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  1. I had the honour of attending the local service today with my 2nd Lieutenant daughter. She finally asked what my medals represent. My time was between major conflicts, yet I still think about how many Service funerals I attended over 18 years. Lest We Forget.
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  2. I have "some time" on a Herc. One trip in particular stands out, about 10-12 days of flying every day, 27,000 nautical miles. It was called the Pacific Rim, and involved moving some stuff between ISL and SRIN on the map. As we were approaching home, we were actually going to fly over my house, (I lived 30mins away from the base) so we dropped lower (:-)) than 1300' , so that my wife knew it was time to start packing up the kids for the drive to come and get me. (long before cell phones).
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  3. No and Ill explain why. While I certainly dont believe the story for one second I will give them the benefit of the doubt that its true. What the real adult and stateman should have done is not arrived during the moment of silence but should have waited for an opportune time. Its more poor decision making from people who arent really qualified in the first place for the offices that they hold. Here is my press release " The GG while on route for a predetermined arrival time had to divert due to a possible security threat, the last thing that the GG wanted to do was disrespect the solemn and apolitical nature of the moment and that honours all of our Veterans.. So with much regret we waited for a more respectful time to enter the ceremony"
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  4. Wings from Brazil?, they must be hairless?. , being their Brazilian right?.
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  5. WATCH: Remembrance Day service at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at 10:30 a.m. - CHCH For those at Home
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  7. It has been brought to my attention, that Gary Westaway aka 02Sled passed away this week. He owned some property around the corner from our place in Port Severn and was quite active on the sled forums. I honestly dont have a lot of details but will post them when I know more. RIP Gary
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