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  1. bbakernbay

    Amazing conditions.

    Looks like you are living the life. Born in Smiths Falls in 1947 and lived on Brockville Road. Where are you heading next?
  2. bbakernbay

    Always better to leave space between sleds

    The great thing about this is that he wasn’t travelling on the left side! Those are the guys we need to widen trails at the start of the season.
  3. bbakernbay

    HWY 407 Ticket

    I just checked ETR407 and I may be incorrect although I have never had an issue switching Transponder between my 2 vehicles. They waffle in their directions as “we recommend ....” here is their FAQ FAQ I drive one car in winter and another in summer - do I need two transponders? We recommend having two transponders. Most people who have a summer vehicle tend to drive both vehicles in summer depending on the number of passengers, distance and weather. In order to avoid Camera Charges, we urge you to get a second transponder for the summer car and consolidate your accounts to save 50% off the additional transponder lease FAQ Can I use my transponder in more than one vehicle? Customers must not share a transponder between vehicles, including rental vehicles. This violates 407 ETR’s transponder lease terms and may result in additional fees being charged to you, including Camera Charges. Instead, please lease a separate transponder for each vehicle that you plan to use on the toll highway.
  4. bbakernbay

    A ride with friends.

    How are the new sleds running? Broken in yet?
  5. bbakernbay

    HWY 407 Ticket

    I don't believe that is correct. I have both of my vehicles registered on my one Transponder account. You cannot register a vehicle that you don't own.
  6. bbakernbay

    Trucks on Groomed Trails are Legal But Cause Problems

    Good news from PPSC regarding Trucks on Trails
  7. bbakernbay

    Trucks on Groomed Trails are Legal But Cause Problems

    I think a few guys with balaclavas and 2x4’s meeting these trucks on the trail would be convincing enough to change their mind.
  8. bbakernbay

    Franklin Motel North Bay

    Try Dinner Bell or Cedar Gabled right on BF201 15 kms east of North Bay, DBell would be cheaper, great food. Best of Bonfield, Mattawa and North Bay trails right at your door.
  9. bbakernbay

    Lakes in Sudbury

    The OFSC ITG is supposed to be the only source of trail conditions and that is why the ITG should be set up with the lake trail portion as a distinct section so that Club/District can quickly update to Red - Unavailable, regardless of the land based trail classification. Of course a staked trail shown as Yellow or Green should not be taken to give a person the assurance that the entire lake is safe There is no way a Club can be removing and then re-installing lake corridor markers during the season. The ITG is the gospel.
  10. bbakernbay

    Lakes in Sudbury

    Multiple reports of stuck snowmobiles on Lake Talon, BF201. An acquaintance of mine was helping sledders and someone stole his JackAll out of the sleigh when he left it to go back to his cottage. $125 gone for being a Good Samaritan.
  11. bbakernbay

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    It seems no one is talking about planning their trip around Algonquin Park this year. Used to be a hot topic in previous years. I presume the issue is the trail issues in the Powassan - Astorville area.
  12. bbakernbay

    Green trail =staked lake?

    As you quoted, it certainly seems to give the OFSC or any other recreational organization, the right to establish and maintain a trail for use by MSV’s with no exceptions. trail” means the whole of any trail established and maintained by a recreational organization for the use of motorized snow vehicles; (“piste”)
  13. bbakernbay

    Help needed in whitney

    The CAA wouldn’t tow my snowmobile trailer which has hitched to my van when transmission failed on Highway 11 near Sundridge. I had to pay separately for towing trailer. Where does it say that a trailer is eligible for towing unless you have the RV package?
  14. bbakernbay

    Green trail =staked lake?

    Any lake trail that is not staked in accordance with the Snowmobile Trail Sign Guide cannot be considered a Prescribed Trail therefore a “Trail Ends” sign should be erected where the land trail terminates. (Note: If a lake trail is shown on a map or the Interactive Trail Guide, it should be signed according to the Snowmobile Sign Guide)