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  1. Parry Sound Area Trails

    any water holes open up ?Sounds like might be worth a drive
  2. Parry Sound Area Trails

    Is the Sequin still ok Thinking of heading up tomorrow, I read a post on Facebook a groomer heading out this morning
  3. WTB - 340 Snowmobile

    A friend of mine has a 2007 Cat Z 370 for sale, 1600 miles, mint condition, pull start, no reverse
  4. Yamaha Sidewinder ski swap

    ran curves on my sidewinder and on viper before that.The viper (2014) came with cat skis, curves were an improvement over cat skis
  5. March 18: Riding South River or Kearney?

    Thinking of parking the tourist center, or better to start in Kearny?
  6. Parking allowed at Emsdale visitor centre? Last time I was there signs posted saying no trailer parking. How was the trail from there to Sprucedale, thinking of heading up Saturday.
  7. Orillia B 105 C

    Anyone out yesterday? Worth going this morning?
  8. Thundercat

    Traded my 2014 Viper for a Sidewinder LTX LE, no regrets. Sidewinder smoother, quieter and much faster. Starting and running quality much better with Japanese electronics.Weight difference not noticeable, and stock clutching makes it easy to ride tight trails, cruises at higher speeds at lower RPM than Viper.Uses more fuel for sure, I use around 4 liters more in a 160 km day than my son on his 2015 Viper LTX. New body panels much easier to remove and reinstall, 2800 kms so far on belt.
  9. Parry Sound Parking

    Great news, would hate to be on the road for two hours and be told we can't park there.
  10. Sequin

    Anyone out on the Sequin today?Was thinking of heading up Sunday if not too much water on trail.
  11. Parry Sound Parking

    Any updates on the parking situation at the service center, any signs posted? As far as one hour limit, transport trucks park longer than that when taking their breaks.
  12. Went to park at clubhouse, but was pretty full and have been blocked in before.so parked at Simcoe municipal lot. It has been awhile since I have seen so much traffic on trails here . Some good stretches in morning, but by afternoon most trails were getting bumpy.I ride here all the time, but early season traffic makes it a challenge for clubs to keep up with grooming.
  13. What default numbers did you use? I was thinking of using my current sled vin then transfering permit to new sled when it arrives.Calling dealer this week to see if sled will be delivered in October, I see some showing up at US dealers.
  14. 2016 north parry sound march 5

    We rode in Parry Sound more than we normally would,lack of snow in district 8.With all the traffic the trails were pretty good most times, a few water crossings on the sequin a few times.Posted questions about conditions. Wildbill always responded.Going to buy one of our permits from South Sequin club next year.