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  1. whits-end

    Cochrane Update..

    Try the Chinese Restaurant next door.
  2. whits-end

    Thank You Tatachikapika Lodge

    Just a shout-out to recognize the new owners. About a week ago we were forced to abandon the last 3 days of our northern tour. My best riding buddy slipped on ice and wrenched his back to the point he couldn't go on. Bummer. On very short notice the fine folks at Tatachikapika Lodge were very understanding in cancelling our stay. We would have understood if they needed to charge us, but they did not. Thank you for making a shitty situation a little less so. We will definitely be back, and recommend anyone travelling Gogama area give them a try.
  3. whits-end

    Moonbeam Gas

    My mistake. Thank you gentlemen!
  4. whits-end

    Moonbeam Gas

    I thought I read last spring the Moonbeam gas bar was closing. Is that true? Nutherwords, gas is only available at Smooth Rock, Kap (hate that Hwy 11 crossing in town), and Mattice? Thanks.
  5. whits-end

    2020 Yamahas

    If only they had listened to him all along.
  6. whits-end

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    After Lillibelle went away we have stayed exclusively at Westway. Very convenient location and just a short stagger to JR's. Always very clean and everything works. It's been great to see the reinvestment Brian and Kathy continue to make with the renovations of the older rooms, etc. At times the weather has screwed up our plans, but they have always been fair and gracious with cancellations. Lots of parking and it's orderly and safe. Not unusual to see the OPP cruise thru, and that's OK with us. There was talk of a new 'big box' hotel/motel coming to Cochrane. Don't think Westway has anything to worry about. We'll gladly continue to support 'mom and pop'.
  7. whits-end

    Timmins Hotels

    Seems the northern Comfort Inns have become too expensive. Stayed at CI in Kirkland Lake last year for the last time. Too expensive and no hot breakfast for several days. Seemed like no one really cared. Too much business I guess. Stayed there many times on business over the years and was one of 2 or 3 guests in the place at times. Back on point: Agree Super 8 looks convenient. No need to cross the highway.
  8. whits-end

    Kearney Area Loop Suggestions

    Be advised: Trail 306 from Burks Falls to Katrine is now closed due to logging. Probably for the rest of the season. A re-route is being signed to follow Ferguson Rd instead of the normal bush trail. Less than ideal, but the only available route in that area with this short notice. Alternate northbound would be D123 from Kearney to 306 into Burks Falls.
  9. whits-end

    Gas - Wilno - Esso

    Wow, that's even better. Couldn't believe that gas was $.10 cheaper in Barry's Bay than Whitney last week. Is that normal?
  10. whits-end

    Gas - Wilno - Esso

    Rode there last week. Gas in Barry's Bay, or Golden Lake. Gas on the reserve at Golden Lake was 87.9. In Barry's Bay 94.9.
  11. whits-end

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Yamaha sells 0w30 semi-syn, and 0w40 full-syn. Don't know who supplies it.
  12. whits-end

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    My 2009 Sierra 5.3 had DOD and called for 5w30. My 2016 calls for 0w20. I read somewhere that some Toyota's call for 0w20, and they have it packaged under the Toyota brand. I imagine 0w40 is primarily sold to the off-road crowd, but most all brands of 0w40 seem to be 'European Formula' ( imported from Europe). Maybe there are European auto requirements?
  13. whits-end

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Lots of it in CTC Huntsville this morning, Mobil 1 $30.99 for 4.73 litres.
  14. whits-end

    Speaking Of Boots, What About Socks?

    My secret to warm feet is the same as the rest of my body: layering. Feet sweat. Wet feet are cold. Dry feet warm. As a base I use a very thin wicking sock, preferably polypropylene because it wicks well and has the lowest thermal conductivity. It can be hard to find and polyester is often sold instead for 'active wear' clothing. Never use cotton cuz it absorbs and stays wet. Next layer just depends on the temps, thinner or thicker. I've always had removeable liner boots, and they come apart to dry every night. Every night the liners are damp, but the thin base layer is dry.
  15. Yamaha had that option before Textron and they gagged then. Don't think I see them ponying up even more money to buy it now. Yamaha analyzes things to death. Sad as it makes me, I think they could be on exit mode from sleds. They will concentrate their assets where they believe the maximum return is, and maybe that will be strictly engine supply.