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  1. Lots of Water Pump Kits on eBay as well as Ignition Coils
  2. Regardless of the ordering snafu it is extremely disappointing that these manufacturers cannot properly support their dealers. Glad to hear that you had the fortitude to give one the boot. These guys squeeze their dealers so hard and I hope they get their due in a few years when more dealers like you say goodbye.
  3. That seems incredible that this would be the case! No wonder the Bombardier LRT Vehicles and Streetcars are massively behind schedule and also being returned to fix major flaws.
  4. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    I am a huge believer in continuing with Volunteers in both capacities, Operating and Maintaining. I do not think OFSC has the revenues to support fully paid Operators and Mechanical Repairpersons. It was stated that MOTS is mandating paid Operators for all Groomers across the Province with the associated extra costs that are likely substantial. I don’t agree with that philosophy but I am told that is what is going to happen. If that is the case I am pointing out the ongoing repair of groomers and drags is equally important, given the smaller overall fleet size and fewer spares, if any, available within each District. If the mandate is to pay Operators then I am saying that the same should apply to Mechanical Repairs, not having one Club do repairs using Volunteers while the next Club pays to have the work done. This is changing somewhat as the District assumes greater responsibility but most Districts don’t yet have centralized repair facilities and rely on the Clubs to maintain the fleet. Those with Grooming Associations are likely doing that now but I am unsure what percentage of their operating and repair is paid versus Volunteer. I do not think it fair that one Club receives District funding to repair their groomers and drags by paid professionals while another Club uses Volunteers that do not result in some form of credit to their Club to be used on Items that the Club needs to look after such as their shed, trails, etc. Clubs and their Volunteers need to be treated fairly or they will start disappearing as we have already seen and there appears to be no replacements forthcoming. How this is contradictory I don’t know but I will await other comments from those with more experience than me.
  5. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    If the province wide mandate is to employ a fully paid Operator workforce which would likely include the necessary daily preventative maintenance then a similar argument should be made for major mechanical repairs. Some Clubs do almost their entire major mechanical repairs using Volunteers while other Clubs pick up the phone and have their dealer or repair erson come or float the groomer for repairs. With less Groomers on the trails, prompt mechanical repairs are a necessity now. Why should mechanical repairs be any different than operating? If full time paid Operators are deemed essential, so should Payment be made for Volunteers to Repair the equipment in a timely manner, similar to calling a paid Wrench.
  6. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Based upon this one District’s estimate, it would appear that having all Operators paid across the Province could cost in the range of $300,000 per year. Mechanical work done by Volunteers would add another very significant sum
  7. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Has anyone done a rough calculation of the cost to go to 100% paid Operators province wide?
  8. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    And what do you think of the common situation where some Clubs pay their Operators while other Clubs don’t?
  9. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Although I am a big Facebook proponent, I don’t think Facebook should be used by a Club as their means of communicating their needs but apparently it worked last year but hopefully doesn’t become SOP.
  10. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Are you sure that the full amount of a Club’s funds are to be held in a District Account for use only by the source Club and at the Club’s full discretion?
  11. bbakernbay

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Some Clubs have never kept separate accounts for non-Permit revenue such as donations, fund raising, Signage revenue, etc. and to my knowledge they are entitled to keep those funds for Club use.
  12. bbakernbay

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    I guess the TPS is still not working or else they are keeping everyone in suspense until the AGM. on the plus side there certainly seemed to be less complaints on OC regarding Trail Permits being lost in mail or seriously delayed as in the past. It would be interesting to see how many Trail Permits were sold to Americans versus previous years.
  13. bbakernbay

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Absolutely correct, well said. Apart from sharing in the cost of the AGM I really wonder what the manufacturers contribute to Ontario organized snowmobiling but I await a response from others better informed.
  14. bbakernbay

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Ah Yes, a Lightning Rod for sure who is in many ways the only recognizable face of the OFSC to most Snowmobilers. Many would certainly like to know what he is paid, especially given that he has so many other irons in the fire with various sponsors, Quebec snowmobiling, etc. He does provide interesting and relevant information to Snowmobilers of various types but possibly he is at the end of the line too.
  15. bbakernbay

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    And who is that person? I thought that everyone has either quit or been terminated.