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    West Montrose to Fergus, with a few side trips for a total of 50 miles. Right from my new home. Trails are really nice considering we still don't have a lot of snow on the ground.
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    Just got home last night from a trip to the North. Left from New Liskeard 9am Tuesday morning. Rode the A to Cochrane 375 kms. Topped up fuel in Earlton. Fuel and lunch in Matheson. Fueled up once we got to Cochrane. All trails were in great shape. Cochrane close to town was a bit rough but then we passed the groomer heading out to clean up so all good. Checked in to the Railway Station by 5pm. Ate dinner in the attached restaurant that night (ok, not great). Beds are way too soft and they squeak. Had breakfast at the same restaurant next morning. Was very good and good selection. Server was exceptionally pleasant. On the trail by 830. Took the C to the L24 in to Timmins. Fueled up at Esso. On to the L22, then A111C to L143. L143 to the A107C, then the C and in to Shining Tree. Fueled up at Shining Tree Camp. Through the parking lot and down to the lake, we followed the stake line over to Tree Bear Camp. 265 kms and it’s only 130pm. We had lunch and stayed the night. Tree Bear Camp has food, more snack bar than restaurant. Burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc. $110+tax per person. Includes dinner and breakfast. That night, dinner was chicken with rice and veggies, coffee cake with ice cream. Not gourmet but decent. The cabins are nice. Kitchen/living area, 2 bedrooms (2 singles in each) and a washroom with shower. All new construction so very clean and neat. I believe 3 cabins are currently available. A 4th could be readied if demand warrants it. we asked for breakfast for 730. We were offered our choice of bacon and eggs or pancakes. Pancakes with blueberries were perfect. Temp was -28 when we left at 830. The ride got off to a rough start and with the cold temps we stopped twice to warm up, Gowganda Lake Camp (put gas in the Cat and had coffee) and J & S Variety in Elk Lake (they have coffee and lunch menu with a table in the rear, it’s beside the bridge). Now on the A, we made quick time back to the truck for 330pm, 255 km day. Worst trails we rode all week was from Earlton to New Liskeard due to the fresh snow over night and high winds. It was choppy but still ok. Lunch at Gillies then back home in St Clements by 11. Just about 900 kms total. I was riding my ‘15 Turbo and my riding partner had an ‘18 Gade 900 Ace. He could go 50% further on a tank of fuel so he razzed me at every fill up. some pics.
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    Not sure how the length compares to Evil's bridge near Capreol. Looking down river towards Hastings. Banjo's Grill. Trail passes thru the little parking lot before crossing the street. Stopped for lunch. On the way back. West side of the river Looking north at the turnoff to Keene. Keene sidetrail Looking south at Keene turnoff. Almost home. 3 hours including lunch. Railbed was in good shape. Fresh snow was a bonus. Temp never rose above 4 bars. A couple of rough fields on 511 near Mathers Corners & a bit of snirt on the upper end of 511.
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    Pic from inside cabin at Tree Bear. We talked with the owners a fair bit. Seem like real nice people. They are from Brantford. Hope things go well for them.
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    Rode the Seguin yesterday, from the new parking lot on Black Rd over to the ice caves with a stop at the Edgewater for lunch. Other then a small pocket around Kearney trails were really good. Not too much traffic, groomers out and about, and cooler temps made for a great ride!! IMG_2579.MOV
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    Keep your eyes peeled...
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    Went for a couple hour ride from wasaga ,penetang, Midland, waubashene for gas and back. Couldn't complain about trails given snow levels, all the clubs have done a great job
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    Left Kearney at 9am and it was minus 33.Met up with my buddies at the Seguin and trail 711 junction.Went up 711 to Magnetewan Inn for a coffee and warm up.Trails coming into Magnetewan were a little thin but groomed to perfection.Then got on c104 and took it across to Sundridge then took the D=trail to D123 into Kearney.All trails were in very good shape except for the short section of d123 from Deer lake road to Kearney.Stopped at the Legion for more coffee and warm up.Took my buddies down the Seguin.Stopped at Fern Glen road and Track bed road ,then said good bye spun my sled around and came back to Sand lake as they continued west to Parry Sound. Even with the cold it was a very good day!
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    We quit at 2:30pm today. Sun went away and it got pretty chilly again. Started in belwood again, went over to Oville, up rail line into shelburne, over to primrose and back down to Oville then home. Trails were absolutely mint everywhere again. Logged 170kms and even that was enough for me today. Couple idiots out there, but it’s to be expected. Sorry, no photos today, too cold. Primrose was beauty!
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    Was on B101A from Pembroke B trail, good but groomer turned off or came from the 122, which is still closed. B102 from Golden Lake to Barry's Bay was recently groomed but still had small washboard surface. Much better than on Monday when it was trashed. I then enjoyed great trails on E109, 168, 175, 173 and fresh groom on B106E. The B was fresh groomed from Whitney to Madawaska but trashed from there to Barry's Bay. I returned on 155 to B back to Pembroke. Great day out and was surprised at the total of 355 kms! Almost all great trails make a big difference! Enjoy the weekend!
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    We will in Cochrane the weekend of the 27 and 28th hope to meet up with you for a visit as well
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    Is this app worth getting or is it problematic?
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    On Friday Feb 14 the Atwood Community Centre will not be available for parking. Please share this to anyone who may be interested in parking there. There is a funeral visitation there. Please respect this request, as the community centre generally welcomes sledders to park there.
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    Revrnd is right, it's a Stoney Lake trail. Normally, it crosses a road bridge over the Crowe River but that bridge is being replaced so the trail and the road is out of action there. That being said, the club has created a re-route which goes from Glen Alda (at the Bordertown Café), alongside of Highway 620 west for about 1km and then south about 2km on Glen Alda Road and re-joins the trail at Winters Bay Road. There are a couple of "Follow Road to Trail" signs on the re-route. The lake trail through Winters Bay is not staked this year but the other Stoney Lake trail on Chandos is staked and it gets a lot of traffic. As long as there's snow on the side of Highway 620, the re-route is not too bad.
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    I got the low down on this yesterday from locals in the J&S Variety Store though I didn't go back to check it out. Canyon Lake has a good sized waterfall that freezes in the winter. The ice can be different colours. Right now its blue. Often it is green. Last year it was a rusty brown. It changes as the winter progresses and went you stand next to it you can hear the water running behind the ice. They had pictures. Looked pretty cool. I'll have to check it out some time. If you watch at the road crossings just outside of Elk Lake you will see the sign and the trail that leads back to the falls. They keep it groomed.
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    No it crosses on the bridge which explains why it's closed. I expect it won't open this winter
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    Pics from yesterday: Looking east at the staging area Looking north. Lots of room to park. Trail ends behind the Wonder warehouse. Tims & Wendys is out of camera shot on the right. A short walk if the ground was snow covered. Endicott Fuels is a card lock operation, so not much good if you're not set up w/ them. Looking east @ the 115 bypass Stopped at Keene Road. The trail used to end here in years past. Culvert under CR #2 between Keene & Hastings Osprey nest West end of the swing bridge of the Trent River.
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    worth hit..love gps on it...I never before knew were the hell I was ..lol..
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    pITrails were open and groomed up to Arthur and over to Teviotdale down to St Clements Club House and then back home plowed fields are just minimum coverage clubs did a great job with little snow Nice sunny 86 miles of going nowhere
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    Still standing by......
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    Minus 36 yesterday morning, school buses running as normal. Minus 31 this morning, school buses cancelled. Somebody can't add.
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    Great report. Thanks for sharing..
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    Yep, I can almost see my house on that map!!! LOL
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    That bridge makes sense. It will be closed all winter.
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    -28 on Lake Muskoka 5 mi. W. of Bracebridge-making good ice!
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    Yes, plenty of deer. in the background is one of the deer yards. We counted approximately 15 or so that afternoon.
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    That, in a nutshell, is why so many people are no longer going by the ITG. That and the little issue about no enforcement. I see riders on my local trails from my car. Trails that are not open, and about which even the regular news outlets are getting air time about. (Remember television? ) Has anyone been charged with trespassing on a closed trail? I think they can either get on this, or let people use the available "work-arounds" at their disposal. I don't wish to be some sort of outlaw, but I'm not going to trailer away from my local trails when people, including those with inside info are out riding them. I'm sure the ITG current model was a good idea when trails opened, and then closed, but those days are over. I do hate to keep bringing up the model of our neighbors to the east, but I can get on the spot updates, visit local clubs to get info from their websites, get ACTUAL trail conditions (remember what somebody started this forum for?) and find out when the last groomer passed, and decide which trail to take at an intersection. And we get open/closed 3 days late? Canada Post would be faster.
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    What do you expect? We have very little police presence on the trails especially in the south and what little trail patrol used to be able to do has been decimated by the OFSC exec. The easier it is for those that want to drink and ride to get away with it, the more of it will happen. JMHO
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    minus 26 at the Kitchener airport and 10 minutes north at my place minus 28 Furnace didn't come on man the wood stove works good
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    It’s supposed to warm up quickly down here, like 10 degrees within a couple hours..
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    A big difference since I was thru there a couple of summers ago on the MTB. Full of junk/rubble now. A note for any guys dealing w/ Gateway or DeWildt. If you are picking up a sled & E208 is open, there is parking/access to the trail a few klicks to the south. Not a lot of room for bigger trailers, but maybe OK if you wanted to go for a quick check ride before heading back to the city.
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    Rode from Port Perry clubhouse to the Ganny. To bumpy so I turned around and went to the dead end in Lindsay on east side of river. Back to Port. About 175 kms. PP trails are in great shape.
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    Bigfish almost down to your neighbourhood 98 klicks, staging out of Ptbo. Saw 4 deer. 1st time riding into Keene & Hiawatha. I missed the turn @ Settlers Line to head north (not that I had planned to go that way). Subway & Banjo's Grill right beside the trail in Hastings for eats.
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    Spent the past 4 days in the Mattawa area riding the Missing Link trails Trails were a 9 out of 10 and the Mattawa Golf and Ski club was up to it's usual standards. Sorry we missed SledJunk. but we only saw a handful of sleds in the area, visited the Mica mine and a couple of lookouts
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    Yes we rode this to the east from the Soo to Elliot Lake on Feb. 6th and back on Feb. 8th. All good if you take the Ranger Lake Road to Domitar Road which turns back into the D201F Trail. I sent you a PM. Many have been doing it and the pond was frozen well so no water. Watch for brush and the filled washout near the Whitman dam Road warmup shack. All done very well. Some have come all the way through the red portion of the trail, but brushing is not done yet. All good for us because we usually take that short cut anyway. From the west to east...… The portion through the closed Aubrey Fall Trading Post is not groomed but there is a good one track all the way from the bridge crossing the river on the Ranger to the D106 and then it is good for the kilometer to Hwy 129 and Black Creek Outfitters has gas and is open just across the road. For me the trail is as good as open.
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    The south end of 127 is very nice... recently groomed. We did some of those loops (124, 125, 127) this morning...nice tight and twisty bush trails with lots of snow and almost no traffic.
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    Report so far is trails Dundalk north are great with snow falling 4-5 cms new show in Owen sound met groomer on the 327 the B has been groomed both east and west of the B110 temps -11 only issue so far is iPhone froze and breard freezing to helmet lol guess it needs a trim Met about 18 some who have mirrors should adjust them to see the sled behind them wanting by grrrrrrrr a pretty sweet 112 mile day
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    Our sled ride at Dunlop Lake - Video #2
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    IMO OFSC has not pushed to get destination signage right in this province. Not even close. There are good pockets here and there, but nowhere near as good as it should be. It's a corporate policy change that is needed. Clubs and districts aren't making it a priority. Needs to be looked at from a higher level in the organization with some proper thought put into it like has been done in Quebec or New Brunswick.
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    Dunlop Lake, Ontario - Snowmobiling Video ─────────────────────────── Great weekend in Elliot Lake at Dunlop Lodge. Enjoyed an evening dinner and beverages with Chad, AC-YA, Paige, Bruce, Nunz, Karen, Reevester, GoBills, Jeff, Mark, Joe, Harry Video Link Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCvWoSPeuqE
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    Elliot Lake Some cross country riding north of Elliot Lake this past few days.
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    Was sledding today and last weekend with my son And my grandson. WONDERFUL! Next weekend all three sons and 4 grandchildren will be here to Enjoy Winter !
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    Elliot Lake Weekend - Feb 7th-9th Heading to Elliot Lake tomorrow morning for a 3 Day weekend of Cross Country snowmobiling. Staying at Dunlop Lodge Friday and Saturday nights. Might see some of you there. Dan
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    After having my sled in at the Yamaha dealership in Petawawa for a vibration and squeal that I thought was jackshaft bearings on Wednesday, they changed both the clutch side bearing and the chaincase bearing, but the squeal and vibration was still there. Riding to Barry's Bay, the problems got worse. It is apparent that the problem is the chaincase side driveshaft bearing. My RAP is over and a big thank you to OF7 for coming to my rescue.
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    -37C in Pte au Baril this am,it has warmed up now -26C. I am afraid the wood stove didn't keep up.Furnace is on.
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    Yep been there before and it is fairly easy to miss .. takes you right to the rail line. Just a heads up as last year, I came into the lot to launch and had a guy looking around the trailers and trucks until i asked him what he was up too. He quickly disappeared ..
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