they got up to 3" overnight, but that's the first fresh snow I've seen there since I started watching over a week ago. Actually, that's about the only fresh snow that I have seen anywhere during that time. Monarch Pass in Colorado (where we normally go) did pick up 6" the last week or so, but they are still below 40" base at the ski hill. A chums chum there has a cabin near the top and said they have 2' of snow, but no base. Dig right down to the ground. I think I have a GPS at the bottom of the big hill at Tog, and a helmet along the road somewhere outside of town, so maybe I should go back and see eh? We will go wherever, but anywhere that has snow right now is not fresh and will be pounded to death. Wawa got more out of that big storm than anywhere in the Rocky's. You prolly got the e-mail too from Snowest that Island Park got some snow last week? So you know that lots of folks will be going there this week now. We'll go wherever the snow is, whenever it gits there....
  16. No, not moving there. Just could possibly go there to sled is all. (They are about the only ones with snow currently.) .
  17. Good grief - what's goin' on in Idaho? Quite possible that we may head to Island Park soon. Doo we want to re-think that?
  18. Can you back this up in some way? I am sure that not all accidents that happened with alcohol, would not have happened with no alcohol. (follow that?) How many could be the other guy's fault? Other guy blows a red light, yet since this guy blew a .1 - he must be the problem - sorta thing. Same has been in regards to minor drivers. The problem Shirley couldn't be with the adult. It has'ta be the inexperienced minor's fault.
  19. Well I aint had a drink in 25 years, so - not too worried aboot that...
  20. Where was that split in the Hydro taken? Isn't that Marathon? You didn't mention Marathon in your schpeal. .
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