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  1. “Best” trails are a matter of what you are looking for!! The drastic variety of technicality & surrounding views made this far more enjoyable IMHO! Yes they usually lose snow sooner but our friends front yard still had snow banks up to my waist. & the grooming is incredible compared to ON. ML would be a perfect middle ground!
  2. Last year did the blue loop out of Mont Laurier. This year started from the upside down u west of Montebello & looped around the wildlife reserve, Tremblant & many other loops. This year was a much more variable ride of trails, scenery & skill capabilities of riding. Much more enjoyable to me than logging roads & seeing trees & hydro lines.
  3. Another aspect to PQ is the atmosphere. Lovely warm up shacks to enjoy & share a snack. Incredible Chalet's with outdoor fires, fabulous food & drinks. People we have met on the trails are so friendly & helpful!
  4. I did not, but met people that crossed at Rockland last weekend.
  5. Some of the best Ontario rides this year were based out of the Northumberland forest this year for us! probably 5-6 full days.
  6. Seven sleds & eight people each day. Five sleds & people from Ontario.
  7. Second year heading to Quebec for an extended long weekend & both fabulous experiences. 2021 we started at Meekos & did 100 Lacs & Cheval & loops in that area. Great trails but became a little monotonous at times only seeing trees & huge wide sweeping trails on logging roads. All stops, stays & foods were fabulous. 2022 we went on the free weekend & people warned us that it would be crazy busy. We left each day from our friends shop in Gatineau, even though our Motel was on the trails, about 10 minutes from the shop. It Was nice to get on warm thawed out sleds each morning 😁 With being the free weekend, we were very shocked at the lack of sleds we saw. I don’t think we saw any that were there for the free weekend & really not much local traffic each day. People must have headed further north? Beautiful fast trails!! Groomed each night & usually again around dinner time. It was fantastic to enjoy a huge variety of trail types. Single wide trails, two lane, tight technical trails, huge highway style, as well as many ups & downs in the mountains. Incredibly breathtaking views & so many deer that were not afraid of the sleds. We stopped at a few of the warm up shacks, as well as club houses. Everyone was beyond friendly & welcoming. We had one sled break down & numerous people stopped to see if they could assist & offered suggestions. Thankfully was repaired & ready to ride the next day. All in all… can’t wait to go back!! Hoping again this year before spring!!
  8. 100 Lacs’ cabins are not nearly as nice as the ones at Meekos, but the services were preferred at 100 Lacs. 100 Lacs even came with leaf blowers to clean the snow off our machines in the morning. Both had Incredible food!! When we were there we could not eat in the restaurants. Meekos we had to go to the lodge to pick up coolers of our ordered food for meals & 100 Lacs delivered them. Loved both, but for different reasons. Has two daytime stops at Cheval and interested in trying a stay there.
  9. Heading to Mont Laurier / Devils Mountain this weekend. Anyone been there recently & have any idea of potential conditions, after this crazy weather? TIA M
  10. Chickey6


    Has anyone stayed at Mekoos in Quebec?? looking for info, thoughts, suggestions. Staying next week tia M
  11. Thanks everyone!! He does have heated grips but not sure they work 100%. He always seems to have cold hands so just looking at the best glove/muff options before we try to replace the grips. Doesn’t look super easy & not sure it is the issue. Thanks again M.
  12. Make one for the Axys Chasis. Lol Not that easy to find one that is wide enough.
  13. What does everyone think are the best gloves? Hubby has tried a few pair, even the heated Choko ones & always seems to get cold hands. suggestions??
  14. Careful which one you buy? Not all will work with every sled. We just bought one & it will not work with our sleds.
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