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  1. I saved your photos, as I think how you built the cover addition is a great idea and well executed. Congrats on the sale.
  2. MXZSlider

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    Unfortunately, that doesn't work on older iPads as noted by @pt3189 above
  3. MXZSlider

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    I'll take that for $200 Alex Yes it is frustrating as $&@!
  4. MXZSlider

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    I see the OFSC still hasnt got around to having their welcome blurb collapsible on the left side of the map while viewing the interactive map...
  5. MXZSlider


    Speaking of old Evinrudes... My dad has an old RC-35-Q from '71 sitting in the back of his shoppe. I need to get that sorted out over the next while..
  6. MXZSlider

    Arctic Cats new Blast models.

    Just out fer a rip with da boyz eh..
  7. MXZSlider

    Oxygen Helmets

    @Nunz - i know you posted awhile ago on this, but which model of the modular mx-9 are you running? I've been eyeing a possible backup lid in a modular design for longer/colder rides.
  8. MXZSlider

    The Ice Machine is Working Overtime!!!

    Noticed the same as I crossed over the Bobcaygeon River yesterday. Probably gone as of todays' precip.
  9. MXZSlider

    The Ice Machine is Working Overtime!!!

    I will have to keep an eye open for you, as your in my neck of the woods. Might be a challenge though, fair amount of Cats by me.
  10. MXZSlider

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    Possible on my end. Work Sat aft/eve and will be late when i get in. See how much caffine I require to get moving..
  11. MXZSlider

    Parry Sound Early Snow!!!!

    About 2-1/2" of POW here in lower Kawarthas.
  12. MXZSlider

    OFSC Interactive Map

    Mentioned the tablet/iPad issue on OFSCs' FB Page and they are looking into it.
  13. MXZSlider

    OFSC Interactive Map

    Looked around ITG last night after work. Not being able to get rid of the left side OFSC blurb distracts from the overall useability of it. Not sure why OFSC or whoever designed this didn't include the function of collapsing that, as there is no such feature. At least not on a tablet/iPad.
  14. MXZSlider

    Newbie in Kincardine

    Welcome aboard
  15. MXZSlider

    The aberfoyle of Polaris dealers

    Sadly, this seems to be a lost art form in todays retail or dealership world.