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  1. Thanks guys for all your work. I do spend a lot of time on those trails during the winter, and your hard work is very much appreciated. I do have a question regarding the D trail through Aspdin. I noticed the other day that the D trail crossing Aspdin road has turned into a driveway for a house that is being built beside the trail. Does the club still have access to the crossing, or are they working on a reroute. Thanks.
  2. I hope the offer still stands. I might need to join you guys as my plans might fall apart. I will keep you posted. Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone I booked a room for Cochrane for the weekend of March 22-25, but all my riding buddies bailed. I was supposed to go this weekend, but due to a family emergency, I had to bail, last minute. I want one last trip before I put the sled away for the season, so I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind me tagging along with them for some riding. I have a room booked at the West Way and can get up there anytime on Thursday. Let me know if anyone wouldn't mind me tagging along. Mike
  4. Yeah that would work for me. What time are you going to be there? Do you have a specific route in mind?
  5. Hi Everyone Looking to do a few hundred kilometers starting in Huntsville this Friday during the day before the trails get destroyed by all the traffic on the long weekend. Going to leave in the morning around 9 or 10 and plan to be back by 5. I would prefer not to ride alone, so if anyone is interested in riding with me, let me know. Thanks. Mike
  6. That's a sweet looking sled. Congrats to you and your buddy and welcome to the ski doo family.
  7. A lot of parking in the Mactier area. There is a new parking lot for Snowmobile trailers behind the school in town, plus you can park by the library. Also, there are a few snowmobile friendly businesses that allow parking. Mactier is only a short distance away from the Seguin Trail, but once you ride all the trails in Six Star, you might not want to leave.
  8. Hi Everyone I want to thank everyone for their advice and opinions on what ramp I should get. This past weekend, I made up my mind and went out and purchased the Lock and Roll system from Team K-Os. I met Sean, who is a really nice guy. I could have talked to him for hours about sledding, but he seemed busy. I told him about Ontario Condition, and he said he will check it out. Anyways, the winter tires are on, the sled has been turned on and tested, everything is a go for this season. All we need is snow. Looking forward to seeing you all on the trails. Mike
  9. Thanks for the idea Nunz, but I would prefer to load it in the bed. I just don't have the space to store a trailer anywhere. My dad has a single trailer and I had it in my garage once, and it took up too much space. I am going to be spending around $500 on this ramp, so I just want as much input as I can possibly get. All opinions are welcomed here. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I am hoping that there are a few options at the snowmobiling show in Toronto for me to take a look at and possibly purchase. Also, for those wondering, my truck has a 6.5 ft bed. I can easily fit the sled in it. Also, another question. I have bed spray done in my truck and I want it to look nice after I put my sled in there. Do people protect their bed by putting plywood or some other protection against the carbides? What about the plastic cap at the top of the tailgate? I was told that part is going to get chewed up. I took a look at the ramp for sale at Royal Distributing, and it seemed a little too short. The one at Canadian tire is a better length and the price is really good. I am not going to buy anything until after the snowmobile show. Right now, though, I am leaning towards a lock and roll system because that would minimize the scrapping of my bed. I saw 09 MXZ's (Paul) ramp last year, and it looked really easy to use. Can you tell me where you got it? Still looking for suggestions, so if you have a good idea, please let me know. Thanks everyone.
  11. Hi Everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the summer and are looking forward to this winter. I just got myself a pickup truck (my first truck) and I would like to load my sled in the bed. I need a ramp, but this would be the first time that I will be doing this, so I would like the easiest ramp to use. I am terrified about damaging my truck or sled when I use it. I have been doing some research and found a few options. The Revarc looks like a real good ramp that is easy to use, but the warranty is voided if I have studs on my sled (which I do). Team K-os (Good Ontario company) has a ramp that you park your sled on a slant, and you have to push it into the bed (I think it is called a Lock and Roll system). This is a good option for me, but I emailed the contact a bunch of questions, last week, and have yet to hear back. The Black Ice Tri-Fold ramp looks good, and it has protection against studs, but I cannot find it anywhere in Canada, and with the exchange, it seems to be very expensive. I found instructions for building my own, but I don't have many tools (nor do I trust my handyman skills), so I am a little hesitant to try. Anyways, I am open for suggestions, and I am sure the people on this forum will be able to help me out. Thanks.
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