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  1. Can’t believe it the Elmira trails are open into town, guess I won’t have to trailer tomorrow and can ride from town !
  2. Report so far is trails Dundalk north are great with snow falling 4-5 cms new show in Owen sound met groomer on the 327 the B has been groomed both east and west of the B110 temps -11 only issue so far is iPhone froze and breard freezing to helmet lol guess it needs a trim Met about 18 some who have mirrors should adjust them to see the sled behind them wanting by grrrrrrrr a pretty sweet 112 mile day
  3. lineup seems pretty cool I would imagine a lot of trade ins coming for those who need to try that new RMotion. That BRP Go sounds interesting too
  4. Heading out tomorrow in Shelburne thx for the update
  5. even with the risk of disappointment I still like to see what’s new
  6. Curious what Doo will unveil tonight my lack of patience isn’t helping always enjoy new sled tech
  7. Feels little weird up here without dad or his buddy but it’s nice to be back
  8. Kearney and Sand Lake short 48 mile rip after the drive up here
  9. 48 miles to get some food and back D trail was as expected 303 and D 123 were not all that bad for a Sunday afternoon saw highland rovers groomer heading out
  10. Drove to Emsdale for a weeks vacation rode to Edgewater on Sand Lake things sure have changed in 5 yrs lol decent snow Sunday afternoon chop on trails but I expect things will improve starting tomorrow
  11. Thx for sharing, nice to see the old iron
  12. Nice to see some green in district 9
  13. This cold temps and new snow will definitely help things
  14. I figured tomorrow will destroy the trails with the warmer temp and traffic saw around 25 sleds today
  15. had to fix pictures but was a great day for a ride
  16. Left Shelburne this morning on the rail bed B110. Was groomed all the way to Chatsworth, did the B111 west loop and was groomed and decent. Flesherton to Markdale area has the most snow. clubs are making the best from a lean season so far. Well done .
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