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  1. Last March had to wait 15 minutes or so for a moose to get of the railbed trail near Bancroft. Beautiful big animal when you get to see them up close.
  2. I wear an obusform back brace which really helps also wear a tec vest . Not sure if the tec vest helps but the obusform back brace sure does.
  3. Hopefully we will be riding the forest by Christmas. We need cold temps then more snow and we should be good to go " I hope "
  4. The owner of petro-can in Cobourg on division st. says his 91 is ethanol free. He said he could order ethanol or ethanol free and he gets ethanol free 91 for his station. My 2012 skidoo 1200 says 91 on the gas cap. My manual says to run a minimum of 87. I tend to mix it up and have had no problems the last few seasons.
  5. It's going to be a great winter. Lake effect snow will look after us
  6. Monte1214 I realize that these are short days . We set it up purposely for the American fellas that will be with us. When we rode with them last year they rode much slower than we rode. If they happen to pick it up this year we will just take some side trails or local trails if the situation allows. We also want to show them things like the mica mine , ice caves ect. I'm sure we will get good days of riding in one way or another.
  7. We also booked a cottage for 6 days in a cottage at lake St. Peter for the end of February beginning of March and couldn't even get a whole week. The cottage we did get for the 6 days was the last one they had all other cottages were booked up. I think maybe people are booking early and if there is no snow or whatever they can cancel rather than take the chance of no vacancy if they wait.
  8. This was week days. I called a bunch of places and checked websites. The smaller places were limited to booked. The larger places had rooms left . I called and checked so many websites I can't remember all places. The most booked were around the Deep River area . My riding partner booked 3 of the places due to him being familiar with the route. He did mention he got rooms but was told they were being filled quicker than usual. I ended up booking for Bancroft which said they still have rooms and booked Haliburton and was told rooms were getting limited.
  9. That's what I normally do but the guys from the states needed to be sure of the dates so they can get off work. I hope to do a few last minute trip too. I was surprised to find that some places only had one room or no rooms left already this early in the season.
  10. Got our RAP tour all booked today. Two fellows we met last year from Pennsylvania USA are coming with us. We are starting out on Feb 5 from Bancroft to Pettewawa then Pettewawa to Mattawa then Mattawa to Kearny then Kearny to Haliburton then Haliburton back to Bancroft. Should be a great trip , getting anxious.
  11. It's a little early to get too excited about snow yet in my opinion. But when there is a trail that's green on the map I will be vibrating. Bring it on!
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