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  1. There is logging on that section, was quite bare a week ago, but it's only a very short distance on A106, longer on L103.
  2. Rode from Cochrane to Kirkland a week ago today. Trails then were great, bit of road running around Val Gagne. We stayed at the West Way, good access from trail, decent rooms. Stay away from North Adventure Inn.
  3. Went from Cochrane to New Liskeard on Monday to get back to truck and trailer. Down to Kirkland Lake was great. From Kirkland down was thin and bare spots. From Englehart to New Liskeard was bad, a lot of mud.
  4. Trail from Elk Lake to Gowganda was in good shape, was groomed recently. From Gowganda towards Shining Tree was only groomed for 10km. Gowganda Lake Lodge said they are grooming it tonight.
  5. Heading through that area tomorrow morning. Will update sometime tomorrow.
  6. Also spoke to them this morning. They said towards Elk Lake was groomed last night. Also told me that they are closed as of this morning for the weekend due to prior commitments.
  7. Just noticed that Elk Lake Trail Blazers trails have gone to yellow. Anybody know why? Is this due to lack of snow? I have a trip booked up there for this weekend.
  8. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Might be a long day for the wife, either starting from New Liskeard or Sportsman Lodge, haven't decided yet.
  9. I'm trying to plan a 4 day trip next week, starting at Sportmans Lodge. Gonna go up C trail to Timmins, then a few days later go back down on L143. Is there gas on that trail at all? Will we have to back track up to Shining Tree, and is Shining Tree open 7 days a week? Any info would help.
  10. Heading up to Stonecliffe tomorrow night for the weekend. Has anyone been up around Mattawa lately? Is the snow thin up that way? Was hoping to do a loop up the Mica Mine trail and over towards Bonfield.
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