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    Which Sled To Sell, Or Keep It?

    I think you are on the right track selling the 570 if you want to sell a sled. Not sure how aggressive you ride but you are going to love the procross chassis. Your Zuk 800 is a solid motor and will last you at least 10k before a top end rebuild. One consideration is neither sled will bring a lot of money. Another is the age of your boys, my boy was riding a sled in his teens putting on more miles than my wife. If they are younger, can you trade a sled for a ZR 200? Decisions decisions!
  2. Xfirecat

    OFSC survey

    Careful what you ask for. The 407 is considered private property and the 407 pays the OPP for enforcement. If the province says the trail system is mainly private property the cost of enforcement would definitely increase your trail pass cost. Dougie is not increasing service, he is reducing it.
  3. Xfirecat

    Cochrane Update..

    For all you non FB people, the canyon is open for business at least one more week.
  4. Another update: The Pierre Radison (ice breaker) is up to bat Monday to try to open Midland harbour.
  5. Xfirecat

    Sudbury trails

    Gotta ask, the trails show as green again, anyone been riding there recently?
  6. As an update to this although I doubt anyone will be riding the bay now, the Bristol Bay couldn’t break up the ice this week and the Coast guard is sending a bigger ice breaker. Strike two!
  7. Xfirecat

    Sudbury trails

    Yesterday rode Windy Lake to Espanola and down towards Whitefish and back to Windy. The trails went from green to yellow as we arrived in Sudbury. The conditions were corn snow and the odd patch of dirt showing thru but very rideable. Today rode Windy Lake to Hanmer and back. The trails were yellow this morning, conditions were corn snow ungroomed but very rideable. Bumpy within 2kms of Cartier but holding up well. Looks like maybe a few more good days riding. Get out and ride, it won’t last forever!
  8. Xfirecat

    The freeriding has to STOP

  9. Xfirecat

    The freeriding has to STOP

    Funny, I remember when our area ski resort banned snow boards when they first came out. Imagine for a minute what a short sighted decision that was! (They now have one of the best snow board parks in Ontario and have spent millions to attract snow boarders.) The ski industry changed in a short period of time. The snowmobile industry is changing before our eyes, more off trail sleds, snow bikes! No point standing on the sidelines bitching about it.
  10. Xfirecat

    The freeriding has to STOP

    My buddy had the trail going thru his farm land and a couple A holes, with noisy cans were freeriding all his fields at 2AM. Now we have to road ride around his farm. We should be brainstorming a solution, arguing is a total waste of time. The OFSC will have to find a way to police the issue of freeriding where not permitted. If the industry is producing off trail sleds maybe we/they need to switch gears and assign some areas as off trail friendly somehow? This forum has some smart people, how about we spend the time trying to solve this problem rather than argue about it.
  11. Apparently the CCGS Samuel Risley only made it to within 2 nautical miles of Hope Island. The ice is still too thick. They stopped breaking ice but will return and let us know when they do. They did warn of ice breaking tracks in the area of Hope Island. As per GBSR page on the face book.
  12. Xfirecat

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    AKA IQ test!
  13. Xfirecat

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    X2! A helmet buckled on is no guarantee you survive a crash but it will greatly increase your odds. Accidents by definition are unpredictable. There is no reason to not have a comfortable & safe helmet. The OPP divers appreciate sledders wearing them on the ice and you can guess why. All kidding aside the cop is just doing their job keeping us safe. If nothing else they keep the uninsured and drunk sledders to a minimum. I like to see them out. If there was only something they could do about loud cans and off trail riders that jeopardise our trails......
  14. Xfirecat

    Lakes in Sudbury

    Are the Sudbury lakes with staked trails rideable or is it just bad when you get off the beaten path?
  15. Xfirecat

    C trail red?

    It was discussed at length a couple weeks ago. C trail between Parry Sound and Sudbury. If I knew how to paste a link I would but back a few pages.
  16. Xfirecat

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    I think the canyon is a must do at least once. Every trail has a piston alley so that’s not a negative of the canyon. You can be broken down anywhere. I have seen FB posts from the northern clubs looking to get a sled and rider to their truck in Timmins or Kap for free or trying to unite a tool bag and rider or a pair of glasses, try to get that elsewhere. If you start off at Smooth Rock with a full tank, you will need to have or buy less fuel to return. I would like to do the Moosonee run too but $850 is a crazy price. I would rather a week in Cuba. Hotel rooms aren’t any cheaper in Cochrane but the people are a lot more friendly and helpful in the north. They will have great conditions with lots of snow into April and although Quebec and New Brunswick have great trails, this is an Ontario Conditions forum isn’t it? Lol. Last year I rode the canyon and there were warming shacks with a fire going and the trails were perfect. I may have to head to Cochrane again this spring! Well worth the drive imho.
  17. Xfirecat


    Just saw a post on the Facebook looking for someone to take a groomer part to Cochrane from Barrie. Anyone without FB going north soon?
  18. Xfirecat

    Why Is the lake trail closed in Sudbury?

    Thanks, I didn’t know that so took it with the throttle pressed. The drop off can catch you off guard if you have the right light conditions. Been by there a few years but never seen it dropped that far.
  19. Xfirecat

    Why Is the lake trail closed in Sudbury?

    The north end of the lake on 71 on the north end of the lake has a section that has dropped 24-30 inches where the river is. Use caution in the area.
  20. Xfirecat

    Sudbury tips

    I really like the Windy Lake run to wolf mountain and back. It’s a great day and Windy Lake Motel has parking, fuel,good food and accommodations. You need to know how many kms you get per tank if you are going to shining tree. I believe it’s 144 kms up but there is fuel in shining tree. Rocky’s on race day is busy but not too bad. Gas is no problem and the crowds aren’t unbearable if last year was any example. The STP yard can be less snow this time of year and scratchers are a plus. Touch base with soupkids, he seems to ride a lot and has good trail knowledge. 144 kms x 2 is a long day. Parking at the STP yard is encouraged and of overnight you leave a note with a phone number and eta on your dash.
  21. Xfirecat

    Sudbury will survive the weather

    Rode out of Windy Lake Tuesday. 305 kms! The trails weren’t bad but there isn’t much snow left to groom. Went to Wolf Mountain lookout and back. There is a twitter post today about a sled going through the ice on Wanapitei on trail 71. We went by there too and the ice dropped a couple feet at the north end of the lake. I assume that’s where the sled dropped through. All the lakes had enough snow to keep the sleds cool. Windy Lake had 36 inches of ice. Ride while you can!
  22. Xfirecat

    Sudbury was mint!

    Heading to Sudbury tomorrow until Wednesday. I hope the trails are still mint! Any current trail reports? I have to assume north is the way to go.
  23. Xfirecat

    Avalanche trailer vs Triton trailer Quality ?

    If you can make a Triton work, it’s a good value, good resale too. I would make sure it is at least 12 feet long and not a clam style. I am on my second Triton enclosed and this one is a hybrid TC 167. I like to be able to drop the rear ramp and drive off. I store my sleds in the trailer all year, no salt in winter, no mice in summer and it keeps the sleds looking great longer. If I drive north for snow, I can take a buddy sled too. I know zip about Avalanche trailers but I like all aluminum for light weight, longevity and non clam for convenience.
  24. Xfirecat

    Trailer sold

    Sold sold sold Triton Elite Enclosed Tomco fibreglass top aluminum trailer. Brand new Dexter 3500# drop axle, tires and rims with bearing buddies. All lights work. Looking to buy a 3 or 4 sled trailer. Apologies for the dirt in the pics, I just returned from a ride. $3000 OBO or trade and cash for a bigger trailer. (Triton preferred) Vinyl decals can easily be removed with a heat gun. 2 Aluminum ski tie down bars included. Keep the salt away in winter and the mice away in summer!
  25. Xfirecat

    Where to Eat in Wasaga?

    Went to Wasaga yesterday. We found a new spot just a couple hundred yards from Boston Pizza across the street. It’s a newly opened Don Cherry’s. Comfortable, good food, friendly staff and they aren’t as particular where you park your sled. I will return there next time and highly recommend it.