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    self isolated in Dubreuilville for 2 weeks march 13th-26th, then came home to michigan, thursday will be 14 days here, total so far close to 28 days, only going to the grocery 1 time per week (MAX), trying to stretch to 10-14 days, only one of us goes, with a list. it is getting old already. our vehicles are all nice and detailed though. spring clean up on the lawn has begun, i will be mowing by saturday. i am ready to ride the dirt or street bikes, you can only watch so much tv. the hbo mini doc/movie Chernobyl, was PRETTY DARN GOOD THOUGH! stay safe and healthy, my friends. Ski
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    Sorry only can offer a split rabbit.
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    I would have liked to see the crankcase split in half.
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    Then there is the rabbit factor. Hit this rabbit seconds before the engine coughed up.
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    Going into 4th week of isolation. Haven't left the house other then curbside grocery pickup every 2 weeks and 2 trips to the hospital, and a few walks. Finally got the basement mudding and sanding all done.
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    Last day in the office was yesterday, working from home now till this is past us. a few essential guys working in the shop still but all office people now home. Video chatting with the kids everyday trying to stretching grocery store visits to every other week LOVING not having to commute to work everyday!! 4 weeks till ATV trails open, will be needing some isolation time in the great outdoors again ! Stay safe everyone !!
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    Hey, don't shoot the messenger. I am only pointing out what is wrong AND how to fix it. I own one of these chain cases as does my son. Therefore I fix them both. It is definitely a weak part of the sled, but if serviced yearly with a $3 bushing, a tension adjustment, and an oil change, it will stay together. Not sure if it will at sustained 200Km/hr like some want to do, but for this old guy it does. I have had my share of 2-stroke engines cold seize, piston melt, loose rod, broken stator, cracked flywheel, etc, etc, etc. I know how to fix them.
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    Make sure you get a backward running 2-stroke. That way there is only a chain a two fixed mounted sprockets. What could go wrong ? Then you will only have to keep the engine together.
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    What a joke, $20 k for a sled and you have to worry about that crap I currently drive a 16 Apex and will be my last Yamaha
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    Agreed Crispy. Lets all work together. Next season will be here before you know it, and we need this coronavirus GONE, before then. Everyone take care, stay calm and be patient. We will get through this.
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    Good time to count your many blessings and be thankful we live in Canada. Best wishes to everyone through this silent storm
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    Bearly adequate don't you think? LOL