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  1. You could tell us what the right and wrong ways are? .
  2. And that's how your leaving that statement in this thread? ???
  3. I'm good with that! We make central Colorado in 24 hrs straight through. I'm sure that I kin git to Kenora from here.... Looks like lot's of chain-of-lake type riding. But I don't know what's between the lakes? Is it still Canadian Shield? Or just swamps between lakes? I understand that the U.P.'s Porcupine, or Iron Mountains just wraps around Lake Superior and is just known as the Canadian Shield, so I should ass_u_me that it is all topographical. Just aint seen it yet... I've been real close, both in Nipigon as well as well as picked up a sled in Eveleth, Minn once. Need to try to link the two sometime.... I guess I should take a road trip up that way sometime? There's got to be a hydro line going through there somewhere.... edit: This doesn't look too bad if they git some snow on it, but any further west looks pretty docile.... https://www.google.com/maps/@48.6455011,-90.4622578,3a,75y,47.27h,94.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0CXDkzMa3eqsyr_CaXqmug!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 .
  4. Yeah, I am familiar with that line as well, but I think that line's all been disassembled long ago now, while they have been pushing to have the DEW line cleaned up as well recently. I know some guys (I visited with only one of them actually) from Hearst that stayed in the DEW line camp @ Polar Bear Park several years ago on their trip to Resolute. (Would love to have been along on that trip!) So from another angle I'm guessing that _ that surfboard starts to go concave?
  5. What's the giant surf board all aboot?
  6. ewwwww..... Shirley they had a cot available? Maybe take the seat off a sled?
  7. Doo you know of any issues in sledding that any ole' POS helmet wasn't enough for safety concerns? I ride the Rockies regularly with an old guy that wears an aviators toque from the Second Great War and goggles. I had an old Ski-Doo helmet from Lazer that was getting in tough shape on the inside, and then one night a few years ago I forgot - and left it hang on the headache rack of the truck when we pulled out of Togwatee, and it was gone ... So the next fall I bought a new HJC. While I was trying them on I kept trying to pull this bloody thing down further, but it just wouldn't come down like I was used to. (and I don't want some bulky convertable unit) I used that thing 1 winter only! The thing had an ice maker in the back somewhere! It was OK for playing in the bush all day, but once we would hit the trail for the truck - I ended up having to stuff extra jersey gloves up in the back corners to keep from getting an ice-cream headache! The next year I started a "saved search" on e-bay for another old helmet like my lost one. Fortunately - I did find one, and in great shape, but I haven't found any more since in the right size, but I keep watching! I wear a helmet on the sled purely for warmth! The HJC will be the new summer helmet! That old Lazer is an oven in the summer anyhow. I saw an ad for this "Oxygen" thing and wondered a little bit, but for $750, I think I'll stick to my old units! .
  8. I'm good with the "up a mtn" part. I can't stand to ride the Northern Corridor or R/R grades! I'f I'm going to be riding something flat, it better be a river! As per your ref to many areas in Ontario, have you ever been west of Nippigon? I never hear anything about anything that direction ever.
  9. Thanking me? Well, you are most welcome kind Sir, but I have no clue what for. LOL! I have stayed at the Blueberry before, but that was >20 yrs ago, and the trail from there to Searchmont was hard to find/follow for us at that time. Otherwise I have nothing to add to this thread.
  10. Looks like the Yankees are taking over, and no respect given to the home team anymore?
  11. That was "open" back in '96/'97 when I started running up that way. The trail was ALWAYS open late doo to every trail cut accrost a swamp, a river (Pic), or a lake back at that time. As well, there are many years when the north shore just doesn't git the snow. We were the first ones through (so to speak at least) on some of those trails up through there in early Feb. The groomer may have only "packed" the trails even at that time. Of course they had limited help too, with HIGHLY topographical features! Of course they stopped during The Crash at some point. I'd bet it was open prox 15 years tho... It's interesting that the newly opened trail up top is not a skidoo trail anymore tho. ... and there's more Frenchies in that area than anywhere else in the province too! Who'duh thunk?
  12. I believe that there are Musk Ox in N K-Beck, but it is likely beyond roadways. ??? I was raised on Gordon, John Denver, PP&M, Barry Manilow, and Beryl Ives, until my mom spotted "Buddy Holly Lives" advertised in the mall walkway one day. I seen Gordon on his first tour after his big scare. .
  13. Wait - what? K-Beck has different money? Shirley you jest? .
  14. Gaspe' is on my bucket list! .Although - if possible - I'd like to venture further north to see some carribue and musk-ox. (they're long lost kin eh?) So over the mountains and over the plains Into the muskeg and into the rain Up the St. Lawrence all the way to Gaspe' Swingin' our hammers and drawin' our pay Drivin' 'em in and tyin' 'em down
  15. I'd love to read aboot a trip to Gaspe'! i take it that this is in general? .
  16. Sounds like Manitouwadge 10 yrs ago...
  17. Where was that split in the Hydro taken? Isn't that Marathon? You didn't mention Marathon in your schpeal. .
  18. ... and wear their jammies out in the snow! .
  19. Sold? What kind'a putz would buy that old place? .
  20. 10 yrs @ 70 hrs? Must be something lost in the metric conversion somehow? .
  21. I love the trails around Marathon, but even with all of the enthusiasm, any trails west of the Soo to Hearst line will never be justifiable unless Thunder Bay has a change of heart. The town is just not skidoo friendly, and thus apparently hardly anyone from there rides. IFAIK we have one guy here from T/B, and that is the ONLY guy that I can recall EVER posting from T/B. They must all spend their time curling and drinking over there to go out and play in the snow... ??? Point being that D west of Wawa, and for sure west of White River, and A trail west of Mooseland hardly ever saw a snowmachine - even back in the heydays of the early 2000's. The locals don't ride that far from home, other than the occassional poker run to the intersection of the two clubs and back, and the Yanks simply are not plunking down $200/sled to go that far north. Terrace Bay would be lucky to be open by early Feb on a good year, whether it be from lack of interest, or weather issues. If the motel jockies aren't willing to sit their assets in the groomers and brush trails in the fall, then they shouldn't expect the Yanks to come. And there really isn't much of anything at all between Hearst and T/B. It's just out on the gas line, so it is wide open and safe I guess. Close to the hwy if you find yourself in a jackpot... But hardly a nice ride through the bush. If we can keep everything up through Hornepayne and east open, you better feel good about that. I really don't see these other communities ever reaping the benefits, and a resurgance in interest will be sqworshed quickly with no traffic. So you fella's that aint been that way, and those of you that have and liked it, you better gitcher assets up there as soon as you hear that it is open, but make sure of where to stay is open. Again - District 16 didn't see Jack for traffic in the heydays.... .
  22. I may hafta see aboot buyin' that book, but from the article, you would think for sure that he was Cree, but Tozer is actually just a Hoser. Might go good with my old books from Nick Jans. Interesting that he got out of the plane business. I think he had up to 3 at one point. ..and with the Attawapiskat thing being busy too. ??? .
  23. Liability _ liability..... I was talking to a fella in Ont about redooing some software on a machine for me. He was almost ready to doo it, and then had a realazation that I was in The States and we are "sue happy". (should someone get injured, the changes made could be in question as a cause) And here you can't put a club together w/o all kinds of paperwerk. I recall an issue many yrs ago where one club up that way just went in and tossed a mobile home frame over a crick and called it good. Then some greenie cought wind of it and made a big stink that they did it w/o permits, and wouldn't'cha know it - there were speckled trout in that crick! (When you figger out what one thing hasta doo with the other - you'll let me know eh?) They hadta pull the "bridge" and fix all the groundwerk in the area, and then file all the forms and such. I'm not sure if there was a new bridge went back up eventually or not? If so - I bet it cost some-one a WHOLE lot more loonies than the old one did. And either one got you to the other side... Life must have been so much less stressfull back in the day....
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