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    2017 Sidewinder xtx se 141, 2015 800 mxzx-rs gade ,2012 800 mxzx gade, 2009 800 mxzx gade,2008 mxzx,2006 700 mxzx, 2003 800 mxz,2000 mxz,<br /><br /><br /><br />
    1998 mach z, 1996 mach 1,1977 sno twister, 1969 olympic, and more.<br /><br /><br /><br />
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  1. tireless

    Kate's place in warren

    yummy butter tarts!
  2. tireless

    Arctic Cat Cutbacks

    I saw trailer load yesterday of new Ski doos going north on 400 hwy, Why would anyone want a artic cat?
  3. tireless

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    Just wondering , what's wrong with Chimo. I haven't stayed there in the last two winters, but have many times in previous years. The rooms were clean, they had updated some rooms and have a heated garage for a extra ten dollars. The one night in 2015 It was -50, no way sleds would have started without it. What am I missing?
  4. tireless

    Polaris don,t float

    you come down short steep hill with a 90 degree at bottom. Had to put strap on one tree and pull {6 of us] while 2 guys lift up the front 2 feet off ground to get out p.s. the sled was brand new
  5. tireless

    Polaris don,t float

    That be true, But they can get their head stuck !
  6. tireless

    Polaris don,t float

    between the C113 and C109
  7. tireless

    Polaris don,t float

    I was also almost taken out on Saturday on the C108d West of Sudbury by Bombardier side by side on tracks that came flying around a corner. Thankfully there was room to go right.I guess they think it meets the specs. for a snowmobile
  8. tireless

    Rain north of orillia??

    Was raining all the way down from French River this morning.
  9. tireless

    Polaris don,t float

    C107D Missed the bridge . Not sure how, the trail is straight. 10 km east of Killarney. { too many beers?} Was there on friday ice already formed on top
  10. tireless

    Tek vest

    Have one for the last 10 years and so do most of the people I ride with, do not find uncomfortable
  11. tireless

    HWY 407 Ticket

    Just so you know they are putting in cameras to pick up front plate
  12. tireless

    Cochrane Bound This Weekend

    Ok Thanks
  13. tireless

    Cochrane Bound This Weekend

    Yah had to use space heater as well in January at Thiftlodge very cold in room sleep with all my clothes on! But Jay was a good guy.
  14. tireless

    Cochrane Bound This Weekend

    Can any one give me the route they are using so I can avoid all the traffic{ and the expert racers } Thanks