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  1. The MOL is not the enemy. The enemy is the employee who refuses to follow procedures, policies, established safe practises. Use safety equipment, work outside of their scope of skill.
  2. Too bad. Look for more poor service and inflated gas prices then. Likely more of the same as las year. Running out of gas, propane.
  3. Is it the same "old owner" too? There is no way it takes three weeks to install new pumps and get them up and running! In the city they can turn around a whole brand new station in a week.
  4. Fred Quimby

    Fire Ban

    That's the norm here when there is a daytime ban. Typically in the Summer there is always NO DAYTIME BURNING it pisses off people with the smoke, idiots burn too much and leave fires un attended. We're not talking campfires. Campfires for warmth, or cooking are permitted unless there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN, then there is no burning...24/7
  5. Fred Quimby

    Clean Up Day

    Wasn't that your reply for the poker run too?
  6. I have to jump back in here. The MOL is there to protect lives. The lives of responders and the public. What may seem like a silly waste of a time question or probe on the MOL's behalf is meant to form part of a bigger picture. Things like pagers, radio systems, are all very sketchy in some areas and it could mean the difference between life and death, catching the page and being able to respond, or missing the alarm entirely. I've seen far too many people driving fire apparatus when they had no business doing so. The saying goes...just because you "can drive a fire truck" doesn't mean you should be driving a fire truck! Tankers that carry 1000 gals are very tricky on corners or unstable surfaces. The incorrect application of even the "jake" brake could cause an inexperienced operator to foul up and cause a roll over.
  7. This is why there is a never ending paper trail of training documents that accompany every firefighter throughout their career. It matters not if they are volunteer or career firefighter. It's all about the proper level of training and then the paperwork to back it up.
  8. Fred Quimby

    New look

    Nice fresh change! Lookin' good Monkey.
  9. As long as its a new owner that's the first step. I can't see Esso installing anything for the old owner. Somebody must have bought the franchise/ license? At least there will be local gas again.
  10. I have no idea what is going on there..I'm sure jrhz will know. I've heard it's to become an Ultramar but that's just a rumour. The LCBO has a tender out for a new agent which might explain the renos where you bought your Gatorade (Jug City). Would not be surprised if they went after the bid.
  11. Fred Quimby

    Lake ice

    Last ice gone today!
  12. Fred Quimby

    You know you are having a bad sledding day when...

    I always clip my tether.
  13. Fred Quimby

    Lake ice

    Have a look where it's open..out front of my place it's come up 6" since last weekend.
  14. Fred Quimby

    Lake ice

    Not that I'd trust the ice now...but there is no sign of ice break up on Boshkung now. There was fresh snow this week and a dusting last night. Only just barely zero out this morning! Is this April or December?
  15. Fred Quimby

    2013 OFSC AGM

    With many different conferences and conventions they are all typically multi day day events. If they were single day events..people would not travel for a day. Conversely those that require extensive travel time would simply also not bother for a day event.