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  1. Disappointing to read this.

    02 could you finish your scenario. The club with 2 groomers has a breakdown on each and let’s assume the club has a track record of excessive repairs. The cost exceeds their available budget at the district. The club with one groomer has no breakdowns and has a surplus sufficient to cover the other club. But if they should suffer a breakdown there is not enough to cover them. What do you do?
  2. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    If Yamaha owned both companies they could market 4 strokes under the Yamaha brand and put the 2 strokes under the Arctic Cat brand. Saves the Yamaha = 4 strokes philosophy and provides a great outlet for their 2 stroke technology. Common chassis and suspensions just different engines. Maintains the efficiencies in a larger production run but gets them back into the 2 stroke market.
  3. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Wonder if they are getting ready to buy Arctic Cat from Textron and just rebrand everything. Would be complimentary since Texteon has already rebranded their atv/utv ptoducts away from the Arctic Car name. Full R&D and production facilities already in place and they would not have the baggage of the off road vehicles to compete with the current Yamaha atv market.
  4. Disappointing to read this.

    SteveB here is some info for you. The OFSC executive elections are being held at the Board of Govenors meeting on March 24. So there will be a change in leadership at the top and that person may be interested in hearing your pitch. I am sure there will be some sort of announcement so it should be easy to get contact info. Personally i I think that the Ministry of Tourism has already decided that snowmobiling gets $1.0 million of the $38 and that’s it. (Note: every penny of TDF funding has been spent by clubs in the last number of years and I believe there were projects that did not get approved as the funding was already committed) Snowmobiling despite its large economic benefits to the economy just goes not fit the Governments anti Motorsport agenda. And given that the snowmobiling population of let’s say 100,000 are too dispersed and uncoordinated to mount any political influence. Should we be getting a bigger share. I would say yes especially when you look at some of the projects that did get funded. And a final note. The MOTS agenda included 6 new regional positions at the OFSC. 4 were to be operationally focused (trails/grooming) while the other 2 were business focused with an emphasis on finding and obtaininfo those elusive government grants. Despite budget allocations in the last 3 years, none of these positions have been hired. Maybe an opportunity for some post retirement income. So have at it. I wish you the best but I am not holding my breath waiting on a bag full of new money. PS: going to be accused of being in the old boys club and resistant change but in fact I would prefer to spend my energies in areas that have at least a fair chance of succeeding.
  5. Disappointing to read this.

    Crz, I think that accountability belongs with the club and permit buyer. Of course that would mean that joe permit buyer might have to go to a meeting and ask some questions and get informed. And the club needs to recognize that joe permit buyer is our life blood and we need to take reasonable steps to endure they se informed correctly.
  6. Disappointing to read this.

    PLC, there is no different rate for northern clubs. Everybody gets $58.24 per hour of grooming. If the reason for double the fuel consumption is not double the grooming hours then something is amiss. Are they experiencing “inventory shrinkage”. Might want to make sure the pumps are locked and you know who has the keys. MOTS does not really deal with the funding formula but deals with the organizational structure and the relationship between club, district and OFSC. It was Framework For Change (FFC) that replaced the old Matrix funding formula with the current one. Is it working? My answer is a qualified yes. If you have no snow and don’t groom you don’t get paid. If you have snow and you groom you do get paid (eventually). The biggest issue to me is a timing issue. Because the model uses current season actuals it becomes more difficult to make interim payments. The way it works for each payment is the OFSC makes annual forecasts for the variable data inputs (permit sales, trails, grooming hours). Some of these are easier to do than others. At the scheduled payment date you get a cumulative percentage of your annual payment. Nov is 30%, Dec is 45%, Jan is 60%, Feb is 70% and the final reconciliation in March is 100%. Now with the increased traffic up north north which did not happen until early/mid Feb, I suspect the forecasted annual grooming hours does not accurately reflect the current situation. Yes it will all get sorted in at the end of March but that does not get you diesel fuel today. So that’s why I say it is primarily a timing issue. Easy solution would be for the District Gov to request a recalculation based on today’s data and ask for a special advance. Maybe this has happened. I don’t know. And yes I would agree, the vast majority of volunteers are doing the best they can with what they have.
  7. Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    That’s only true if you see this organization as a top down centralized control head office type of organization. However it’s the clubs and all those pesky volunteers that make everything happen and have got 50 years. We seemed to be locked into this 1 size fits all, magic bullet solution being forced on everybody which nobody has proven to be more efficient rather than accepting the fact that there are numerous ways to get the job done in a manner acceptable to all riders and trusting local leadership to get the job done. So in your perspective the OFSC is not the dog, it’s the tail.
  8. Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    SteveB, the OFSC and clubs already access govt funding through the the Ministry of Tourism via the annual TDF Grants. The last couple of years it has been $1 million per year. It was $1.5 million for a few years before that and has been as high as $3,0 million in my recollection. Those funds can only be used for trail work ( not equipment) on designated tourism trails and the club needs to kick in 15% of the project. Given that we can hardly afford the 30km of trails we have now, building new does not seem logical but perhaps a concerted effort to improve some trails is necessary. I keep hearing about the tough terrrajn in some districts. This could be an opportunity to address that. But having said that the real priority for the last 3 years and the next few at least, is the groomer fleet replacement and there have been no grants or govt funds for that in a very long time.
  9. Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    SteveB, could you enlighten us as to sources of govt funding that are alive and well? The lobbyist portfolio was held by Mike C up until his departure a year or so ago. I thought he did a reasonable job representing the snowmobile interests in the Bill 100 debate. As I understand it now Paul S has the lobbyist accountabilities along with his insurance/risk management functions. But I would agree that the overal effort is haphazard and ineffectual at best. Case in point. One of the key planks in the OFSC strategy for reorganization was “Sustainable Funding” which was to focus on an increased val tag being paid to the OFSC. They have been chasing that dream for about 20+ years now and they are no farther along that path now. You would think that somebody might say it’s time to try something different. As to the the local level, I think the situation is far better than the provincial one. Many clubs have great relationships with the local town/municipal representatives which paves the way for dealing with issues like access to road allowances and other municipal properties. You might want to talk to the clubs that were involved with the OVRT or the KOC trail to see the level of local support. I think local level politicians “get itl more than their provincial counterparts. They face the local business owner or permit buyer every day rather than hide in an office in Queens Park..
  10. Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    Since there is no Vehicle package for sleds I don't know how/why they would access the PPSA registry. Seems like a Buyer Beware scenario.
  11. Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    The search will tell you who the lien holder is. Pay by bank draft and make it payable to the seller AND the lien holder. If possible go to the bank with the seller to complete the transaction and get a release or receipt from the bank. Once paid the bank will register a release under PPSA so title is clear. If the lien is not cleared then lien holder has the right to repossess the sled and you are left to recover funds from seller.
  12. Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    Liens are registered under the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) in Ontario. You can search via VIN number. There is a fee depending on who you use. www.ppsa.ca seems to be the cheapest at $18.00
  13. Disappointing to read this.

    That is true. But the Feb payment should have included an up date to the grooming forecast. This could potentially be where the problem lies
  14. Disappointing to read this.

    Blake I agree. I am amazed over the number of people (club execs/district execs) that still do not understand the EQ model. And this is Year 4. But My experience has also been that when you do step up and point out the shortfalls or problems and try to make a difference and are basically ignored what’s a person to do.
  15. Disappointing to read this.

    Great question Gobills. The basic function of the EQ model works. It puts more money in the hands of districts/clubs that are grooming. But here is the problem. The model uses current season data to determine the payments. It states in October with a forecast (based on 4 yr average) of what we think is going to happen over the season. The forecasts are either replaced with actual data as it becomes known (permit sales is good example and is easy to do). Or the forecast is updated with additional info. The current methodology has been to not update the grooming hours forecast until the Feb payment. For grooming estimates this could either over or under fund any given district depending on their particular circumstance. So who provides the grooming hour forecasts? Since the inception of the EQ model I can’t recall our district ever being consulted for grooming estimated. I would expect that to be true across the province. So somebody in Barrie is guessing at what the PBR club is/ will be going for grooming. Are you starting to see the problem. Now every didtrict received a copy of their updated EQ funding with the last payment on Tuesday last. But nobody can correct any errors so it is what it is. The update shows the data for each pse, the district and the province. With a little math you can figure out what the grooming hours are for each pse. For my own club it shows EAq based on approx 290 hrs. But I already have 330 done according to Atlastrax. So I am short about 40 hours or approx $2300. I know this will sort itself out come the final reconciliation but that is small comfort if I have bills to pay now. So the single biggest improvement could be getting Districts involved in the forecasting for EQ payments.