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  1. Elliotgroomer

    D Trail Closed south of Elliot Lake?

    Hasen,t been changed on the interactive map yet. The trail was groomed on Wednesday from town to the logging operations. It should be showing green to there and limited to hwy 108
  2. Elliotgroomer

    BS Trail Grooming???

    Not hard wired. Battery and/or pluged into a lighter socket.
  3. Hi ElliotGroomer, we always look forward to seeing your posts and getting updates from Elliot Lake.  I noticed the Elliot Lake Snowbirds page on Facebook has not been active since last year.  Where should be go to get the latest updates for Elliot Lake.  Thanks

    1. Elliotgroomer


      One of the members is working at getting the facebook page up again. In the meantime we are down one groomer and trying to get caught up, the one machine is up at Black creek today. I am going up to Black creek tomorrow to pick up the TM from to Soo and bring it back to town. All of our trails have been groomed this week with the exception of the D trail to Spanish. It's not too bad until you hit the logging operation then lots of sand on road.

  4. Elliotgroomer

    Another groomer over a bridge

    Very Very old pic (10 years) maybe. This TM 125 was taken to Black creek years back.
  5. Elliotgroomer

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Is there a set wage for groomer operator or is it left to the district? Last season we had different rates in the same district.
  6. Elliotgroomer

    WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Its usually more to do with manpower than money, Elliot Lakes groomer went down at 12;30 yesterday with a broken walking beam. A few phone calls and we had 5 guys on their way out. The track was removed, 2 idler tires removed, broken walking beam removed, then everything put back together. Groomer back running by 6;00. If it wasn't for the 5 guys and the operator stepping up the machine would be still sitting on the trail. Fortunatly we had a spare refurbished walking beam in stock and had access to another one an hour away.
  7. Elliotgroomer

    Sudbury to Sault via Elliot Lake

    The groomer from halfway haven has been down from Black Creek to Otter lake. there is logging going on from there to hwy546 crossing. our groomer went from Elliot lake to the hwy 546 crossing yesterday, Lots of trees down, took him 14.5 hrs there and back, normally 8 hrs.
  8. Elliotgroomer


    From what we hear in Elliot Lake is that the washout hasn't been fixed and there are 3 more on the Domtar road since and there are no plans by the Soo club to fix them.
  9. Elliotgroomer

    Should of Brought The Sled Instead of The Atv....

    I have been told the reason that ATV organizations can't get funding from government is that government only will deal with one entity. Until they get together they are just spinning their wheels.
  10. Elliotgroomer

    Aubrey Falls Area

    Our groomers have been out for the last 2 days, still snow left here. Aubrey being 100 k N/W should be the same.
  11. Elliotgroomer

    D201F Trail Status

    The F trail north of Aubrey is being closed also as it now goes nowhere as the D201F is closed from the D trail jct.
  12. Elliotgroomer

    Elliot Lake to Wawa

    Our info from Fabris Logging is that they will not be on the Kindiogami road this winter but will be on the D trail from hwy 108 to a couple of klicks past Christie Lake and south on the BR4 to somewhere around the Christie creek bridge. They are widening the road and say they are going to leave room and snow for sleds. Time will tell.
  13. Elliotgroomer

    2017 Permits on Sale - Who will be first

    Got mine in the mail today,
  14. Elliotgroomer

    Open or Closed Businesses

    13 km north of Aubrey Falls would be the old Johnnys Truck Stop later known as Stop 129. The resteraunt and gas station burned years ago and has been closed since