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  1. Motorhead

    Mileage this season, so far...

    2017 just lucky they covered it
  2. Motorhead

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Very expensive to replace the tunnel on this new skidoo. Was beyond welding to fix the cooling system. Almost 8 grand the dealer had quoted my insurance. Went in under comprehensive and is ready for pick up. Good job Co operators insurance.
  3. Motorhead

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Approx 6000km. 850 skidoo spit the track out yesterday up past Mont laurier. Only 10890km on it. Lol. Excellent conditions there. Still have a back up so it's not over yet. One Quebec One Newbrunswick and lots of Ontario. Best year in a while.
  4. Motorhead

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Again the skidoo is parked in the middle of the road. I at that time long ago was trying to park on top of the snow bank.
  5. Motorhead

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Yes I agree. Been sledding with him a few times. He stops in some unusually spots. Like middle of roads. Blind hills. Open water. Just don't stop him in cool safe windy spots.
  6. Motorhead

    "C" between Parry Sound-Sudbury.

    We also rode out of Alban about 3 weeks ago. It was just a day after they turned yellow. Was very good then.
  7. Motorhead

    Baysville Staging for RAP?

    Saw that as well. Very nice
  8. Motorhead

    BS Trail Grooming???

    Heck I just towed a pallet as well yesterday 7km to groom my private trail out to the main trail. I was surprised how well it did. My friends following were impressed. And on the return it made it back before busting up. Will do again
  9. Motorhead

    Cold weekend comming

    We did a northern Quebec week once. Every morning it was -36 c Sure separated the men from the boys. On the positive the trails are lighter traffic wise.
  10. Motorhead

    st zenon dec 25-27

    Looks amazing. Wish coolbane had an extra day to spare as we were going to go somewhere. But we need 3 days at least to componsate for the 9hrs travel. Like that area as its always predictable for early season conditions. But can get a bit too busy at times.
  11. Motorhead

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    Just bought a belt off them since RD stopped dealing with ultimax. Arrived next day.
  12. Motorhead

    Baysville trail update

    Was in the park this past weekend. Noticed no changes to the situation. Is there another complication. Hope not was pretty dissapointed. Know you are working this for a long time.
  13. Motorhead


    Trail drops you in on the north side of town. You continue down the side street a few blocks and turn right a block crossing the main road into the motel. All depends on the time of year.
  14. Motorhead


    We based out of Ville Marie last year. Group of 10 stayed and we're pleasantly surprised at Motel Louise. Left our Trucks and Trailer on premise. Best room is above main building. Has 2 bedrooms kitchen and living room with pullout. Newly renovated and clean. Great for 4 or 6 people. Have to ask to get it. Standard rooms were good as well. Good restraunt and bar on site.
  15. Motorhead

    850 grip and rip clutch alignment tool

    It looks like a good concept. I really don't have a huge issue on belt blowing since I vented the clutches. Have 7500km on my 17 and blew one bad around 1300km. Then stripped the top of one around 4000km. I am using the 531 belt now but plan on going back to a gates. With the price of the tools to dismantle the p drive and now this new alignment tool. It's over $500 in tools needed to do what I need. Oh well.