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  1. spaceman

    Map gears app

    The one thing I really like about it is it is uses your compass so you can turn around at an intersection and see what way you're supposed to go. And it works without any cell service. However when you plan a route, half the screen is taken up by route menu. And that stupid trying to update every frickin time you start it up is annoying, especially when your in the middle of nowhere and your battery is low. But it was 4 bucks well spent.
  2. spaceman

    Barry's Bay - Golden Lake Yellow

    I was there last weekend on B101A, at least from the town of Golden Lake to the turn off across Golden Lake and it hadn't been groomed and was extremely bumpy. Others in my group carried on to the Wilno Tavern and back and had the same observations. Lots of snow though, just not groomed.
  3. spaceman

    Parking in Arnprior?

    Since my trails finally opened, I sledded through Arnprior last weekend and saw that the closed LCBO on Daniel street and A trail is being used as a staging parking lot. Very convenient, right next to the trail.
  4. spaceman

    Parking in Arnprior?

    Thanks for the info. Going to try to get out this weekend somewhere. Currently stuck in middle of WC surrounded by red trails.
  5. spaceman

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Oh so the OFSC actually did change something. Funny how they don't mention that in their "not my problem" press releases.
  6. spaceman

    Parking in Arnprior?

    Anyone know of a place to launch in Arnprior. I see one on the map but it just looks like the side of the road on google. Actually any spot on the A/W311 between Arnprior/Pakenham/Almonte would do. Can't use the trail 600m from my door due to the never ending land use business.
  7. spaceman

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Funny how the OFSC washes there hands of it and pins it on the local clubs and how they all miraculously found problems with there insurance policies at the exact same time. After all of these years., what a coincident. However, I remember paying the OFSC for my trail passes, not my local club.
  8. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum....
  9. Thanks. Of course at this rate I will be trailering through town.
  10. Are there any restaurants off of A trial in Renfrew? There doesn't seem to be any if the OFSC map?
  11. spaceman

    Are We Getting An App ?

    The ability to track groomers would be a nice addition to the app. I think the Quebec trail web app does that or did that at one point.
  12. spaceman

    Why does this continue to happen?

    Link to an article https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/one-believed-dead-after-saturdays-thaw-sends-two-vehicles-through-the-ice-near-carleton-place/wcm/3a50bd2e-a904-477c-ab0e-225e175dfa35 I saw pickups on the Ottawa river last week - I couldn't believe it.
  13. spaceman

    Are We Getting An App ?

    It doesn't appear to do this in the app that I can find but on an iPhone, the compass app will display your coordinates if you have location services turned on for your compass.
  14. spaceman

    Are We Getting An App ?

    This mobile app gives you access to the following *OFFLINE* features, anywhere, anytime, even in areas without cell coverage : - See your location on the map through your phone’s GPS signal - View nearby restaurants, gas stations, hotels, parkings and other services - Access the trails conditions as per the last data connection available - See the distance between you and a specific point (as the crow flies) - Easily access a list of curated snow tours - Quickly save and load itineraries
  15. spaceman

    Polaris Mirrors?? Or Aftermarket??

    I sense this will start the great Quebec mirror debate