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  1. Saw that, then the next day saw the Unions for those employees are going to challenge them being forced back lol:
  2. Commercial stinks. Lack of tenants - lack of tenants paying rent.
  3. I don't see the real estate market rebounding to where it was anytime soon. I think those days are done done
  4. Unless the MSVA states it does - or vice versa - then no. With that in mind, I would say there is wording there somewhere. My father got a failing to stop for a stop sign ticket In Kearney - at a road crossing - never crossed over or showed on an abstract. Not sure where the lines blur/meet if at all.
  5. Some of the "dreamers" paid too much at the wrong time and are going to have to accept it's only worth what someone is willing to pay today. People currently selling homes they bought in the last 5 years are having a very harsh reality check as an example. There will be loads of inventory in everything soon - if you have cash on hand -you'll find some great deals.
  6. Rules of the road are HTA. Sleds fall under MSVA ( could state HTA applies ) but then no tickets or fines transfer over, so not sure.
  7. Asks are out of touch. The market is correcting quickly.
  8. lol - that was a debacle - that followed the by "rush" platform has kept me off them since. When I go back to new it will be a Polaris though - they're back doing great things.
  9. The PWC market is pretty small - so who knows. All I know is we did not get our two - and sure glad we kept the other two.
  10. We have the lowboy - tows/pulls nicely - very happy with it.
  11. Moving parts need to move - for sure helps
  12. I saw more in the ditches around Stratford yesterday
  13. See banks quarterly profits right now from a year ago? They are LOVING the interest rate hikes!
  14. Nanny states assumes nobody is exercising good judgement because there are a few cans around. Its ridiculous
  15. Huntsville is all white again. Need the lakes to close up.
  16. No kidding, think how much money they've made off investing deposits from customers who continue to wait for their product........ Ponzi scheme lol
  17. Yeah, I'm no scientist, but I know what my eyes have seen in my almost 50 years and there is zero doubt winters are not like they used to be - call it whatever you want - but I am convinced something has changed.
  18. We need some cold to get people fired up. Its the end of November and we're walking around in t-shirts still.
  19. Money is tiiiiiight for a lot of people. We had a hockey game in Chatham saturday ( 2 hour one way ) and Windsor today ( 3 hour one way ) We had a few families this elect not to spend $150.00 for a one night hotel stay - instead choosing to drive back home after Chatham yesterday and then down and back to Windsor today. My guess is they were close to that in fuel?
  20. Just seeing those pics is friendly nudge/reminder of what it's all about.
  21. Since it's cold out today, the boy wanted to test out the new coat, helmet and goggles for "warmth". Says its perfect- no drafts -toasty warm.
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