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    2015 MXZ Renegade X 800 E-Tec
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    2010.5 MXZX 800 E-Tec
    2008 MXZ 800 X
    2004 MXZ Renegade X 800
    2001 MXZ 700 X
    1999 Formula Z 670
    1996 Formula STX 583
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  1. come and join us, its been lots of fun
  2. 137 with R motion will solve your problems. I have had slot of suspentions over the years & found the 137 is better then 120 when trails get rough. I don't feel tired at the end of the day on the 137 R-motion. The 1200 in the XS chassis is alot nicer sled also. If you like 4 stroke stay away from polaris. no 4 strokes in the switchbacks. The enduro is a great sled with alot of options, You might light it better then a X. The 900 ace is a great motor. The bottom & midrange awesome, just suffers on the top. It pulls hard up to 110-120 then starts to fall off. If you like the top end then stay with the 1200.
  3. Awesome. I hope they nail them big time.
  4. Thanks, They must work good on the Formula
  5. The prestudded tracks work very well but do not bite as nice as a studded track. The biggest thing that people like about them is you dont wreck a track when you rip out a stud. When a stud come out you dont have to worry about them wrecking your heat exchangers. I do find people liking the Ice attack XT better then the Ice ripper. I have installed 6 Ice attack XT's and they all like them better then the ripsaw with studs. I think it is worth trying because if you dont like it then you will have no problem selling it. If you are running a ripsaw with a 1.25 lug I recommand trying a Ice Attack XT with a 1.375 lug.
  6. My buddy has the 900 Ace in a Renegade and he loves it. I rode it and was very impressed with the bottom and midrange, alot more then I thought it would be but not for me yet.Sounds like you would a Renegade better or is you want more options to make long trips more more enjoyable then the Enduro would be a good sled. The heated seat sounds like a great option for those -30 days. I find when it comes to skis some people will love a brand of ski where others will hate them. I dont mind the 5.7 but I perfer DS 2. I ran 6.9 pilots on my 2010.5 mxzx & love them. They are the same ski as the 5.7 but are wider and handle so much better. I find there is so many 5.7 skis out there, when I follow another set I tend to dart bad when the snow is tight. The 6.9 would not do that and were alot better in loose snow. Too bad they dont make them anymore.
  7. I feel bad for the parents, but here we go again. I agree with alot that has been said. The only thing I have seen on the driver of the sled is that he survived, what about his parents. There is so many things that was wrong. There is no staked lake trail on the east side of Scugog Island. So many people say they know the lake, & how many of these people had close call or died riding at night. Do you think a 16 year old knows a lake at night. The area they went through has a hard time freezing on a cold winter. The point is they should not be riding the lake at 10:30 at night.
  8. Hey Nunz, looks like I just missed you. Maybe you walked past me when I was drooling over the Back Country X. I do like what I am seeing from Polaris. I did ride one a couple of weeks ago. Awesome sled, but didn't like the engine vibration.
  9. your not missing much from Yamaha. You would look good on the 200
  10. are you not happy with the 900 ACE
  11. Thanks Paul, It is nice to hear poeple enjoying our trails. Everybody on Heart Of Ontario Snowmobile Club & our volunteers have worked so hard & we all had fun.
  12. Just got back from grooming to beaverton & back. conditions are great for the 1st pass. The trail is now been updated to open. ENJOY
  13. This is awesome, Glad to see you guys had a great ride on H.O.O's trails. I have been with this club for 10 years & have been trying to make this happen which was very hard. The last 2 season have been awesome. We have a great group of people that want the same thing. We want to hear people saying they had an a great ride through H.O.Os trails. We are working hard on training new groomer operators, this means are trails will only get better through out the winter. Thanks again to everyone on Heart Of Ontario, our volunteers & OC, I am having alot of fun again & looking forword to grooming & riding our trails.
  14. what were you reading before you did your snow dance