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Honda Pioneer

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57 minutes ago, signfan said:

Anyone on here own one?  What are your thoughts on them?  Do the flip up rear seats work well?

My friend has one. Nice unit. Can take whole family out in it. A little big for my liking, depends where you are going to go though. He spends more time digging and pushing that thing out of mud holes, then actually riding it. An obstacle that a normal atv can handle, that thing gets right stuck, mostly from weight of extra passengers and width, frame gets caught. Good news is he always has lots of help to get out of mud holes with it. Lol. If you are going to ride by yourself in it, I get something else. One day it took two atv’s to pull it out of a deep mud crossing. Weighs a ton, When it gets stuck. Normal atv’s had no trouble with crossing, but that thing sank like a rock in soft mud and was stuck. By yourself that day, you would never get out. 




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I have a Pioneer 500 and have had it for a couple years now. It works well and is only 50 inches wide. I found it a little tippy so added 2 inch wheel spacers so now it’s 54 wide but much more stable. It’s built like a tank and isn’t fast but it will go almost anywhere my King Quad 750 would go. I plow snow with it and also use it for moving aggregate dirt rocks etc with a dump trailer and it has a surprising amount of low end power and it’s not belt drive. 

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