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  1. Bearcat_w

    eye in the sky

    Back to the original topic, the OPP has purchased a sophisticated airborne platform that can accurately determine the speed of vehicles on the ground without the need for things like the T markers we see on highways. They will be testing it and producing a video to be used in conjunction with the early season OFSC safety campaign. It needs boots on the ground to stop sleds. Will they ticket sleds doing 70 km/hr? Doubt it. Someone doing a buck twenty? You bet. Will it be used extensively? Again, doubt it, but if an area is identified as a problem, perhaps there will be some additional enforcement. Stop some extreme speeders. Write some tickets. Get social media exposure. Hope that you can moderate extreme speeds. Could even see some careless charges which are not pinned to the set $110 fine. I don't see it being used extensively or unfairly. It's intended as a deterrent .
  2. Bearcat_w

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    I'm in the house. Room 301 in Pavillion (main building) Beers cold.
  3. Bearcat_w

    Kirkland Lake Mar 2017

    Just got home from 3 days in KL. Trails were in great shape. Many thanks to Ultrafrozen for sending me a list of routes to try. First time riding out of KL. I've based in Elk Lake before, but no snow south of KL. Much more variety in the KL trails. Will be back again. One question tho. Why aren't all the people living up north 300 lbs? Never been served such big helpings of food lol.
  4. Bearcat_w

    Parry sound

    I'm in Carling also. Fortunately I'm out on the bay and the winds keep the roof reasonably clear. The news from our groomers is positive. Most trails have been packed and groomed. The major exception is the 401 along Hwy 69 where swamps are still wet. We're letting the trails set up now and as long as the warm spell Tuesday is not too bad, you can expect to see some trails opening for the weekend. We've groomed from Nobel into Parry Sound, although the only trail north out of Nobel involves running Portage Lake. Will be hoping to have reroute next season. C trail is a little thin but coming along. Lakes are still not safe.
  5. Bearcat_w

    Carling Trailblazers major trail closure

    Most of the 400 trails will be open. Check the online map once trails are opened
  6. Bearcat_w

    Trailer Advice

    To make it simple, ditch the pickup and get an SUV. No regs if you're using a passenger vehicle plate.
  7. Bearcat_w

    Mckay rd. 400 crossing

    Hope to get an update tonight, but it looks like Bonsecour has settled the landowner issue. Trails east of 400 will open. West of 400, we will not be able to connect Bonsecour or Alliston to Sno Voyageurs due to landowner, Hwy 90 and municipal issues. Sux.
  8. Bearcat_w

    More changes at OFSC

    Yes Brian. He will stay on for 2 more years. After Paul it's Tim Hesselink.
  9. Bearcat_w

    More changes at OFSC

    So after Framework for Change and then More on the Snow, the driving force behind the changes Mike Clewer is no longer employed by the OFSC. What happens going forward? We're stuck working under budget and revenue assumptions developed by Mike.
  10. Bearcat_w

    Mckay rd. 400 crossing

    Bonsecour is working with the District 8 clubs this year. The bridge will not be available this season. The printed D4 map shows very little projected trails in Bonsecours area. One large land owner with many separate properties is still having issues with Bill 100. The club is still working with him. Should he come around, there will be trails east of the 400 but there will be no connection to the west side. Without him, no trails at all east of the 400!
  11. Bearcat_w

    Carling Trailblazers major trail closure

    i'll be there too. we're working on solutions.
  12. Bearcat_w

    More On The Snow

    Actually there was some kind of contorionist acrobat. Twisted herself into some real interesting positions. No stripper pole tho.
  13. Bearcat_w

    Lost Permit

    Why is it , that whenever you lose something, you always find it in the last place you look?
  14. Bearcat_w

    2016 New Sled Thread

    The Vector got the new throttle, and a complete internal upgrade of the 1049 motor. Yamaha decided not to put the upgraded motor & throttle in the Yamacat models. For this season at least, the Vector has the best power package.
  15. Bearcat_w

    2016 New Sled Thread

    Yes. Kevin was awesome to deal with. He's moving a lot of Polaris with their 0% financing, but Yamaha market slow.