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  1. Sledguy74


    Wind has really picked up here in KW fingers crossed it’s going to be snow lol
  2. Sledguy74


    Forecast actually looks promising fingers crossed we actually get it
  3. Sledguy74


    Happy new year 🥳 at least there is some snow one the first day of 2024
  4. Sledguy74


    At least it stopped raining this morning for a bit, I see in instagram some are out in Mont Valin QC riding i guess for you have to get out then 11+ hour drive is worth it
  5. Sledguy74


    May be looking off atv clubs with winter trails this season lol also +6 up in Katrine too I remember going to pickerel lake lodge in the 80 for Christmas riding before back to school them days are loooonng gone too
  6. Sledguy74


    Listening to it rain this morning too bad this wasn’t snow lol
  7. Woke up to white roofs and some ice next 4 days are +7, 8, 9, 9 ugh but then cools down again
  8. Post Covid correction is fine with me a 20 yr old Indy 500 shouldnt be worth $4500 lol
  9. Well I’m trying to be positive warm Christmas weekend will be ok for travel
  10. I see on the news tonight the liberals want 100% of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2035 we are in need of a government change !
  11. Can’t say I am one for naming my sleds on a side note my daughter does give names to trucks in the family her husbands F-150 is Floyd ….. and I don’t know why lol
  12. Going through some older GoPro videos this afternoon, sure hope this areas gets some snow and cold this season
  13. Just found out the $3 coupon does not apply to seniors . over 65 is $20 cannot apply coupon
  14. Got to the show a little early today traffic wasn’t too terrible going home later a different story I’m sure Don’t forget your $3 off coupon
  15. Ya, it did show up pretty quick
  16. Permit arrived, its blue
  17. Got notice mine shipped 🙂
  18. Permit ordered just need snow
  19. Guess we can buy our permits on sunday hopefully I make better use of it this season
  20. i have many fond memories of the old 80s VMax 540 and SRV, those were pretty cools sleds when I was growing up. the old enticers were fantastic sleds Phazers, SRXs, VMax-4, Exciters, Bravos really unfortunate to see them leave, i wonder if the business projections show Yamaha leadership that their product line is not worth maintaining even with a Textron JV or if they see the entire sport fading due to climate change and decided to pull out now. maybe the whole Yamaha corp is in trouble and they are trimming their product lines to save the company.
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