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  1. yamadan700

    Lightening Avalanche Dealers Near Barrie

    Bought my used 2017 Mission 12' trailer this spring from them as well. Best price around. Worth the drive for me. Seemed like a good guy. FWIW, he did say the Mission is a better built trailer than the Lightening/Avalanche ones.
  2. yamadan700

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Picked up a 2 year old 8x12’ Mission trailer at the end of the season. Towed well empty but much more wind drag than my old 8x10’ clam shell Triton. I like this modification the previous owner made to prevent the skis hitting the door frame.
  3. yamadan700

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    Makes good coffee too!
  4. yamadan700

    Lake Baptiste near Bancroft

    Was many "Ripples" as I was third in line going across. Knew something wasn't right when all of a sudden the snow dust disappeared from the 2 local guys I was riding with up Elephant Lake and the white lake turned dark. ..lol..
  5. yamadan700

    Lake Baptiste near Bancroft

    Be wary of the narrows between Baptiste and Elephant Lake. Usually open water/thin ice there. Was my first experience running open water many years ago on my SRV. Not on purpose but successful!
  6. yamadan700

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    Morning Grizzly. Where are you staging from? What time?
  7. yamadan700

    What a week.

    Happy for you Soup! See you bought sleds with full tunnels. Should be much easier to extricate from your misadventures..lol..
  8. yamadan700

    Paudash Area Trails 2018/2019

    That explains everything. Wish I saw that before we left on Sunday. Was a bit of rough ride. Lesson learned.
  9. We've parked on Ganton Road many times. Dead end road on the east side just north of Hwy 47. There's room to turn truck and trailer around at the end.
  10. yamadan700

    BlueMoon retreat lodging

    Stayed there about 15 years ago. Rented the "Chalet" with another family. Has it's own driveway off Hwy 62 and is very private. . We were able to cross the ice and the trail is at the end of the lake. Didn't partake in any activities. Nice having your own personal hot tub and sauna! Very reasonable. Would recommend it.
  11. yamadan700


    I am with The Personal as well. 2004 Sabercat 700 $94.....2004 Sabercat 500 $80.. No collision. 2008 FJR 1300... full coverage $641 I have everything with them tho. Vehicles were cheaper. House was a bit more.
  12. yamadan700

    TRAIL CLOSURE! District 8 Top C at Elmvale

    Rode through there yesterday and they had a detour right through town. Kudos to the club getting that together in such short order. However, I doubt the neighbourhood will tolerate it for long.
  13. With everyone getting snow tonight you don't have to go too far. Road running won't be an issue... We're at Wasaga now and there is a ton of snow here. Trails looked good everywhere on the way up today. Lots of parking here too.... Rode the Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon, Buckhorn trails last weekend and they were in overall great shape....A close to home option, trailer to Shelburne and hit the trails north of there. There's parking just south of town. The Lavender Trail(322) to Creemore is a nice run and loop back around.
  14. yamadan700

    Kincardine to Midland for lunch?

    Impressive day!!! Glad it all went well.
  15. yamadan700


    Haven't been up that way the last couple of years but we used to be able to park behind the gas station at Cashtown Corners, Airport Rd and County Rd 9.