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  1. My daughter had one (wolf) at least that close, only SHE was the one that bolted! At 14 yrs old and not all that much experience, she held that 470 liquid to the bars while trying to navigate a swamp, knowing full well that he was nipping at her snowflap the whole way - 'till she found someone. (me) That was the last time that she has came to Canada with me, and the 2nd last time she has went sledding. (Partly doo to being busy with other stuff as she got older, but ....)
  2. Actually, I am purty sure that they just load a fuel truck on the train and unload it on the other end, fill the petro station, and load it back up and go home. It's not THAT involved...
  3. I may have to tune into that TV show "Locked Up Abroad" in the future sometime!
  4. Well, maybe.... I seen a bobcat on our square a cpl years ago. Looked just like a big cat, but much shorter and bobtailed. (from my vantage point driving down the road) It didn't have the "lynx" look to it like most bobcats, but I have seen pics of a bobcat that looked like this, so... But there have been some sightings in our area of a big cat with a long tail. My buddy (>70) hasn't seen it, but he said that his wife and son both say that they have seen a long tail. But why are we not seeing reports from game cams? Hmmmm..... ??? On the flip side, I saw a lynx mounted in a DNR office in Colorado, and I asked if it was local, and they said that it was hit on the road up around Leadville. (north central part of the state) Typically they are not seen south of the 49th.
  5. The north shores require snow from the south to get much. It's the same on the north side of Superior. And we seemed to have a LOT of wind out of the south this winter! But it was always a cold wind. It was weird....
  6. I expected big lake effect this year. Just wish I could git accrost the river.
  7. Well, that is the killer at Halfway as well. When Steve and Dennis put that in in '99, every sled that came through the yard was taking 8.5-9 gallons. If you were pushing any snow, you ran out a cpl klicks from the pump. Fuel was bringing home the bacon (Enjoli? ) and everyone through helped to finance it, but now days?
  8. "LOT'S OF SNOW!" "Hit a rock'n broke my chaincase."
  9. Well, actually - in Wawa (Lake) they likely were OPP. But I am guessing that the ones out at Point Lake Road (Searchmont) were Wardens, or likely just reps from The Soo Trailblazers Club. (same thing?)
  10. Pic 3 = White Cliffs of Dover? Pic 5 = They are wanting to serve bureaucrats?
  11. Considering where we are riding - we seldom ever see trail wardens. There was one stop on The Domtar at Point Lake Rd intersection once many years ago that I recall, but I don't recall that we got stopped in that? Seems like we just popped outta the bush just beyond that? (McDonald Creek) I'm guessing that the reason that they were that far out (55 klicks from Searchmont) was so that you weren't gunna play the "on our way to our cabin" card as that ship sailed once you hit The Domtar. Only time I know for sure of being asked to present our permits was when we met a N bound groomer (Soo) in this thicket between The Cow and Linus Lakes area somewhere. Dec '99. And quite honestly, I don't think they would have actually been required as the trail wasn't open for business yet, so ... ???
  12. My boy lost his windshield when going through some deadfall, and he didn't even realize it. That was aboot the time that we just quit running them.
  13. For years, we used to just keep piling permits up on our windshields - as a badge of pride. Then we started breaking shields more and more frequently. Some of those should have (and were intended to have) been mounted on the wall (of shame?) in the garage, but I don't think any have ever made it. Now-days we don't run windshields at all, and the new sled didn't even come with one. Our permits are ... somewhere .... We can produce them if someone wants to see them. But I aint gluein' those things to my bodywork!
  14. I'd still like to see a pic of the guards w/o the muffs to see exactly how and where they mount - if/when someone gits time. (not buying today)
  15. Wow - those are some heavy duty muffs! That Top A (NCDN) equipment there! I have a heavy, wool (fake?) lined set somewhere, but those are too rigid for your riding. Would be fine on trail tho, and those won't flop fwd either! Are those guards in an option catalog somewhere, or are they std on some model that we can search online fiche for?
  16. Well, I have seen Trail Wardens stopping sledders on Wawa Lake. I have no idea what they could possibly be checking for - other than impaired driving?
  17. Speeding ticket on a lake? I'll take the chin strap ticket. Not likely gunna find me speeding or with loud pipes tho. Shouldn't need a pass to be on the lake.
  18. Could I git'chew to take a pic showing the muffs and handguards in place - and with the muffs off maybe? Like - from the top down? I have some generic muffs that I use. I had a set of Doo muffs that totally wore out from the 90's before. I ride with Jersey gloves almost all the time. Only issue is that the muffs, mostly just the right handed one for some reason, want to pull fwd from air movement I guess. So I am pulling it/them back up with some regularity if stuck on a trail much. I am wondering how the combo - the muffs with the guards works. Would the guards keep the muffs from going fwd? Doo the guards mount so far inwards that the muffs can mount like normal? Then I wonder if I could roll the muffs up like this when I don't want them?
  19. Ox

    F'in Rain

    Wait 'till you want to come down the mountain side with that block up front! Especially in powder, where the front end wants to sink to China! But going up will pull your arms outta your sleeves! That's a rush! (Chum has an M11 or two)
  20. Ox


    Typically that is a weather related need. Wet snow on a cold day or freezing rain. It's not something typically needed for frost on cold days, but it can happen - likely dependent [again] on humidity. OK, so can someone explain to me the whole MX biker visor thing? Isn't that historically for helping to keep mud roost from getting you in the face when you are riding too close to your bud? (or racing if you are into that) So, does the average trail sled rider have issues with roost chunks these days? Does the average trail sled throw chunks these days - like everyone was fussing aboot our paddle tracks 15 yrs ago? If I start to git those, it just tells me that it's time to back off, or run point. ???
  21. Well I understand our Summit's (RMK's) coming w/o windshields, but you have trail machines coming in these days w/o shields?
  22. Well I am thankful that Bombi didn't read that! I bought a 1 yr old 1996 Grand Touring from a dealer in the UP. The sled was a DNR machine. On Dec 31 1996 I had a shock replaced in Kap and they said that it was under warranty. (last day!)
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