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  1. Heading to Mont Laurier / Devils Mountain this weekend. Anyone been there recently & have any idea of potential conditions, after this crazy weather? TIA M
  2. Chickey6


    Has anyone stayed at Mekoos in Quebec?? looking for info, thoughts, suggestions. Staying next week tia M
  3. Thanks everyone!! He does have heated grips but not sure they work 100%. He always seems to have cold hands so just looking at the best glove/muff options before we try to replace the grips. Doesn’t look super easy & not sure it is the issue. Thanks again M.
  4. Make one for the Axys Chasis. Lol Not that easy to find one that is wide enough.
  5. What does everyone think are the best gloves? Hubby has tried a few pair, even the heated Choko ones & always seems to get cold hands. suggestions??
  6. Careful which one you buy? Not all will work with every sled. We just bought one & it will not work with our sleds.
  7. Groomers were sitting during the day when we were there and we only saw them after dark.
  8. I see the trail from Lindsay to Bancroft has been yellow since last Saturday. Has anyone been out or know if it is worth a ride? TIA M.
  9. I see the trail from Lindsay to Bancroft has been yellow since last Saturday. Has anyone been out or know if it is worth a ride? TIA M.
  10. Will definitely have to do some research! I didn't think I would like having them but was kind of fun being able to have a conversation, warning, etc. along the ride. Just not fussy on the ones we have. Like many things... One ride & time to upgrade
  11. Mid February, so hoping conditions are good!
  12. Wondering if people prefer communicators or not and if they do what brands do they prefer? The family (4) got a middle of the road set for Christmas. Set up and install was easy but they are a real PITA to pair and don't want to stay paired after you shut them off. Also, I would have thought they had a better range?? Riding in a pack of seven and unless riding tight, riders two and six would go in and out of range. TIA for comments and suggestions. M.
  13. Yes, we have a cabin rented for a week in the Haliburton area to ride the OFSC trails. Bring on the SNOW!!
  14. It was beautiful but not totally what we were expecting with paying the extra. Crazy busy in the morning when we got there, but lucked into two perfect parking spots side by side to unload the seven machines. Trails were pretty good when we first went out but by lunch time were a mess, especially if you got into the inner loop and side trails. The road trails seemed to be better, but were busier. We got stuck behind some REALLY slow groups a few times that didn't even seem to know we were behind them. We BBQ'd "Lupper" around 3:00 and then went back out around 4. Lo
  15. I just read the form and it is strictly an assumption of risk & waiver of liability agreement. No where does it state anything about abiding by their speed limit, though it is posted in the forest.
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