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    Not sure if you mean this trail section but at least its some progress on their trail system that they"ve been waiting on permits for, copied from their FB page. BIG NEWS! We are so excited to announce that we have obtained the MNR permit to reconnect the 404 to the 402! Construction on the trail will begin soon. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped locate the new trail, the people at the MNR who have advocated for us, and our friends at Shawanaga First Nations and Wasauksing First Nations! Our executive is very pleased that we will finally be able to reconnect these trails that have been a central part of our trail system for over 30 years! We are also pleased to announce that the trail will be named ‘The Mike Ryman Memorial Trail’ in memory of Mike Ryman, one of our long standing and dedicated volunteers who tragically lost his life doing what he loved, grooming, in 2007. Some of you who have been members for many years may remember the colourful newsletters that Mike used to mail out as part of his duties as secretary. Mike was an integral part of the club from the early 1980s and he is deeply missed by those of us who knew him. We are very happy that Mike will continue to be part of the future of our club.
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    Really there isn't any way for them to know whether you received your permit or whether it's hung in the rotating postal strikes unless you paid for tracking. They are being proactive and taking care of their customers. I don't see it as mixed up. I'm sure they are getting quite a few anxious people contacting them thanks to the postal strike.
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    I just got a bunch of bearings at RD. They were all supposed to be NTN. Two are fakes with blue seals from China. One is about 1mm loose on the jack shaft. They have to go back because they are junk, but it may not be worth the drive and the hassle. I want to do it for principle though.
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    Ready for a shakedown run through the pasture.
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    every barney should have them. they turn a great handling sled into a slot car. Thanks
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    X10. RD shipped me parts that didn't fit, never again. F9 has been great. I wish they had a retail outlet, I'd drive there. Sadly, in Ottawa, 900,000 people, no decent place to buy gear. We got Diane outfitted with a great suit and helmet last year. Know how women try 3 sizes of 3 items of clothing? We did it all through the mail. Went through 2 brands, 3 colours, you know the drill... TG for free shipping. Stuff typically arrived next day, the living room turned into a show/change room, more stuff got ordered, some stuff went back in the box. No matter the size of the return, it cost $7.
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    Truck was whining upon startup, that’s how I know it was cold! Lol
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    buddy bought one from princess a year ago, no difference ...he took his back and bought a crappy tire one for 1/2 the price....I use mine year round for sled in winter and atv and lawnmower rest of the year and I leave it outside...no issues.
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    Could be something like the gauge of metal used and not evident from a picture... you never know.
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    1200 Enduro wouldn't start. Put the BRP battery on trickle charge, and rode the Cat. Chilly enough to get a nice white patch of freezer burn on the triple chin. Even so, water is still flowing in some places.