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  1. probill

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Looks like a Ski Doo rally! Great way to end the season. A lot of you folks must have racked up some serious miles this year.
  2. probill

    North bay lakes?

    We were in Bonfield on Sunday and Monday. No slush but there is very little snow cover on the lakes so you need scratchers and studs. More snow around the shores of the lakes but makes for a longer trip to cover the lake. The stakes lines are very rough from the running while the lakes were soft. couple of inches of snow and it will be great again. Trails are in excellent shape. Just need to watch for those water holes that develop once it gets warm and the water starts to flow.
  3. I think the trails will be fine until you get to the low lying areas of the trail that dont have the proper culverts as Yukon explained. Six Mile Lake is a puddle right now. Saw some folks trying to run it this afternoon. Maybe 20 MPH with rooster tails and you could tell sleds were struggling. If it gets cold enough to lock up again the lakes might be possible but we will need some snow for lube. Its the low parts of the trail that I would be concerned with. Baxter has done a great job with the trails this year so most of the trail will be good until you get to those low areas then it will be anyones guess if the trail will be able to handle the water flow.
  4. probill

    A Trail North Of Temagami

    There is this 15km stretch that is yellow. I assume this is due PowerTel working on the lines. Has anyone been on this recently? How rough is it for these 15 km? Did they leave enough snow on the trail to run? Thinking of heading up that way on Monday.
  5. My riding buddy lost his Arctic Cat cargo bag on our trip Saturday to Port Sydney. Nunz had posted that on a face book page someone had reported a bag for Michael Kelly was found. Anyway when my buddy checked his house in Toronto this morning, someone had dropped off his bag for him with no note. So anyway just want to say thanks to who ever it was that took the time out of their day to drop the bag off in Toronto. Must be pretty upstanding folks taking the time to do that. To say he was shocked at the turn of events would be a great understatement. Too bad such great stories usually only stay within our community. Thanks again to who ever it was for this great deed.
  6. probill

    Lost Polaris Bag

    Is the bag for Michael Kelly off an Arctic Cat????