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  1. Basketcase

    "C" between Parry Sound-Sudbury.

    We rode out of Alban last Saturday. Tons of snow and trails were awesome. One of the most southern points in that area the trails are yellow.
  2. Basketcase

    Sudbury Trail Conditions

    Sounds good, were heading up tomorrow hoping the snow is good off the trails for some exploring on crown land
  3. Basketcase

    Sudbury Trail Conditions

    How much snow did you end up getting up there? My app said 25-35cm
  4. Basketcase

    Sudbury Valley Inn

    Hey soup, How did you guys fair from the storm? My app said you were getting 15-25cms by this morning. How much snow do you currently have in the bush?
  5. Basketcase

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    Out of our riding group, we have two guys riding the Team suits, one riding the Renegade jacket and one who bought the new Adrenaline last year. Since we're all different people its hard to compare which one is warmer and what not. I can't imagine it is that much better than the Team though. I wear the Team jacket and pant. I find it too hot. I am selling mine if you know anyone who is looking.
  6. Basketcase

    Doo dealer visit today..

    Fidlock is its own brand and used on multiple helmets including 509, Klim, FXR and Ski Doo to name a few. I have a 509 Altitude currently and ordered the XP-X this season.. I can assure you it is not the same helmet.
  7. Basketcase

    Doo dealer visit today..

    Im pretty sure its their new logo that says SKD I think.
  8. Basketcase

    Summer Projects

  9. Basketcase

    Bed / Tailgate Protection from studs

    I have the plastic tailgate liner laying around from my old drop in box liner. New truck came with a spray in liner and I use a sled ramp anyways... If anyone wants it, they can have it for free.
  10. Basketcase

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I have had the FXR Team suit with FAST. Cost roughly $1,000 all said and done, but very warm. Almost too warm for me actually. To the point I may be looking to sell it this year for a lighter combo that I can layer when needed on the cold days. I wore the liner in my jacket once last year and that was it. That was at -35 without windchill last year around New Years and was very warm. I wish I could zip out liners in my pants as that is where I am the hottest on most days since I am very active when I ride.
  11. Basketcase

    Summer Projects

    Hey Im finally getting something done!
  12. Basketcase

    Summer Projects

    That sounds like a ton of work as well! Props to you sir. I always say "I have more time and energy, then money" so I like to do everything myself.. These year I don't know if I have any of the time, energy OR money haha
  13. Basketcase

    Summer Projects

    the long weekend of what month... and what year? haha
  14. Basketcase

    Summer Projects

    Not a busy year for me... Building a 3600sqft shop with office space upstairs and 350' driveway, extending our front covered porch to be a wrap around, ripping down our aboveground pool and deck and replacing with a two tiered deck, digging out our pond to extend it and adding a liner and rocks with a pump, replacing 2000' of wire farm fencing that I did last year with wood rail fencing. And this is just outside. I have to finish a bathroom and laundry room reno that I completely gutted and took down the walls in January, and refinish our upstairs hardwood thats sanded down waiting for stain. Then finish the drywall in our great room, install the new windows and door to the "new deck" and lay hardwood flooring. Oh and I am doing all of this myself while running my own company, and it ALL needs to be done by Sept 15th as we are supposed to be getting married in the new shop. But so you guys don't feel bad for me, she paints when the drywall is done or when she wants a colour change...
  15. Basketcase

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I hope so! Makita makes awesome tools and I have a Freeride on order... On a serious note, I really didn't care for the colour at first. I have now grown to love it with it being my computer background for over a month. At the show it looked a lot better in person than I thought it would. I love the red BC XRS the most though.