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    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Sitting outside Dorset on kawagama right now, it poured last night, lot well over a foot of snow. I think we are hooped, just watched a guy surf across the lake on his sled, doesnt look like fun.........
  2. toddszr600

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    As mentioned, great for motorcycle parts and gear, haven't bought much sled stuff there yet, but Im sure I will.
  3. toddszr600

    Haliburton Lk trail 10

    Yup, there is a sign at the corner of the B trail warning of logging
  4. toddszr600

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    You see this a lot down here in farm country, if there is snow on the ground, people, including myself, are coyote hunting. Its not unusual to see dogs running and trucks on side roads, even saw a truck on a trail once, a rarity as these are respectful people, but likely his land. Hunters are generally good people , like sledders or any group there are some exceptions, but try not to generalize, Im sorry you were disgusted.
  5. toddszr600

    OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    This is still on OFSC home page
  6. toddszr600

    'Sup with all the Klim gear

    I like my Klim sled gloves, Klim bike gloves not so much, need alien length fingers for them to fit, I think they are a little too proud of their product as far as price is concerned. Wanna get a mortgage, try some of their Bike Adventure gear Jacket - $2250-2300 Pants - $1300 -1400!! Ouch!
  7. Ok folks, Im gonna try and keep this as current as I can as to services are available in our club area. Parking - We have made the parking lot bigger at the club house on First School Rd. for trucks and trailers and added lighting for security. check out our web site in my sig. if you not sure of the location Camlachie - it looks like we have Sawmill creek golf resort on board now, parking will be available as welll as the on site restaurant . PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE COMUNITY CENTER(OPTIMIST HALL) PARKING LOT OR THE NEW CHURCH ACROSS THE ROAD Widder Station Golf Club in Thedford is right on the trail and will be keeping their lot clean for parking of trucks and trailers again this season and will be mentioned in the Food area and have permits as well. Widder Station Food - I will be changing this for sure as some places are going to change hands as the season goes on. Widder Station - as mentioned they will have parking and be open for food and beverages Thurs thru Sun. Forest - SKEETER BARLOWS , Yes it finally opened and has all you favorite Skeeters fare, sure to be a busy spot on wing night. Located right at the end of the trail into Forest Camalchie - Sawmaill creek golf resort has allowed us to use their parking as a staging area, they also have a good onsite restaurant/pub downstairs in the club called the Braveheart pub http://www.sawmill-c...aveheartPub.php Theres a couple others, but Im still working on info for them, if you have any info to contribute, let me know. Gas - A fair bit of options here, I,ll do my best to describe them, but there should be signs if they are easily trail accessable and will try to get accurate hours. Forest Gas and Variety - Main st Forest. The trail will bring you up behind the Ford dealer and signs will direct you down Main st. from there. Watford - there are 2 stations and the trail brings you right to the nearest of the two and the other is just up the road. Warwick - At corner 124 follow the signs, the trail is a dead end and leads in and out of Warwick for gas. Thedford - a trail is in for easier access to the station Follow the signs from Widder station Reeces Corners- Trail leads to truck stop open for gas 24 hours, Subway also available. Thats all I can think of for now, Im sure I,ll have more as time goes on. Cheers, Todd
  8. toddszr600

    South portage to Dwight beach?

    Sounds like its being run, anyone do it?? what to watch for bubblers etc.
  9. toddszr600

    Some Six Star Snow Riders trails destroyed by ATV's

    Sled trespassing while a problem does not end up looking like this
  10. toddszr600

    Is The Fat Lady Singing In Southern Ontario??

    That happens here too Faceman, but its usually not when there is snow on the ground, its atvs that get trails closed here a good percentage of the time and the club still takes the heat.
  11. toddszr600

    Is The Fat Lady Singing In Southern Ontario??

    Sled pic is Thursday near Exeter, snow was quite good north of Parkhill, around -16 in the am The Bike was today, got up near +15 today! wierd
  12. toddszr600

    US to Canadian Dollars

    If there is a currency exchange place at your border crossing that will be your best rate, I live near the border and the exchange place(run by the bridge corp. or in Ontario tourism shop) is always better then my bank.
  13. toddszr600

    Billie bear

    I thought I read somewhere in a post I now can not find that there has been some work around, at least partially, for Billie bear rd, did I dream this? if not does anyone have any details as it would be nice in a low snow year. Cheers, Todd
  14. toddszr600

    Are you ready?

    Sleds on the stand being gone over... Too bad some have put the bikes away, I got out on Tues, I never really put it away, always i the corner on the charger with a little sefaoam in every tank, but its a DR, no chrome to rust
  15. toddszr600

    Baysville Express (Closed )

    This is what it looked like in late Sept. where the bridge was, the bridge itself has just been tossed to the side on the south edge of the road with no sign of road work anywhere in the area north of Pine springs.
  16. toddszr600

    Tall Pines Members?

    We ride a lot out of there, buddy has a place on Kawagama.
  17. October 1 - Meeting 7:00 , all meetings and events are held at our Club house, 5702 First School Road. November 5 - Meeting 7:00 Nov.7 -8:30 am-3:30 pm Driver Training Course, Must be 12 yrs old- Contact Jill Vandenheuvel 519-849-3942 or Lee Dunlop 519-401-5313 lunch included Register early, class size limited. Nov.21- 8:30 am-3:30 pm Driver Training Course, Must be 12 yrs old , Contact Jill Vandenheuvel 519-849-3942 or Lee Dunlop 519-401-5313 lunch included Register early, class size limited. Open house, Nov.28/15, more info soon December 3 - Meeting 7:00 pm. January 7/19 - Meeting 7:00 pm Poker and Radar run- TBA February 4 - Meeting 7:00 February 15- Family Day BBQ, bring the family out to the warming shack or the club house for some hotdogs and pop on us, 11am-3pm. March 3 - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 7:00 EVERYONE PLEASE ATTEND __________ ALL MEETINGS, POKER RUNS AND DRIVER TRAINING COURSES ARE HELD at our Club house, 5702 FIRST SCHOOL ROAD, WARWICK TOWNSHIP, Watford, Ontario
  18. toddszr600

    Baysville Express (Closed )

    Awesome, thanks for the update. are you looking north in the pic.s?, looks crossable on a bike(2 wheels) maybe, but sometime pic.s are deceiving . I cant believe they just threw it in the bush to rot, good old mnr....
  19. toddszr600

    Trails closed

    TRAILS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Thanks to everyone who made it a great year, I,ll put together a end of season message shortly. Was a late start, but turned out to be a great year!!! Cheers, Todd
  20. toddszr600

    first ride of yr,lunch at iron skillet

    I,ll take that bet, you get to name the time, I get to name the place........you might get dirty
  21. toddszr600

    Making our way over

    Ya, we met Billy in the groomer yesterday and it was blowing so hard you could barely tell he,d been there within a few miles, still had a good day though!
  22. toddszr600

    2016 yamaha releases!

    Im afraid the Yamaha purists will never accept the viper/7000 sled, they just cant get past the Cat thing, apparently Yamaha has always been flawless and Cats have always been junk....I musta missed taht one . I had a few teething issues solved within the first 100 miles, but Im over 1300 miles on my 7000 and am quite happy with it. The guys that bitch about top end didn't do much research, all of 5 mins on the internet and I knew what I was getting into. Coming from the CFR800 I do miss the top end sometimes but this engine rocks down low. So if you bleed blue and hate Cat please don't buy a viper and then spend all you time on TY moaning about what a piece of junk it is and cluttering up all the useful info Cheers, Todd
  23. toddszr600

    someone plowed Kashagawigamog lake

    And a brown stain in his gitch I bet
  24. toddszr600

    Freeloader Weekend 2015

    I was out yesterday and saw numerous free ride permits, poker run day also. I heard you were out grooming yesterday Ted, thanks for getting things touched up, was lotsa drifts out there. Im not sure if it was you but I backed out of the RR bed by Camlachie to let the groomer pass last night. Wish I could be there for the BBQ today, but back to work for me, have a dog or two for me
  25. toddszr600

    Port Dover

    I know one guy that's going. Yup, hes nuts and hes on a dual sport not a Harley, not sure if hes keeping the ice tires on or not, lol.