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  1. Muskoka_Mike

    Clearing the D trail Huntsville

    Thanks guys for all your work. I do spend a lot of time on those trails during the winter, and your hard work is very much appreciated. I do have a question regarding the D trail through Aspdin. I noticed the other day that the D trail crossing Aspdin road has turned into a driveway for a house that is being built beside the trail. Does the club still have access to the crossing, or are they working on a reroute. Thanks.
  2. Muskoka_Mike

    Cochrane March 22-25

    I hope the offer still stands. I might need to join you guys as my plans might fall apart. I will keep you posted. Thanks.
  3. Muskoka_Mike

    Cochrane March 22-25

    Hi Everyone I booked a room for Cochrane for the weekend of March 22-25, but all my riding buddies bailed. I was supposed to go this weekend, but due to a family emergency, I had to bail, last minute. I want one last trip before I put the sled away for the season, so I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind me tagging along with them for some riding. I have a room booked at the West Way and can get up there anytime on Thursday. Let me know if anyone wouldn't mind me tagging along. Mike
  4. Muskoka_Mike

    Huntsville Ride, Friday February 16

    Yeah that would work for me. What time are you going to be there? Do you have a specific route in mind?
  5. Hi Everyone Looking to do a few hundred kilometers starting in Huntsville this Friday during the day before the trails get destroyed by all the traffic on the long weekend. Going to leave in the morning around 9 or 10 and plan to be back by 5. I would prefer not to ride alone, so if anyone is interested in riding with me, let me know. Thanks. Mike
  6. Muskoka_Mike

    Finally brought it home!

    That's a sweet looking sled. Congrats to you and your buddy and welcome to the ski doo family.
  7. Muskoka_Mike

    Lets talk " studs "

    I refuse to put stubs on my sled after I put one through the heat exchanger. Cost me $800 to fix, I think, and it happened on the first day/first ride of a trip to Cochrane. From now on I am getting pre-studded tracks. But this is just IMO.
  8. Muskoka_Mike

    First Purchase of the Season

    Here is my new toy for this year. 2018 Skidoo MXZ X 850. Gonna pick her up in November. Can wait for the snow to give her a try. Going to be a nice upgrade from my old 2009 ski doo 600etec.
  9. Muskoka_Mike

    Ski Doo Repairs during the Summer in Muskoka Area

    Nope, never had a Six Star sticker on my old sled. Those stickers are for warming shacks. LOL.
  10. Muskoka_Mike

    Ski Doo Repairs during the Summer in Muskoka Area

    I kept up with Poncho on my 600 lol.. jk. Yes we should meet up for a few rides next year, for sure.
  11. Muskoka_Mike

    Ski Doo Repairs during the Summer in Muskoka Area

    I am getting the MXZ X 850 Etec. Gonna be a little bit of an upgrade from my 600 etec. Cant wait till I get her in November, or first sign of snow.
  12. Muskoka_Mike

    Ski Doo Repairs during the Summer in Muskoka Area

    I have spoken with Wild Bill already, as he has done excellent work for me in the past. Unfortunately, he cannot help me this time
  13. Does anyone know a place that will do repairs to my 2009 Ski Doo 600 E-Tec during the summer in the Muskoka area? I have called all the dealerships (The Cove, Northland, Leatherdale, St. Onge, Giesler) and they said that they are not doing snowmobile repairs until November. I am hoping that they have a computer to pug the sled in. I am selling my sled and need to get it fixed before I can deliver it to the new owner. Thanks.
  14. Muskoka_Mike

    Gas in Mactier

    There is also Gas at the intersection of Trail 8 and Trail 14, near the Cove, but H&H would be the better choice, as they support Snowmobiling.
  15. Muskoka_Mike

    Spare Belt

    Uh Duh, why didn't I think of that lol. That's a good idea. Now I want to know who makes the best belt for a 600 Etec.