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  1. Motorhead

    850 grip and rip clutch alignment tool

    It looks like a good concept. I really don't have a huge issue on belt blowing since I vented the clutches. Have 7500km on my 17 and blew one bad around 1300km. Then stripped the top of one around 4000km. I am using the 531 belt now but plan on going back to a gates. With the price of the tools to dismantle the p drive and now this new alignment tool. It's over $500 in tools needed to do what I need. Oh well.
  2. Was wondering if anybody that has a Gen 4 850 that's relatively close by to myself. Mississauga area. Would be interested to split cost on this new tool to align our clutches. It seems a bit much to just use once possibly. Thx
  3. Motorhead

    Baysville trail update

    That's great news. Really missed that link to Baysville. And the Irishman rest cabin won't be a dead end.