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  1. Curious if you need to pack extra fuel to make the stretch between Black Creek and Halfway Haven? We have a mix of Doo 850, 800, Polaris 600 and Yami Vector. ITG shows 190 km. Not familiar with the terrain and the distance might be tight without fuel depending on trail conditions? Thoughts?
  2. Bearnecessities

    D Trail Closed south of Elliot Lake?

    Great news thanks for the quick response!
  3. Bearnecessities

    D Trail Closed south of Elliot Lake?

    Anyone know why the D Trail is Closed (Red) to the south of Elliot Lake?
  4. Bearnecessities

    Halfway Haven info??

    Anyone know if Halfway Haven is open yet? Trying to book accommodations for a trip this winter. I have registered via their website and called and left messages twice without any response. Anyone have any info?
  5. Bearnecessities

    Kap' Restaurants

    Heck boys! If you are there from Thursday to Sunday take a short morning ride to the Moonbeam Clubhouse. We were there last Thursday and had a great hot breakfast and helped to support the club at the same time. Awesome volunteers, very reasonable and really good food too!
  6. Bearnecessities

    Hidden Valley Resort in Hunstville

    Nice spot to stay but tough to launch out of if the lake behind the hotel isn’t frozen. If there is snow on the road into the hotel you are good to road run down to Deerhurst and jump on the trail. When we stayed there there had been a melt so no snow on the road. We had to launch out of Deerhurst and leave our truck and trailer in their parking lot. Wasn’t an issue to park there just let the office know.
  7. Bearnecessities

    Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Four of us stayed at the Ramada last week. Good price, clean rooms, their in house restaurant food was good too. Hot breakfast included was an added bonus. Lots of room to park your trucks and trailers in an adjoining large parking lot. Esso 1 km further down the C trail. We will stay there again. Biggest world problem was having to get beer delivered to the room...lol.
  8. Bearnecessities

    Gas - Timmins to Shining Tree

    Four of us did the L143 ride last week between Timmins and Gowganda. My 07 Vector used 25 litres of fuel when we filled up at Auld Reekie. Be prepared for a very twisty ride. Good hilly terrain in some areas. Tough to make up time. Some great straightaways south of Timmins but gets tight and twisty in several areas as you work your way south. Nice ride if you aren’t in a hurry. A little bit of a work out as well. Left Timmins Esso around 9 am and got into Gowganda around 12:45. L143 had lots of snow on it and was groomed well.
  9. Bearnecessities

    Trail 5 into Grand Bend

    Anyone have any updates of trail #5 heading west of B108 going towards Grand Bend’s Oakwood Inn? Still showing “Closed” on the Interactive Trail Guide while everything around it is “limited”
  10. Bearnecessities


    Unfortunately the St. Clements trails won’t be opening until we receive another good dumping of snow. Wind blown plowed fields have dirt showing and winter wheat doesn’t have enough snow on it to protect it from sled traffic. We would love to have the trails open for Wing Night on Friday but we just don’t have enough snow. Lots of delicious wings though!!!
  11. Bearnecessities

    Yellow stretch enroute to Barrys Bay?

    Just went through there on Thursday completing the RAP. There is a small lake that isn't staked. There is a stretch of road run that isn't pretty to say the least in order to get around.The day we were there was right after a good dump of snow and there were no tracks on the lake. It also isn't staked so be safe and take the road around. At the end of the lake there are open water areas so I was glad we went around especially not knowing where to head to find the trail when on the lake. Sure would be nice if the snow plows could leave more snow on the sides of the road when they know it is a trail.
  12. Bearnecessities


    Unfortunately the St.Clements area trails will NOT be opening this weekend due to the lack of snow. High winds left many bare spots in fields as well as left winter wheat exposed. Please respect our valuable land owners and stay off all closed trails. Thanks everyone.
  13. Bearnecessities


    The club will more than welcome your help. I have been doing some preliminary research on google earth to find a potential route into town and I think I have found a possibility. Of course there is a difference in finding an actual trail location when on the ground but it is a good start to give us an idea of the possibilities. We will be in contact with the landowners shortly. The gas station owner has been contacted and he welcomes us with open arms! His winter hours are 7am to 10 pm Mon-Sat and 8 am - 10pm Sun. I will get back to everyone when the first St.Clements meeting date is set.
  14. Bearnecessities

    St. Clements trails

    St. Clements trails will not be opened up due to lack of snow on delicate crops of winter wheat and alfalfa. We only received about an inch of snow and it is not enough base to protect the crops. Please be patient and respectful of the landowners. Crop damage costs everyone including our clubs. More crop damage payouts mean higher costs for permits. There are many plowed fields that are extremely rough and dangerous for riding on as well. Trust me our club wants to open our trails. There just isn't enough snow. Nuff said.
  15. Bearnecessities

    Great News for Crosshill Bush trail

    The re routed trail goes around the old bush trail near Crosshill. It is going to be a very fun ride with alot of hills. Take it easy and watch for oncoming sleds. Please respect our new land owners and STAY ON THE TRAIL or we will lose permission for this re route.