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  1. I think it was in one of the rags that he retired in the last cpl years.
  2. I have always wondered why they didn't just pull a sled with an old groomer or whatnot, in stead of plow all of that? Even if they had to track up a Suburban for groceries/garbage/supplies/people, that would be way cheaper than the current option. .
  3. Ox

    Polaris FYI

    ... and then find out that your new sled will walk all over that trip/trip... .
  4. Got it - so he wasn't on any marked trail then.
  5. The road name that you used is likely at the east end. The south road at the hydro is Toll Creek Rd. Not sure the name of the other one north of the Cow. Either way, they both meet up at Pineal Lake anyway. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Moose+Horn+Lodge/@47.5027567,-83.706633,5886m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!3m7!1s0x0:0x405213c873e57326!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d47.7050407!4d-83.4220235
  6. I wish that there was a legend to tell us KM/CM or whatnot so that we could scale distance.
  7. [I think that it was prolly in this thread] You guys (or at least Scott) have mentioned several times aboot running straight through from Searchmont to Chapleau. I always ass_u_med that they were pulling off the hydro on the north end of the 10 mile loop, which we always used to refer to as the Pineal Lake turn-off, but since that's not really there anymore, I see that the sign says "Chapleau" now. And I guess that many likely have still used that route after filling up at Halfway. But I was looking at the Interactive Map and I see that they are peeling off the hydro at Toll Creek now and heading to Chap. That may save a few klicks I s'pose, but boy, that still looks like a LONG ways back out to the Hwy! I trust that you can git gas on 129 as soon as you pop out there, and not have to wait 'till you git all the way into town? Even with today's sleds, I don't see that being all that viable without at least a 2'er on the back, especially in case of fresh snow! ??? .
  8. Ox

    Polaris FYI

    "650 Indy" Boy, I'm having a flashback! "Extra 5"! The good old days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6kYrUP1a7Q .
  9. Snow was aboot all gone by Sat afternoon. (Note - empty bed)
  10. Gayle and Steve told me that they had 3" on Tuesday. They are near there. .
  11. It looks like Wawa got an inch'r two. A cpl plows went up 17 as I posted this, so there must be something out there. Doesn't look like much tho.
  12. Well, I'm putt'n on the winter treads, so we should be OK either way. Also, cooler as you go east. Wawa and Soo's only calling for rain. .
  13. I'm counting on it being gone by Sat morning. There's 3" on the ground near Halfway. And Chap is calling for 3-5" yet. .
  14. Yeah, I have some mags from back-in-the-day to burn too.
  15. I'm part way through that issue. Not seen this yet. But noticing the "Page 90-93 of Aug 1993 issue" makes me think that the mags were a bit thicker back then? I will try to remember to look'n see how many pics are in this issue tonight. My chum had the XLT's, but I recall one guy having an early Storm like that back then, and he jumped it back in a gravel or sand pit I think. Came down totally flat on hard-pack (3 point landing?) and it made such terrible noises! He rode away, so I guess it was OK, but I was glad it wasn't my sled. .
  16. These two would be for me and my boy. My current main sledding chum will likely follow us up once this year. And my old main sledding chum and his boy are in process of fetchin' their passports as they are chomping at the bit to head back out towards Halfway. My chum hasn't been up since '08 I don't think, and his boy - never. But they live in Munising, Mich, so not like they haven't been riding. All of those will likely just buy weekend passes if/when the time comes. If we think that we may be on many trails anyhow... .
  17. Ox

    New trailer

    I've never used a surge brake equipped trailer, but the concept of how they work just doesn't leave me feeling warm/fuzzy aboot using them on icey roads at all.
  18. I plan to fetch a pair of tags. .
  19. Ox

    New trailer

    I would ass_u_me that it is a sheet of UHMW. "Ultra High Molecular Weight" This is the same stuff that your skis and sliders are typically made of. It has a very high resistance to abrasion. .
  20. When I first checked as well, it seemed the flights were to Cochrane, but later I realized that they were listing as ending in Timmins. Overall there are a LOT of folks renting "out west". Many of the lodges in the Rockies rent sleds. Spring 21 we were at Albany Lodge near Laramie, WY. They had on order of around 80 Polaris sleds there. My chum actually picked up a Kitty that had originated there. (Unkowingly) My mom stayed at Togwatee Lodge between Dubois and Jackson Hole, WY a month or so ago, and I think that she said that they had at least 100 there. These 1 yr old sleds with typically 5000 miles on them (in the mountians!) end up at auction houses near you. They show up at White Star* Auctions near me in Bronson, Mich. These are going to be 153 to 165" sleds, not trail sleds So, I would have to think that there are places out there that rent a lot of "trail" sleds? * They are not just into overseas shipping anymore. .
  21. I didn't find any flights in the current timeline either. I didn't check July. What would be different between the [summer] Holidays to make it worthwhile then? .
  22. So, by all evidence that we can find, there are no commercial flights out of Cochran. So, you have a private plane as well? .
  23. All that pops up on Search is flights to Timmins. ??? .
  24. I know that there was talk a cpl years back of possibly dropping them, doo they still have the 2 or 3 day passes yet? I have chums that would likely only come one weekend, and we are off trail most all the time. .
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