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  1. Big Pete

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    New Corp bylaws to pass, 2020 Permit Recommendations to MTO on the agenda for tomorrow. Announced yoday day that a new ITG and a new mobile app to be launched shortly. If I understood correctly you will need to purchase the new app ($3-4). No upgrade from /to old app. New cloud based permit system that is supposed to be more reliable and easier to use will launch for permit sales by Oct 1st. All good things but seeing and using is believing.
  2. Big Pete

    MF Ski Whiz

    Our club received this email this week. If someone was planning a restoration project it be an opportunity. Hi there, I’m reaching out on behalf of an upcoming antique restoration series that is filming in the Southern Ontario area this summer/fall. I’m hoping you might be able to share the following casting call with your affiliates or anyone you think might be a good fit. NOW CASTING – ONTARIO Do you have a prized possession that’s old and in need of some serious repair? In a potential new series currently in development, our team of passionate artisans and expert fixers work to bring beloved items back to life. From a rusting snowmobile to an old-school slot machine, a smashed up guitar to a busted jukebox, our team works to fix it. If you want that treasured item restored to its former glory, get in touch now and tell us your story. If this sounds like your friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker please share! Applicants should apply online to be considered: therepairshop.castingcrane.com Only considered applicants will be contacted. Please let me know if you need any further information. -- Kristen Watt Associate Producer, The Repair Shop Cineflix Productions 110 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400, Toronto, ON Canada, M5V 2K4 T: 416 504 7317 (x659) F: 416 531-8191 www.cineflix.com
  3. Big Pete

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    X2 on the FXR jacket and pants. I pair mine with UA ColdGear as my base layer for everything except the coldest. Then I would add a light mid layer.
  4. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    I would like somebody to prove to me that the OFSC owns the assets. Other than some unsupported statements from Paul S and ExComm what is there to support the claim. I would offer the following as substantiation that the clubs own the assets 1) the OFSC claims ownership of the assets under their agreement with MTO. Every permit selling entity in the federation is party to that same agreement by way of the TPPA agreement. every PSE is required to sign a TPPA every year as part of the membership renewal requirements. The permits were sold in the name of the club and under the agreement with MTO the club gets to keep the sale proceeds. The club then makes expenditures according to schedule of permissible investments (Sch E). Therefore the assets are the clubs, not the OFSC. There is a caveat to that in that if the club ceases operations they must submit an asset disposal plan for approval but it only applies if the club ceases operation. This is what happened when D16 shut down. 2) if the OFSC owns the assets, why have they not been recorded on Federstion Balance Sheets (except for the last 3 years). Their own financial statements do not record any interest in the assets because they have none except in very limited circumstances. 3) if the OFSC owns the assets, how can a club transfer them to the district under MOTS? Why would you need an MOU at all unless you knew your claim was bogus to begin with.
  5. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Wage rates would be a district decision.
  6. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    For our district it amounts to an extra $19K or about a 6% increase in total Grooming Expenses. To fund the extra costs the district will have to reduce spending in some other area because revenue does not go up or support the extra with fund raising dollars. Now also consider if as other posters have suggested the volunteer commitment continues to dwindle and the volunteers that currently wrench on the groomers no longer want to do it for free. How much extra is that going cost.
  7. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    There is nothing in MOTS that would prevent volunteer operators. Its just that most have chosen (been forced) to go to paid operators. That has been a district decision. With volunteer operators you grooming budget goes much father when the labour component is nil.
  8. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Greg, 1) Yes 2) Yes they should 3) Yes 4) don’t know
  9. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Greg, you need to get a copy of the MOU and refer to Clause 6 on page 2. That is exactly what the District is agreeing to. Failure to do so would constitute a breach of contract. And there are legal remedies for that. As I understand it (grooming hours) that is exactly what will happen. Here is your budget. If you go over you need to get approval for extra or shut it down.
  10. Big Pete

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    Soup, I admit I am not fully familiar with with the D12 structure but as I understand all the independent clubs in D12 joined the STP a couple of years ago. That effectively makes the STP the equivalent of the District. So as I stated earlier, one of the corporate entities needs to disappear. One way is to merge the District Corporation with the STP Corporation thus making them 1 corporate entity. Essentially the process requires a special resolution of both corporations authorizing the merger (aka amalgamation). Then an amalgamation agreement is drafted and signed by both parties. Once the Amalgamation Agreement is completed, the Articles of Amalgamation are completed and filed with the provincial govt. The govt will approve the Articles of Amalgamation and you now have 1 single corporate entity. The process is laid out Sections 174-179 of the Ontario Business Corporations Act. Its not that complicated but I guarantee you the lawyers will make it sound complicated (and expensive). The process should be simplified since we already have Standardized District By-Laws and Standardized District Operating Procedures that every District is required to adopt so the work of forming new by-laws and procedures is already done. Having some first hand experience with a similar situation in our District (we had to transfer from federal jurisdiction to provincial jurisdiction in order to comply with OFSC by-laws) unless you are riding herd on the lawyers very closely this will take forever and end up costing a ton of money. So once the above is completed, the process of adding new members (the 2 northern clubs from D-14) is very straight forward. Section 8.01 of the Standard By-Laws says that the members are those assigned by the OFSC and then accepted into membership by resolution of the board. Since the club assignments are already approved in the MOTS resolution passed at AGM 2016, it should only require a resolution from the D12 board (after amalgamation). No lawyers required for that one.
  11. Big Pete

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    Under the MOTS structure the STP (as the grooming association) would cease to exist and the internal clubs to STP would all have a seat on the District Board along with the remaining independent clubs. I suppose an alternative would be to have the 2 independent clubs become part of the STP and then the STP becomes the District. Either way there is one corporate entity that should disolve. \Of course the whole structure is moot if there are no volunteers at the club level willing to assume leadership roles.
  12. Big Pete

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    The MOU document that is being prosed is full of problems. Lets look at the groomer section. It says the listed groomer(s) will be for the exclusive use of the club unless the club authorizes other uses. So what happens when the provincial groomer coordinator writes the District and says the groomer is being cascaded to another district? Or has been targeted for a fleet reduction. Where does that leave the club? As to Permit Account Funds transferred to the District. What prevents the District from just cutting off any other funding to the club (possible since permit sales stop at the District) and forces them to use up the funds covered under the MOU. The same might be said for Fundraising dollars too. Or what happens when a club goes to call on the District because they want to use the MOU funds for a special project that is outside their normal funding and the District doesn't have it. What is the clubs recourse should the District break their contractual obligations. From a District perspective, I believe its Clause 6 that says the District is responsible for timely repairs of all equipment covered by the MOU. So what happens when the hydraulic pumps fail on my BR180 and its a $30k repair bill and the District is not willing or able to effect the repair. The MOU contract binds the District to the repair in a timely fashion. Has the District board fully considered its obligations under this MOU. On a separate but related note, I wonder how many districts have adopted the new Standardized District By-laws and Standardized District Operating Procedures. These documents provide the governance framework for operating under MOTS. Without them its like playing a game without a set of rules agreed to by all. How do we ever expect to have an effective and efficient organization when we can't get the fundamentals right.
  13. Big Pete

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    Club just posted that someone has stepped up to be President. Congrats to the club and thank you to the individual who took on the role. Hopefully things work out well for the club.
  14. Big Pete

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    I am not sure that giving up the incorporation (aka MOTS Chapters) is going to solve the problem. Reading the Standardized District By-Laws and Operating Procedures an unincorporated member (Chapter) still requires a "Chair" to sit on the District Board. That chair person would be coordinating volunteers/landowners, reviewing district budgets for the chapter and acting as the chapter representative. Sounds an awful like the role of a Club President to me. In the big picture I think there more clubs than anyone cares to admit to in similar circumstances. They just haven't taken to FB to advertise it yet.
  15. Big Pete

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Ryan J. Eickmeier. Was previously with the Canadian Franchise Association as Vice President of Govt Relations and Public Policy. Starts on June 4th.