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  1. bbakernbay


    Exactly and pissing off far more people too!
  2. bbakernbay

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Then the Black colour option may be quicker to implement.
  3. bbakernbay

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Yukon Exactly, Peer Pressure can indeed be persuasive in some situations. Best for everyone to be advised the trail is Closed for rest of season and plan accordingly on your travels and hope that Landowner has a change of heart or the Club can re-work their trails, which is becoming increasingly difficult to do. The worst is the situation where huge ($150,000) trail improvements have been rendered useless as a result of a Landowner revocation.
  4. bbakernbay

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    In my opinion, the section of trail in black should be completely removed from the OFSC Trail Status Map so Sledders can properly plan their route accordingly, not thinking that the red trail may open after next good snowfall, or deep freeze, etc. This should apply Province-Side. Right now there are many Red - Unavailable trails being ridden as the season opens up and people are thinking red will soon go yellow or green. If a Trail is not likely to be opened this season, then remove it now, it can always be added later if conditions change. Needless to say this is a big problem for those intending on doing full RAP loop but it can still be done. Also a huge problem for Clubs that have invested big $$$ on trail upgrades, bridges, etc that are now landlocked. In addition Clubs will lose grooming hours and trail kilometres which means less revenue. In addition, it could mean extra Groomer travel time due to dead ends rather than loops. Bad scene for sure.
  5. bbakernbay

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Agreed but it is a tangible financial benefit that some Landowners would likely appreciate as their generosity is actually being recognized by government and others. I feel that this problem is going to start to snowball and we collectively need to look for some solutions.
  6. bbakernbay

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Federal and Provincial Tax Credits for Landowners who provide their property for public trails would go a long way to helping trail organizations maintain their systems.
  7. bbakernbay

    Urgent Nunz needs help

    For those that see it. Very difficult, in fact impossible, to effectively notify everyone of these type of hazards. Glad there was help close at hand. Well done by everyone.
  8. bbakernbay

    How much snow actually fell?

    How could that be? It looked like PS was going to be in for a Big Dump, where is the lake effect this year? Best Wishes and have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.
  9. bbakernbay

    Get ready to blow.

    I find this assertion very hard to believe but time will tell if zoso is correct or not.
  10. bbakernbay

    Mandatory Groomer Operator Retirement

    And Premier Doug wants to appoint his long time family friend to be OPP Commissioner at the young age of 72!
  11. bbakernbay

    Mandatory Groomer Operator Retirement

    I think you are wrong in that assumption or assertion.
  12. bbakernbay

    Mandatory Groomer Operator Retirement

    Just read a great article about Canada’s 3rd richest person, Jim Pattison whose wealth is estimated at $4.65 billion. He is 90 years old and works 365 days a year. He recently drove across prairies visiting his John Deere dealers. He takes a sleeping blanket to sleep in his Dodge Laramie if he can’t get to a cheap motel for overnight. His mantra to his dealers is “Tell me how I can help you and I will” I agree age is not the deciding factor, especially an arbitrary number like 77 or whatever. Older Volunteers are the heart and soul of organized snowmobiling. Nevertheless, there is a time to step back and that is not always an easy decision. Most Clubs have had to deal with a similar issue, it not easy but needs to be done with compassion and thoughtfulness. Easy to say, many times harder to do.
  13. bbakernbay


    Domino Ontario Conditions is an incredibly professional and useful Website/Forum Do you ever think of a Donation link, even a few dollars each from your many followers would help cover your time and hosting costs. Thank You for what you do for us.
  14. bbakernbay

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    Hopefully, OCers are not guilty of trespassing as noted in Facebook post below. The absolute biggest threat to organized snowmobiling. This was a repost by BSC from another OFSC Club.